What’s that static…?

I’ve had it up to my eyebrows with the so-called intellectual spokespersons of WNism.

They don’t like us angry ones commenting on their blogs/websites.  They want to keep the conversation “elevated”.  They want all their sycophants to write in measured, unemotional tones and words.  They want us all to be Jared Taylors and Kevin MacDonalds.

They don’t like our static because we angry ones don’t communicate on their channel.  Taylor doesn’t like our anti jew talk and doesn’t allow any such comments on his site, but he looooves all the daily outrage black on white criminality and south-of-the-borderite bs.  By doing so he exalts the symptoms and ignores the source of the disease.  Musn’t offend the jewgod!

He considers himself and others of his ilk to be the “Foremost spokesmen for our race”.   Some call him and his site a “gateway” into WN/ethnonationalism and allude or state the necessity for the existence of such.  I say bull shit.  They who are called to our way will come.  They don’t need a fence straddling gateway which is afraid of the jew.

The desire for converts is a snare/trap which leads to a softening/compromising of our message.  We cannot adjust or adapt our message in the hopes of gaining more converts.  To hell with that.  That’s WNlite and won’t attract anyone worthy of our cause.  We’re not in this to attract wimmin and manginas.

MacDonald has closed down comments at his site TOO, until, he says, he finds some way to handle the comments, which supposedly he is too busy with other things occupying his time.  He too wants to keep things more civilized, I assume, like Taylor.  Intellectuals can’t control anger, so they just shut down the comments.  System worshipping blogs and sites do the same thing, as well as outright banning, to keep our voice from being heard.

Chechar, over at his Addendum, taking note of MacDonald’s no comment policy, has emailed him about 3 times with no answer, so decided to republish some of TOO’s posts on his aforementioned site, but one of his commentors, JeffSB advised him against it, see here:


Also note my comment lower down.

Eventually, there will have to be a parting of the ways in our thing; a separation of the smaller numbered, warriors-to-be from the intellectual idol worshipping, larger numbered.  Yes, the intellectuals have (had) their place, but the warrior class who know they’ve been called to a higher cause, will eclipse them.  Present intellectuals don’t have the real answer to our dilemma because of their inner check against violence.  They keep talking around the problem.  They can’t go there.  To them it’s, “we need to establish our own media”, and/or variations upon that theme.  What do doctors do to a cancer?  Do they talk it to death?  No. They.  Kill.  It.  They cut it out or use chemo.

Here’s a good related post by Jack Donovan:  http://www.jack-donovan.com/axis/2013/01/from-patriots-to-traitors/

We may as well get it settled in our minds that we are destined to be misunderstood and accused as fanatics and extremists, nazi’s, racists, whatever, but need pay it no mind.  Leave behind all desire to be understood.  Don’t announce yourself.  Let your actions speak.  No online manifestos.  By pass the symptoms.  Go to the source.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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8 Responses to What’s that static…?

  1. Chechar says:

    “Chechar, over at his Addendum, taking note of MacDonald’s no comment policy, has emailed him about 3 times with no answer, so decided to republish some of TOO’s posts”

    But those old mails were unrelated to reposting his articles.

  2. Thank you for this brave and masculine post, brother.

    You wrote, “Intellectuals can’t control anger, so they just shut down the comments.” Very true and very insightful. Intellectuals CAN, of course, tolerate anger from the enemy. Watch one of them when they’re under attack from Jews or other non-Adamic types. They’re the very picture of patience and understanding and nuance. But when their OWN people display anger and a willingness to carry that anger to practical levels, the ivory tower types start whimpering and sniffing and moaning with the exertion brought on by the rapid distancing of themselves from those for whom they presume to speak.

    As Chesterton is reported to have said, “If they don’t name the Jew, their message isn’t true.” Respectable dilettantes take note.

  3. ritarabbit says:

    I have been physically present more than once when one of the intellectuals you mentioned has slammed his hand on the table in anger over our plight (after a couple of beers).

    I am not a huge fan of the intellectual sites myself but they serve the purpose of educating the uninitiated on the challenges facing us.

  4. Ryu says:

    I can’t believe I missed this one. Sorry!

    I regard the intellectuals as a gateway drug: SBPDL, Amren, McDonalds all fall into this category. Eventually, one needs to graduate to a higher level. Those sites have a constant influx of fresh news and jews.

    Our great hope is with the lower classes and the middle classes who are the way down. No one is going to fight unless they have a reason.

    I don’t know Chechar, maybe you know him better. Tell him that he is a man, and that chances are taken, not given. Just take a shot and if MacDonald gets pissed, react. We all stand on the shoulders of other people. I’d do it myself but I seldom read Kmac or TOO.

    • Brandon says:

      “No one is going to fight unless they have a reason”. Yep. It has to get personal, and that time is coming.

      “We all stand on the shoulders of other people”. Well said. Don’t recall how I came to be jewaware, but there it is.

      “I seldom read Kmac or TOO”. Only read some of his stuff at TOO, never read his trilogy. Don’t need to.

      I’ve read some, and I emphasize some, writers over at countercurrents. Have read some of Johnson’s online debates/knock down, drag outs with Linder, which the latter won hands down IMO.

      • ritarabbit says:

        Kevin McDonald isn’t a poor White who has been deeply affected by anti-racism but he was smart enough to see it, righteous enough to care about it and courageous enough to put his job/life on the line to speak up about it.

        We’re all frustrated at the slow progress of the movement but in my opinion, the worst thing we can do is turn the anger on each other.

      • Brandon says:

        “…the worst thing we can do is turn the anger on each other.” If the intellectuals, like good mommies (Whitaker’s “mommy professors”), keep metaphorically patting us on the head and telling us to calm down and be good boys, there will be a turning of anger onto them, for in this they are no different then those of our enemies who continually try to shut us up via their marxist agenda manifested through all the ism’s I’ve written of previously. They can do what they want at their sites, be it shut down the comments or whatever; but they will eventually be by-passed by those doing the real work in the future.

        “We are all frustrated…” Not me. I know it takes time for our IDEA to become more widespread. It will take new generations,just like it has taken generations for the present fempire to reach it’s destructive climax.

        The mommy profs must realize that warriors who ACT have their place, and being wordsmith’s that they are, will have to find the vocabulary to express what is to come and still be free from the attacks of the thought police, that way we can know that they know and are behind us, otherwise it’s like JFK said, “they that make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable”, and the fire will touch many in that process.

        Thanks for commenting.

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