There’s no future for DC

The masses hang on every word and pronouncement that emanates from DC through her mouthpieces, the media – what I have previously called the false prophet – and believe it unquestioningly.

The masses believe DC is god’s voice on earth, and that whatever she says is truth and her solutions to problems are the answer that all should fall in line with.  The masses believe that DC is omniscient, omnipresent and all knowing, and that any opposition to her cannot stand, or is only destined to failure.  Her military and spook agencies and technologies are so great that it is useless for anyone to try and oppose her.  Her eyes in the skies see, hear and read everything….so they think.

The masses of course are blind and the whore that is DC which they follow is the embodiment of blindness.  The whore was founded in masonic conspiratorial secretiveness and roman catholicism with it’s jesuitical black pope running the show, which is shown in the way which the city was laid out in it’s original form according to ancient symbolism, as well as it’s printed money, and federally financed large construction projects, for example the airport at Denver Colorado.  All the fed bldgs. in DC are imprinted with ancient symbols/designs which only few can read or understand.  This is masonry’s specialty.

The city was founded on the grounds of 4 farms, one of which was owned by Daniel Carroll, a roman catholic and signer of two of the founding documents, the Articles of Confederation and the U. S. Constitution.  The area according to old property records of the time where the farms were located, was called “Rome”, and the branch of the Potomac River which bordered “Rome” on the south was called “Tiber”.  (See :Rulers of Evil; F. Tupper Saussy, chapter I, pg: 4).

DC abounds with visible demonstrations of it’s ties to what we call the ancient city of Rome.  Most of the buildings reflect it’s “roman” ancestory.  That Rome was the first of three.  Most people think it “fell”, but it didn’t, it just took on a different face – a more religious one – and became what we know today as roman catholicism.  The pope became the new Caesar, who eventually became only a visible figurehead, as the black pope arose and became the real power after the founding of the jesuits, but who is never seen publically as such.  DC is the third face of Rome -it’s final earthly appearance.

DC appears to be outwardly strong, but appearances are, as the old saying is, deceiving.  Her inner character is fear as can be seen in her spreading abroad of the fear principle to her own people for domestic consumption.  People outside of America know she is a paper tiger.  Any nation giving preferential treatment to women/dykes, blacks, the pervert class (sodomites/queerfags/bestialists/pederasts, etc), who are obsessed with sex and all of it’s forms, IS A VERY WEAK NATION on the downward path to the dustbin of history. 

 Many, if not most of the upper echelon, civilian and military, are engaged in all sorts of child kidnapping for sex purposes -as witnessed by the never ending posters seen in stores, newspapers, adverts etc, saying,”have you seen this child?”.  Everyone has seen these posters of thousands of missing children, but seem to attribute the phenomenon to husbands who have lost their children in divorce disputes.  The numbers are too high for that.  Some may be, but the bulk is more nefarious.  Kidnapping, pederasty and sex slavery is the true answer.  Many are probably shipped overseas.

As an aside, why do you think all the branches of the military have caved to the sodomite/queerfag agenda?  Not only in allowing their members (no pun intended) to openly serve (another one), but all the way down to the “marriage” thing?  Think about it.

Occasionally, they have to sacrifice some of their own to keep up the appearance of legitimacy, or as a response to periodic public displays of outrage such as their pursuit of online pedophiles and cases such as revelations of catholic abuse victims speaking out and some protestant preacher being found out as well as the recent case of Sandusky.  These are just “letting off steam” incidents, whereas the mass of it is kept under wraps by bribery, blackmail, and death threats, and the performance of “good works”, charitable organizations where continuous contact with children is ensured, as well as the government schools which are havens for all sorts of perverts and sex obsessives and not just the males.

When the nation began to put women into the military as equal to men, putting them into positions where women don’t belong – where formerly they were behind the scenes, away from harm as it were, in medical concerns, office work of one type or another, etc, followed by open-in-your-face-faggotry –  they shouted to the world, here we are!  We can be defeated now!!!” ….and so they shall be. 

Not only is the power of the state exalted above it’s actuality in the minds of the masses, it is such also to many of our friends and comrades in this thing of ours.  I cannot count how many times I’ve visited some comment thread where someone with backbone is put down by the multitudes with the usual litany of how great and powerful DC/ZOG is with it’s all seeing eyes and all knowing minds and it’s invincible enforcers in varied uniforms, horsepatuey .

