You can’t go with child advocacy.

The fempire, among many other things, is the embodiment of pretend/phony child advocacy writ large.  Every time one of their lying spokesidiots opens it’s mouth it says the reasons for what it does is for the “children” and “future generations”.

They profess to care about children while simultaneously advocating the murder of children – future generations – in the womb of their fembot believers.  They profess to care about children while simultaneously their high muketymucks engage in child porn and sex with children as they smile before the microphones and cameras demanding we all give up one freedom after another because it’s “for the children!”.

They profess to care about children while their politicians busy themselves fornicating with stupid female hanger’s on, who should be keeping a home and raising babies, who are attracted to those in positions of power as it gives them the crotch quivers, and father children out of wedlock by them, violating their own marriages in the process, also while simultaneously standing before the microphones and cameras while talking about “family values”.

Their women, who have thrown off the natural role as keeper of the home and bearer of and raising of children, busy themselves in the workplace lording it over men whenever they get the chance and in politics and all the other realms where they don’t belong, who occasionally find time to give birth to a child or two and 1/2, they, having rejected the natural intended use of their bodies, “raise” up future mad- at- the- world, drug addled killers and/or parent hating queerfags in their push against their own husbands at home to continue to wear the pants-  who then prey on the rest of the population- all the while mouthing platitudes of it takes a village and we must make the world safe for our children so it’s necessary to trade in liberty for security, meanwhile gaining neither, but rather gaining permanent attachment to the medicinal and pharmacology teat that continuously preaches it has the answers to all your problems, and by extention, making the rest of our lives miserable because of their incessant drive for said security by advocating and demanding from their government daddy, more and more family destroying policies and regulations/laws.

These blind foolish females do not realize the consequences for their rebellion against the natural order is not only manifested in their own bodies via various adverse physical and psychological diseases, but also comes out in their own children who wind up metaphorically, continuously, killing their parents through their various rebellious actions/choices…..and some not so metaphorically.

They care not one whit for children or for future generations, because they are actually anti children.   The idea they promote via the various ism’s proves it, because the consequences which come from their idea as they are manifested in the world is self evident.  If you can’t see it or think I’m wrong, you’re blind.

These people cause the problem and then present themselves as having the solution to the problem which they themselves have caused.  Blind lying hypocrites they are. 

Many of us are familiar with the scenario wherein child molesters/sexual predators look for employment in services and agencies and other jobs which allows them to have contact with children.  School teachers, daycare – where blind women send their children for others to raise while they avoid their responsibilities, thereby offering up their chidren to the convenience god/idol – religious charity (so-called) organizations, boy/girl/cub scouts, after school church and otherwise programs, etc.

The fempire system with it’s never ending smiley face- I’m- here to -help- you- begins to destroy the family in the early 20th century- after giving the female the right to vote- with it’s jezebel idea-the feminine exchanging of liberty for security(true liberty scares females; it means they are responsible for their actions/choices –  can’t have that.)- then comes along with all these little helpers to facilitate the continuance of her family destroying idea by raising up all these organizations/services for the people to farm their children out to, then, the perverts seek out these organizations for employment so they can engage in their perverted lusts preying on the children, then, the children eventually become biological adults and curse their parents for the way they were NOT raised, become hooked on legal and illegal drugs, and on and on, continuing the vicious cycle; each generation becoming more rebellious to the natural order as time goes by, and no one knows why.

This vicious cycle is spread throughout the culture and society at large and has led to the ongoing distopia-ization that we are experiencing throughout the land.  The more the mass of the people choose death like those listed above, the more the effect/consequences for those choices touch the lives of others who are not making those choices, thereby making their lives a misery also.  This is the fulfillment of a saying written a couple of centuries ago, “and because of lawlessness being brought to the full, the love of the many will grow cold”.

Jezebelism/feminism raises it’s children who turn out to be one of the many instruments in her own destruction.  A perfect example of this is the Newtown shooter.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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2 Responses to You can’t go with child advocacy.

  1. Ryu says:

    Great article Brandon. This is one of many ways that the system is destroying itself.

  2. AAB says:

    ‘They profess to care about children while simultaneously advocating the murder of children.’

    Yeah, so true. You know how the saying goes: The Devil hides behind the cross. Evil always hides behind a shiney smile or a noble goal.

    ‘These people cause the problem and then present themselves as having the solution to the problem which they themselves have caused’

    That reminds me of something the Simon Shepherd wrote about. He called it ‘Malign Encouragement’, where one party encourages another to pursue a malign or worthless objective.

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