Big evangelists…..false broadcasting

Some blindspots that prevent secession/independence.

Secession as I’ve written previously, is the idea whose time has come.  At present, those who are beginning to possess this idea are metaphorically sticking their toes in the “water of the idea” to see if it suits them.

However, they have old habits developed over time in their “relationship” with “western syphilization” ( H/T Michael Hoffman, that erudite wordsmith), that causes them to have blind spots, which hinders their correctly seeing the wiles of our enemy, the adversary and his multitudinous minions and mouthpieces who speak through various media, the televitz (talmudvision) and through evil indirect speech/ symbolism/propaganda a la jewlywood, which arranges pictures/activity presenting a false view of the world to it’s watchers and hearers, by arranging real life- like incidents – mass killings, etc.- to show the masses and influence them in making demands of the government based on those arranged/staged/coreographed incidents that are displayed on the televitz via the so-called news,  just like the advertising industry in it’s attempt to keep the masses buy-buy-buy-buying.

Yes, they kill real people in these real world “movie/play/incidents” and have no compunction in doing so – for the victims are sacrificial lambs – because they hold the satanic idea taught through the jesuitical system for centuries, which says that evil done in pursuit of a “greater good” – a greater good from their point of view -is a good thing.  The greater good meaning whatever supports , reinforces and furthers their maintainance/position of power in the world.

When REAL undrugged lone wolves do their thing, this, according to the script writers, is “off script” and cannot be permitted and they are mercilessly hunted down.  Such as the various abortion clinic bombers and doctor killers as well as the two DC snipers of a few years ago, as well as the “unabomber”.  These, and the many others like them are in their own unique way attacking the system and that cannot be allowed.

All those belonging to the “club” in the area where the “movie” is played out, are in on it, particularly law enforcement higher ups, lawyers, and judges -who act as protectors/cover uper’s, for their job is to make sure the “screenplay” written previously by even higher ups has no glitches, or unforseen hindrances.   The only thing that “gets out” is what they want to get out.  Everything is scripted beforehand as well as the on camera “actors/witnesses”.  Media of course is already in the bag and just go ahead with their emotion string pulling, etc.  Of course their drug addled sacrificial lamb, “protaganist/stooge/patsy”, because of his drug induced stage, willingly plays his part as his will has been subverted by  drugs.  Only the relatives and/or parents of the victims may be genuine in the whole scenario as well as the guileless little children in the recent incident.

This scenario can be identified by the demands made on government which follow it/are a direct result of it.  When demands are made by the media and masses of the government to “do something!”, to solve the problem which the incident supposedly presents, THEN KNOW that the incident was an arranged theatrical incident/play/movie in real time with real victims….a conspiracy.

I realize that all the above seems far fetched and conspiratorial to the general reader, but it is what it is.  The system is built on conspiracy and as we are in it’s final stages of “perfectability”- the age of it’s finishing, lasting many years – it is of utmost importance that friends, comrades and fellow travelers in our new zeitgeist/idea, understand these things, for the independence/secession desired will not come to pass until an individual mental transformation is undergone or experienced.  Physical secession/independence cannot occur until the mind begins to think in a new way.  With that thought in mind…..

It’s come to my attention as I travel the blogosphere visiting various ethnonationalist/WN/ nationalist/southern nationalist sites and blogs, I have noticed a tendency to give credence or pay attention to what our enemies are saying, by showing various videos of system mouthpiece liars – talking heads/news readers/media personalities – as well as articles written by them, posted as part of the essay/articles written at the above sites/blogs .

Someone will post a video or article from some enemy’s blog or magazine/newspaper website of Tim Dumb spewing his jew hatred for all White males.  Or…an article or shit mouthed braindead one from the SPLC or AIPAC/ADL making some pronouncement calling us racist and/or anti semitic white supremacist naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews.  Or…one of us subjecting ourselves to being interviewed BY ONE OF THESE ENEMIES WITH THEIR EVIL AGENDAS TRYING TO TRIP US UP OR MANEUVER US INTO ADMITTING WHAT THEY THINK WE ARE IN THEIR MINDS. 

Or…some mulatto product of a stupid white female and a black, who because of his or her being part white, has got himself a job as one of the mouthpieces -I’m thinking of that fenderhead at the Atlantic who has one of those hyphen names – who can speak and write english because he went to a school that A WHITE MAN BUILT PERHAPS CENTURIES AGO WHILE HIS ANCESTORS WITH BONES IN THEIR NOSES WERE SHITTING IN A HOLE IN AFRICA, and his white genes enabled him to grasp the written and spoken english that he uses to write with and which he uses to attack the white part of himself in his self hatred as he writes HIS RACIST SCREEDS AGAINST THE WHITE MAN, AS PRIVATELY HE TALKS SHIT TO HIS BROTHAS BACK IN THE HOOD, laughing at the comment storm he incited on his comment boards from all the nazi white supremacists.

