By the window…hands accounting for beginnings; some pig’s career is ruined as a result.

The title refers to the situation where a cop pulls over a motorist and approaches the driver side of the motorist’s vehicle by the latter’s side window while the driver shows his hands resting on the steering wheel, thereby catering to the officers fear for his safety.  This is the beginnings wherein some pigs career is ruined as a result of what follows.

I don’t often write about cops/LE’s except to point out the fact that they are the evil system’s enforcers/protectors.  Their car signs, “To serve and protect” is just system propaganda which hides behind a supposedly benevolent face which in truth is evil.  As many friends and comrades have pointed out, generally speaking they are not our friends and do not seek our good.

The corruption of police and law enforcement, like all entities which have been erected and built by man for his own security and which originally had a “good” intent, was destined from the beginning, like metal turning to rust, to turn into a corrupt system which enforces evil while simultaneously persecuting the good and law abiding citizen.

Like all such entities built by man with good intentions – whether media, government, boy scouts, charities, etc., they eventually degrade and turn into rust, except they be periodically infused with a renewal of LIFE. 

This renewal of life in this situation, is an infusion of mercy.  As time has passed since the initial setting up of various law enforcement agencies, there has become an us verses them philosophy/attitude prevailing in police agencies across the land.  The citizen has become an enemy to them.  This is the reason, caused by fear of the populace, of the increasing militarization of police forces across the land.  The infusion of life would appear differently in other situations, perhaps as an infusion of firmness or resistence to the corrupting effect within the institution concerned.

This idea has been hidden for some time, but is becoming more apparent in this latter evil age we presently live in.  The mask has come/is coming off in our time.  The mask comes off when the citizen sees it as it is.  The mask remains on to the mass of people.

The enforcers are also used as tax gatherers/ revenue collectors.  Even in small towns scattered across the land the various town councils direct the police to set up speed traps used to ensnare motorists to increase their tax coffers.  This is seen in a recent movie I saw wherein Tom Selleck as the chief of police in the fictional town of Paradise Mass., goes out and cuts a tree down that was blocking a speed limit sign on the highway coming into town, that the town council used to get their revenue from via speeding tickets.  His cutting down of the tree was like an infusion of mercy into the legal realm.  Justice, untempered by mercy is not TRUE justice.  It becomes the just – us system which we have ruling over us today.

As I have written previously, the US government creates it’s own enemies/”terrorists”, foreign ones, by it’s governmental actions and meddling in other countries affairs;  domestic ones, by it’s rules/regulations/laws, the pervasion of which turns the law abiding citizen into a criminal and putting the entire country on military footing.  A sample:

These types of situations described in the link above are specifically designed to increase anger in some of the citizens in the areas concerned.  They are like the female shit tests I wrote about in an earlier post. An incident designed to provoke a violent response in the  genuinely male citizenry, as well as a conditioning action to acclimate the feminine citizenry into getting used to such incidents so they will be more compliant when a real similar incident occurs.

The more it interferes/meddles in the lives of it’s own people, the more enemies it creates and the more likely a push back from the citizenry or certain warrior elements of same, will come to pass.  It also creates it’s own enemies via it’s military services by making them instruments of destruction in other countries in unjust wars, and when they return home with their souls destroyed by killing men, women and children overseas, they put their killing skills to work killing fellow citizens, wives, children and other relatives, and law enforcement personnel, due mostly for their self hatred (internal fire).

The creation of a warrior necessitates an internal fire, which manifests as anger and is expressed outward towards others who may legitimately be semi causes of initiating the fire, or who may be just conveniently available to it’s burning (violence).  A true warrior can control his internal fire so that it is legitimately expressed toward legitimate targets who need to be destroyed.

The recent case of the former vet filled with anger at the govt and his neighbors, who shot a school bus driver and kidnapped a child, hiding with him in a tornado/bunker/shelter dug in the ground on his property in Alabama is an example.  Basically, this was suicide by cop.   Fire dissipates in a true warrior after a successful mission against legitimate targets.  Fire dissipates in others by being killed.  

Another vet from the meddling mideast wars recently killed the hoohah braggert sniper (“look how many rag heads I killed!”), and another man down in Texas at a shooting range.  See any irony there?

Referring to the bunker guy above, government policies created him.  Yes, I know…he volunteered.  He volunteered because he believed the lying propaganda and probably needed a job, which is most likely the major reason why most southern young men join the military, as well as a misbegotten belief in “my country right or wrong”.  A combination of believing the lie and lack of personal finances.

Many cops are recruited out of the ex military forces.  A lot of them come with a god complex and said complex is reinforced in their police training.  Mercy does not abide in many of them.  They obey orders and do what they are told, just as the higher ups like.  They can’t think for themselves or they would be without a job or be called on the carpet if they did.  Like the fat slob that pepper sprayed a bunch of protesters a few months ago and was shown on youtube.  They have no conscience or inner self control; no inner line which they will not cross.

Sad, in a way, to say that many of these are going to be picked off in the coming days in circumstances similar to what the title says.  There has been such incidents off and on for years.  They are going to increase, as the outer perimeter must be dealt with first before the center can be dealt with the fire of retribution.

Not all cops are worthy of retribution, but they need to open their eyes to what is going on amongst themselves and separate themselves from it and broadcast the inner corruption that they are aware of to the people.  Yes, they will lose their job and be ostracized, but that is the price you have to pay for being on the side of right.   If they, knowing the corruption they work among,  and do nothing about it, they will receive the same justice as the corrupters, for there is a target on their back already as part of the nature of their job.   Compromisers receive the same justice as the deliberate corrupters.

Speaking of killing….check out these product reviews on amazon:




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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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5 Responses to By the window…hands accounting for beginnings; some pig’s career is ruined as a result.

  1. micahlmartin says:

    Great article! Speaking of speed traps, I saw 4 separate cops had 4 separate cars pulled over on 526 today. Sitting just ahead was about 10 more squad cars all waiting to pull more people over for speeding. It’s absolutely outrageous what these people do. It has absolutely nothing to do with safety. It’s all about taxes and intimidation.

    Also, good point on the “Invasion in Jasper”. It continues to desensitize the population to continuous military presence and policing and will eventually draw the wrath of people who are sick of it who will then become their targets.

  2. Ryu says:

    I don’t think it’s sad. They serve and protect themselves and the Jew. What do you call it when “good men” serve the devil? The system paid them their 30 pieces of silver, their pension, their benefits, their 60K a year job. Not one of those maggots resigned over Waco, Ruby Ridge, or Gordon call. Not one soldier has resigned over training in the US.

    These people made their bed. They value their paychecks more than their country, their values, or anything else. They are enemies and should not be trusted unless they have negro scalps on their lodgepoles. They and their “injustice system” have screwed white activists over for decades. A common trick is to put a new white inmate in a cell full of niggers. No, I’ll have no sympathy for ZOG’s hitmen.

    I see your drone toy and raise you a TSA lego set:

  3. john says:

    Your rants remind me of rev. wright.. not to offend or anything

    • Brandon says:

      Well…no one should call himself reverend, nor called that by anyone else, but I understand your point, which I assume is in reference to his calling the US “damned”? His reasons for saying that are not mine, as he, like his student, speaks from a marxist perspective.

      No offence taken.

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