There are no use for them

Speaking of extermination…

“Exterminate:  to get rid of completely, usually by killing off; implies complete and immediate extinction by killing off all individuals”.

Once the separation of the sheep from the goats (see here: increases and becomes more obvious and pronounced, then the extermination of the goats can begin in earnest.

When the sheep and goats are too intermingled, as is at present, the work of extermination must be put off, or occur in areas that are more defined as “left minded,” for the sheep – those on the “right hand/mind” – are not destined for extermination and would be harmed should the extermination process begin while they are yet mixed in amongst those who are destined for extermination.

Because the sheep of the right hand are generally ignorant -not willingly -and cannot separate themselves, their circumstances must be manipulated in such a way that they will willingly self deport from among the left hand goats.

The goats of the left hand…there are no use for them and their own actions and worldview brings about their own extermination.  How the extermination happens doesn’t really matter.  Sickness and disease.  Killed during civil warfare in their environs.  Killed by the black criminal underclass in everyday occurrences.  Killed in shootings where a large concentration of their like minded associates and children are, such as theatres, sporting events, bars, schools and malls, etc.   Their adherence to an idea is their death sentence. 

They think they are the cats pajamas.  They are sooooo compassionate and full of empathy.  But the killing of their children in the incident that happened the other day in Connecticut is an archetype/ metaphor /symbol of their own extermination which is to come.  My friends and comrades need not marvel, nor be among those who decry such things.  We are to expect these things…“and her children will I slay with death”.  (Rev. 2:23)

They flock to and pour money into the coffers of those who depict violence and bloodshed in the movie industry showing their approval of bloodshed and violence, so they get what they lust after and they don’t like it.  They also approve of and mark the yes box of those who advocate the killing and shedding of the blood of the unborn.

They hop on the bandwagon of the demoncrapic party, which along with the shadow party of repuklicans looooves to go abroad and shed the blood of muslim men, women and children in their pursuit of making the world safe for sodomy/queerfagdom and feminazi-ism and to establish policies and rulers who will be friendly and go along with the jew/banker inspired NWO and it’s usury based ideas.

They ridicule the good and those who attempt to speak the truth in the public square by metaphorically “beheading” them; ie preventing their speech through the legislation of thoughtcrime policies, laws and regulations, making it seem to the ignorant masses that their ungodly, profane views are what the majority believes when it’s not.

Of course the left mind goats have their religious spokesman..spokesperson..spokeswoman  mouthpiece, usually the ones wearing the uniform with the stupid turned around collar of one of the religious representatives of the harlot or her daughters in the denominations to give the proceedings at which they appear -shootings/casualties/accidents, etc.- an aura of respectability and the aforementioned compassion/empathy.  The whole thing becomes a female orgy dream scenario of “grief counselors”, candle lighting ceremonies, everybody hugging and crying and being interviewed by beast mouthpieces and everybody asking why, but not REALLY wanting to know why, because having eyes, they see not and ears, but hear not.

A reader might object to what I’ve said here about “fellow” whites.  They are not my fellow or a fellow of a genuine white person.  Fellowship is not just indicated by skin color, if that were the case a jew who looks white outwardly would be considered a fellow.  Many of those who have white skin color are destined for extermination because like I said above, their adherence to a false idea is their death sentence.  They have bought the lie and hence have come to love darkness rather than light and produce works according to the same.

As I’ve said many times on here, “the curse causeless does not come”.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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3 Responses to There are no use for them

  1. Ryu says:

    Very nice. No, being white is not enough. They are not my fellows. Whiteness is a neccessary but not sufficient condition. Obviously we don’t let in negros, beaners and asians who may have WNish tendencies. Such men are out there and are trying to get in.

    There’s a story out there you might profit from. A racially aware, Christian, survivalist/patriot wrote it. It’s a long piece and has 9 parts; detailing a new Christian, white America.

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