Capture the Night and Sea

A continuation of the subject matter from the previous post about vigilantes and citizen security committees; ie they who “capture the night and sea”.

The night is the time when most criminal activity takes place.  I realize there are many crimes committed in broad daylight, but the preponderance are committed at night, especially when individual citizens are preyed upon in their beds.  Also, the majority of night crimes are committed by “night colored” people.  Once again, yes, there are white skinned criminals, but they are inwardly full of darkness just like their outwardly dark skinned compatriots and deserve the same justice measured out to them.

The idea of “committees” as I expressed it perhaps indicated a conscious gathering of people. This could be, but not necessarily so.  They could be “groups” of individuals, but not actually “together” physically.  They, as individuals, have the same intent, but not actually consult with each other in their activities.   To put it another way, they act as one, but without leaders.  Their intent is to “capture the night” by eliminating criminals from it, thereby making the citizen more safe in his bed at night.

Presently the criminal class “own” the night, because most citizens are not armed and have no real means of protecting themselves .  Calling 911 is a farce.  Notice the white mangina mayor’s comments; and the sheriff is black…go figure.

The policeman’s job is not protection of the taxpaying citizen, but to clean up afterward and enforce the system agenda.  The nightowl, bar/bedhopping/ partying, feminized, white multitude deserve what they get.

When this occurs, it produces another effect and that is upon the “sea”, wherein “it” also is captured.  The sea is the mind of the mass of the people.  The sea’s “mind” is captured by the resulting “news” – propaganda – of the acts of the vigilante committees.  Their minds are captured to the view of the vigilante’s, whereupon they will begin to look with favor on their actions, regardless of how they are reported on talmudvision/televitz and the rest of jewmedia.

The vigilante’s will also have their own “media” to make announcements and warning statements saying why they’ve done such and such, and what they will continue to do, by posting flyers in strategic places; ie, run down areas where the criminal class hang out after they get up in the afternoon from their night prowls, and other areas frequented by night people, to produce the same  fear in them, that they have fostered on the good people by their unlawful acts.

This scenario is like a launch pad for the increased spreading of our new idea in the days ahead.  Most of us have been preaching the idea for some time, but it will take action of this kind to impress it upon the minds of the citizenry so as to enable them to begin to come around to our way of thinking.

This vigilante scenario is the manifestation of a new type of corporate “man” who is not “reasonable”.  He’s had it up to here with reasonable arguments and logic and appeals.  To him, the time for talk is over.

As an aside, I’ve noted one of the more well known WN sites has shut down comments.  The high minded degreed ones are as fearful of the angry White male as their hated jew, and in this, the former go along with the latter’s agenda.  They use the excuse of so-called flame wars in the comment sections.  They want everyone to be a Jared Taylor or John Derbyshire, or Kevin MacDonald speaking in measured tones, showing no emotion or outward anger, for after all, we don’t want anyone to think we’re extremists and fanatics do we?

Well, to hell with them.  That just means that there is a separation of the sheep and goats even among WN’s, for even among us there are false ones – mommy profs as Whitaker calls em, who want the angry soon-to-be warriors to behave and shut up and go back in the corner and put on their dunce hats.

Bunch of cursed compromisers, no different than the repukelicrats and other lukewarm fenderheaded fencesitters.

In the coming days the intellecshuals (yes, I spelled that correctly), will be shut up, for at core, they are feminine, and only the warrior class will be manifested, for they and only they are not intimidated by Jezebel and her mangina minions.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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5 Responses to Capture the Night and Sea

  1. Ryu says:

    I hadn’t noticed a comment shutdown at any site I visit. I never agree with that; too much like the divine guru bestowing his wisdom unto the masses, then disappearing into the shadows.

    Many, or most WNs are too conservative in their speech. I am too. It is in part due to the audience which does not have the seriousness or the will to learn the 5 words or to prepare for dealing with authorities. This is a prerequisite.

    It is not yet understood that one has to act largely alone, no booze, no drugs, no screwups. Sadly the young men of the age who would do these things largely grew up under big mommy and never learned how to avoid trouble.

    Those who act first will have the hardest time of it. They blaze the path. It’s why I make sure to never criticize skins, Brevik, McVeigh or any of our direct action guys. It is much harder than writing articles.

    I don’t understand why there are so many spics in Milwaukee. It’s a sad day when a nigger cop is more correct that a white mayor. Better to have a gun in hand than a pig on the phone. Pigs are not the friends of whites; “the boys in blue work for the jew.” Unless the cop has some nigger and spic scalps on his lodgepole, I’d be wary.

    • Brandon says:

      “…comment shutdown…” At OO.

      • Ryu says:

        I have been watching some old OSS how to films. You might enjoy them:

      • Brandon says:

        As per usual, his first mistake was being tempted by the female. All subsequent actions stem from that. The cause is higher than the female.

      • Ryu says:

        They didn’t mention it, but she must have been a honeypot. She was either working for the enemy, or she got a nice bribe for turning him in. To me it showed that people in the field need to be chaste, no drinking, no gambling, no vice. Spying itself is enough of a risk.

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