And one of us (?) publishes his brain excrement on one of our(?) blogs so we can all get excited and upset and in an emotional turmoil over what IT said/wrote????  Some of us have left off the LDO-as RYU calls it – but have replaced it with another aspect of the same which appears different on the surface, but is not.  The LDO has went from the latest black on white crime incident to the latest screed written or video filmed of an enemy’s brain fart.

Yes, I know of Amren’s never ending article stream on things black and illegal immigrant, but I don’t consider them to be “one of us” because of their disallowing anything that smacks of anti jew over there.  They are busy fighting symptoms and compromising.  Compromise is female.  We don’t do female.  That’s what has got us into this mess in the first place.  To hell with that.

So here we are giving free adverts for the enemy and what he has to say.  We are doing this because we still have a soft view of the enemy.  “He’s not really our enemy”.  “If he would just leave us alone to go our own way we’d be fine”.  HE IS NOT GOING TO LET YOU ALONE until you learn to stand up instead of wallowing on the floor like a puppy with his belly in the air peeing on himself.  

All these ding bat interviewers trying to manipulate us into admitting what we are!!  To hell with that!  Stop pussy footing around the subject.  Pre on screen interview:  Us :”You are a representative of our enemy, the jew.  They run you even though you may or may not be a member of their tribe. You have been steeped in THEIR supremacist worldview.  Therefore, you are my enemy.  You will be asked questions of yourself in this interview.  Still want to talk to me? If not, bye!”(sound of phone disconnectiong)

Enough of this Jared Taylor polite stuff.  Are you guys in a war or not??  Are you serious about this WN/nationalist stuff, etc?  In a war, the warring parties are enemies right?  Do you know who and what the enemy is?  Can you readily identify him?  I don’t think you can, if so you wouldn’t be broadcasting his emotion stirring excrement in whatever form at your place.

Do you know that everything he says is a lie, even though he may inadvertently speak a truth from time to time, it’s only part of his plan to sucker you in/seduce you, to make you think he’s not such a real bad guy is he?

Some of you claim to be of us, but your own words at your places show you have no idea of the war we are in.  You still believe in compromise -see above female reference.  Compromise won’t cut it in this battle.  Someone has said someplace, (my paraphrase) “you may not care about, or be indifferent to the jew, but he “cares” about you.”

Where are the rules of warfare that says one side must let the opposing side interview or discuss tactics with the other?  So you can get a mention at a blog/site which is connected to the enemy’s system and you can get more traffic?  Have a hankering for celebrityism/notoriety do we?

Remember this:  the masses are moved, but we; ie, those who are of the truth, are not, because we are male, not female and hence are not emotionally ruled:

Isaiah 57:20 “But the lawless (wicked unknowing masses) are like the sea when tossed; for rest it cannot (cannot be calmed),but it’s waters cast up mire and dirt.  There is no peace-no well being-says my God to the lawless”

Also this quote from Arthur Schopenhauer:  “All truth passes through three stages.  First it is ridiculed.  Second it is violently opposed.  Third, it is accepted as being self evident.”  There is overlap between each stage.  Presently we are in a mixture of one and two, but mostly one.  The more we stand declaring who we are, the more the violent opposition.  Many will not be able to take the heat and will relent or recant and will fall by the wayside for they have no part or lot in this matter.  They went out from us, because they were not OF us.

Also this which is related to the above “movie”scenario:

…And this, an earlier post of mine on the media:


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4 Responses to Big evangelists…..false broadcasting

  1. micahlmartin says:

    Well put. I’m not sure which people/incidents you’re referring to, but I see this kind of thing all the time. When guys like Michael Pearl go on CNN to “explain” his position it’s just giving credence to the enemy’s cause. Or those “God hate fags” people or the “let’s put the queers in a fence” people up in NC. The worst is when they send out a woman to try and “soften the blow”. If you REALLY believe what you SAY you believe then deliver the message in full-force, otherwise you’re a coward.

  2. Ryu says:

    Merry Christmas Brandon! Great article. I love those little phrases televitz, syphillization. I’m going to re-read this after awhile to let it soak in. I have tried to get our friend away from news and jews. He still believes in the mass awakening idea I think.

    • Brandon says:

      Back atcha. I understand. The mass won’t awake, but they WILL eventually follow as they do the present jezebel zeitgeist. As Vox Day says, “MPAI”, Most People Are Ignorant. Only a comparative few actually awake-as compared to the masses, that is. Those “few” may be many thousands. Our job is to awaken those who are destined to awake, hence our writings. We are laying the foundation for those who will be raised up in the coming days.

      This present bunch will have to die off because they are still enamoured of the “American idea” if you catch my drift. Newer generations will eventually “get it”.

      I can’t take credit for originating the plays on words. I think I got televitz from Linder. The other came from Hoffman over at his place.

      My regards to you and yours.

  3. Ryu says:

    That media article is excellent. You wrote that in 2010 before I started writing as a WN.

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