The WILL of the torches…

A metaphor for some conditions in some localized areas of this country’s future.

A means of arresting and bringing TRUE justice upon some of the guilty ones in the country, that have up intil now escaped justice due to the corruption of the present “just-us” system run by lawyers and “judges” and their enforcers, the militarized federales whose homes and offices are in DC and various big cities across the land.

In ancient times on up until the beginnings of the 20th century, when the people became outraged at the lack of protection from criminality by the local civil authorities, they took the law into their own hands and formed “citizen/security committees”, who dispensed justice by going out at night using torches for light when apprehending who they considered to be malefactors.  One of the more well known groups of these we all know as the Klu Klux Klan who costumed themselves in white sheets and hoods.  Other groups were formed as a reaction to the lawless negro predations after they were “freed”- enforced by northern military entities during so-called reconstruction, which was actually DEstruction of the south by other means, in essence, a continuation of the War of Northern Aggression.

As the present jezebel system entrenched in DC continues in it’s downward spiral to perdition, it becomes ever increasingly a facilitator of evil, claiming it to be good, (as an aside see the latest tv ad for the USN, “a global force for good”) by making it’s continuance and increase legal, and by persecuting and procecuting good, while claiming the manifestation of good to be hateful and evil.

This scenario makes inevitable the rise of the law abiding citizen as vigilante, or bringer of justice, a fulfillment of JFK’s: “They who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable“.

The present verbal warfare against the 2nd amendment and all things guns, is the effort by the system and it’s mangina facilitators/enforcers to prevent this from happening.  For example, see here, (H/T daily kenn):

That’s their REAL agenda.  They always use the excuse “it’s for the children!”, but that’s a lie from the pit, and is the reason why they used another of their drugged patsy/stooges to shoot up a school at Sandy Hoax, so they could use that excuse.

Their REAL reason is because they are filled with guilt and know they are the real guilty ones who deserve the punishment the citizens shall mete out, and are trying to prevent them from having the means to enforce TRUE JUSTICE upon themselves in the future.

This situation is already further along in Mexico, by the rising up of citizen vigilante groups doing what the government is not able or too afraid to do, by standing up to the drug cartels.  Of course most of us are already aware of our comrades in Greece, Golden Dawn.

The idea of a rising up in this country of citizen security committees or vigilante justice committees, although presently seeming farfetched, will be the ultimate consequence of the already ongoing scattered individual responses of self defence against the black criminal class, wherein White people become more prepared to defend themselves with concealed weapons while out and about, and in- the- home weaponry in cases of home invasion.  As more and more people become aware and arm themselves, the idea of forming groups for security and bringing justice to the criminal class will spread and become more commonplace.  This then will lead to other beneficial things….

Such as the outmigration of the black/dark skinned criminal classes to areas more favorable to their activities; ie, to areas where coward whites have been disarmed, as well as more incidents of Whites killing their brothas during various self defence scenarios, will cause fear and panic among blacks, for by this time their daddy in DC will be less able to help them, because the states will have advanced more completely in going their own way and will not heed any protestations or threats from daddy to the contrary.  By this time many states will have already disregarded the fed judicial system, or be close to it.

We’ve all seen and heard of these daily outrages and their usual horrifying results, but the end results will increasingly become more favorable for our side as more Whites arm themselves, such as this college student in Georgia:, (H/T Charleston Thug Life), and we’ve all heard of the woman hiding in her closet with her children shooting another black beast in the south recently.  These are real HALELUJAH! opportunities for our side.

Victor Hugo talked about the power of an idea whose time has come and we are in the beginning stages of this new idea.  The idea starts out as a “one”, but in it’s ultimate manifestation it becomes a “many”.  Many in it’s effects; in the areas in the culture which will undergo changes; many in it’s effects on various power structures, such as the lessening of the federal and strengthening of the states and/or regions, which applies in the realm of laws and courts, and all sorts of inter and intra state commerce; a turning upside down and elimination of the present system of minority pets, as it only has legitimacy vis a vis the federal leviathan, for the states won’t be able to afford to continue it.  Those who don’t like this, will have to remove themselves to more favorable “climes”, if you catch my drift.

To repeat and summarize…our new idea starts small working through us few, which are basically just writing about it and training ourselves in our varied ways and specialties.  Then the idea begins to be acted on in daily lives and gradually spreads.  Some of the spreading is in response to unjust governmental actions, such as the present gun hoohah, or the earlier “healthcare” crap pushed by DC.  The more the latter shows it’s illigitimacy, the more the response from our side/idea reacting to it.

When government ceases to be a force protecting and enforcing good, but instead promotes and enforces evil, it has become illegitimate and the laws it passes and attempts to enforce throughout the land, are as Charles Dickens said through the mouth of one of his characters, an ass.

Therefore, if such a condition exists, it is the peoples right to rise up and throw off such a tyrannical regime.  It will happen, but it will take time when the WILL of the “torches” shall be done.

UP NEXT:  “Capture the Night and Sea”


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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3 Responses to The WILL of the torches…

  1. Ryu says:

    You read Charleston Thug Life? You certainly get around. The Russians too form vigilante groups. Sometimes with only pitchforks and knives. In Russia, outside of Moscow and St Peterberg there is little police presence.

    Interesting times, Brandon. And it’s only a month into the big nig’s next term. Things seem to be accelerating, at least for WN. I am meeting new WNs at almost twice the rate as this time last year. The gathering.

    • Brandon says:

      “Charleston thug Life”…Once in awhile, not that often. Have a son in that area.

      “Russians…” That’s nice to know.

      “I am meeting new WN’s”…Online or in person? Or if you’d rather not say, that’s ok.

      “The gathering…” Yep.

      • Ryu says:

        No in real life, sadly. I would love to find people who live near me but frequent this corner of the web. I mean finding people who write, who comment, who are active and worth knowing. It used to be about 1 new WN per month. Now it’s like 2 or 3.

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