Yes, those cannon fodderites have done a bang up job in Afganistan and Iraq haven’t they?  They’ve really won the hearts and minds haven’t they?  They come back marching home to the cheering hoorahing multitudes don’t they?  Uh….no…they come back mostly in body bags as suicides, death caused by the muslim/taliban swarthystan folks, or headed to a hospital with lost limbs and other assorted incapacitating wounds, but more importantly, destroyed drugged up souls because of the purposelessness of their mission to make the world safe for sodomy and jezebelism, AKA democracy.  Actions have consequences in those performing the actions.

I recently noticed an article, I’ve forgotten where, but it talked about a pill of some kind which reduces or negates fear to a certain extent, that soldiers are given, or the soldiers are used as guinea pigs in testing it’s effects, which I’m sure will work marvelously.  Drugs of course are the solution to all problems as we all know.  American ground troop kamikazi’s…yep, that’ll work.

The recent calls for reduction of troops and/or withdrawal of same from swarthystan, et al, has nothing to do with the idea that, “we’ve won the wars over there and democracy is set up and operating thereby the terrorist threat from there has been negated”.  It has more to do with the necessity of the troops coming home so they can be used in a coming large scale false flag/staged play, pre created by TPTB to create more demand from the ignorant masses and the usual above listed suspects inhabiting the environs of DC to “DO SOMETHING!”  Sandy Hoax was just another in a long line of such things.

Remember, every pronouncement made by DC through it’s lying media mouthpieces and various spokesidiots/frontmen/manginas, is specifically designed to produce a violent reaction in those concerned with the subject of the announcement, eg: gunowners, christians, and/or anyone who is a serious God fearing person, White males, and more broadly all those of the various hated groups not belonging to all the above listed favorite pets of DC, women, blacks and etc.  It’s a manipulative tactic designed to get THEIR enemy – US -to make the first violent move, ala, Lincoln v south, FDR v Japan, Johnson v Viet Nam (Gulf of Tonkin), Bush v everybody in swarthystan via 911, etc, and every female you’ve ever had a relationship with.

They successfully used this tactic against foreign “enemies”, but now they are using it against their own normally law abiding people.  As the days go by they get more brazen and obvious in their shenanigans to those who have eyes to see the bigger picture.

The average Joe who holds the America that was, in esteem and honors her flag and institutions because of what he has been taught in the conforming centers called schools, cannot be taught/educated out of his delirium.  Yes, there are exceptions, and there are many of us, but generally speaking the former holds true.  Those have to experience a mental earthquake which comes by some kind of an extreme crisis which affects him personally and turns him 180 degrees from the direction he was headed.  He will then take up arms – whether figuratively or literally -and join us in this war presently ongoing.

I recently saw a picture taken on the capitol steps of all the incoming females in the new congress/senate.  This is just one of the many symptoms of DC’s ongoing decay.  The multitude of emotionally led manginas, or shehe’s, is another story.  Black infestation of the bureauocracy is another.  The latter is a problem in many southern state governments as well, and can only be rooted out by an incremental process of change once the white people of those areas undergo a mental change themselves and thus cast away the curse from off their lives which they were responsible for initiating in the first place, by departing and turning their backs to TRUTH.  Eventually following generations will rebuild the walls and restore what earlier generations destroyed and tore down.  It will take time.

DC is NOT all powerful.  It’s feet are made of a mixture of iron and clay, which like oil and water do not mix or adhere to one another…..therefore is easily toppled





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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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5 Responses to There’s no future for DC

  1. Ryu says:

    Well, its easy to be intimidated. Appearances versus reality. Firepower and MW have been talking about Manhattan and DC as “soylent green” like cities where the elite are protected by heavily armed guards and the masses are on a very niggardly welfare.

    I thought the same. Obama wasn’t going after gun control right now. He’s just testing the water. He’s now learned where the opposition is and how they will react. Testing the perimeter is a basic military tactic.

    • Brandon says:

      The so-called elite ALWAYS make provision for their own protection when building structures, particularly those who have more value to the system than others. They believe in hierarchy after all. However, during the final “day” even that will do them no good.

    • anonymous says:

      Power is not what you have, it’s what your opponent thinks you have.

  2. Ryu says:

    You must have seen that story out of the UK on Jimmy Saville. Do you believe the stories? I remember in the 70s and 80s there used to be alot of tales of street kids being used in satanic rituals and other deviancies. All those tales seem to have disappeared in the last 20 years.

    • Brandon says:

      Yep.Seen those. Those revelations are the “letting off steam” I was referring to. It’s MUCH bigger and more all encompassing than just a few catholic priests here and there or Sandusky’s revealed. They reveal the few to keep the public pacified into thinking the authorities are on the job, when they are really involved in perpetuating and covering it up. We all should know why the “tales disappear”. Who is the “tale bearer “of the system? Media. Whom this Saville guy was a part of.

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