“Traditional news at five o’clock”

2 Peter 3:8″But this one thing forget not beloved, that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.”

Psalms 2:2 ” The kings of the earth and the rulers have conspired and taken counsel together against the Lord and against His anointed, saying, let us break their bands asunder and let us cast away their yoke  from us.

We are presently in the afternoon of the, or a day.  By the time the afternoon arrives we already know the symptoms of the day; ie, what the day is like, what the day brings, or has brought.  Those who have eyes to see can see the symptoms of our day everywhere around us, and we don’t like this weather. 

The weather is religion or tradition and the ancient name of the religion was/is called Mystery Babylon the Great, and the Mother of Harlots and the Abominations of the Earth, which has become known in our day as CHRISTIANITY. 

The head of this christianity is called Roman Catholicism.  She is the Mother of Harlots and her children – harlot daughters – are the many varied sects/denominations, called protestantism, as they, in their origins, protested/rebelled against their mother, but despite their rebellion from her, still show forth their likeness to her in their various forms/modes of worship, trappings, buildings, seating arrangements, and phallic symbols they call steeples, priest/laity  (nicolaitanism)  caste, and special clothing identifying the priest cast from Joe Schmoe who sits in the pew.

Their doctrinal teachings also show their relationship to their mommy, in that they are designed to keep the pewsitters in ignorance while still supporting the system with their hard earned dollars.

Other “children harlots” of this thing are not overtly religious, but present a face of goodness in the world similar to the above, but whose trappings and forms are more secretive, containing initiation and organizational rites, various insignia, and oaths.  These are freemasonry, illuminati, shriners and the various secretive clubs/organizations of educational institutions such as the one at Yale called skull and bones, which Bushes and other big name political actors belonged to, bohemian grove, trilateral commission, CFR and the bilderbergers;  some who greet each other with secretive handshakes and posed in 19th century pictures with one hand sideways in a vest or coat worn as a sign, this is particularly seen in some of the “great men” of the past, such as Washington, Napoleon, etc.

Freemason’s wear special rings with their insignia which has given them the slang title “ring knockers”.  The ring acts as an “identifier”so that when members are out in the day to day world, they can see who their “brothers in the faith”are and in that way know whom to show or not to show favoritism toward-in job hirings, etc.

There is much overlapping between the outwardly religious -who attend steeple houses on sunday-and who simultaneously belong to one or more of the latter secretive groups/organizations.  They have to present an outward face of goodness/morality in order to keep the masses hoodwinked -think Bill Clinton, or BO in a church pew on a sunday somewhere in the district of corruption or jewyork.

Catholicism owns whole countries/nations scattered around the world.  It has it’s own intelligence service similar to the various governments around the world, called jesuits.  Most of it’s colleges and universities are run by this organization – think Georgetown in DC as only one among many lesser knowns.  It also owns millions of dollars in property and buildings scattered across this country.

The foundations of this thing go back in antiquity to just after the creation when men began to form societies and build cities.  Most people cannot grasp the fact that historical incidents, wars, etc are conspiracies played out before our eyes.  How can all these men be conspiring together, from ancient times to the present day and insure that their conspiracy would not fall apart somewhere down the line, many ask.  Many believe there have been conspiritorial acts perpetrated throughout history, such as the various assassinations of important personages and so-called false flag incidents concocted in the more recent past, such as 911, etc.

If the world as we know it is not a massive conspiracy, why does every nation on the planet have multitudes of secretive intelligence services conspiring against each other and their own people?  People think there has to be some means of the conspirators to communicate with each other for coordination purposes.  It doesn’t work that way, for the conspiratorial word comes down into the minds of those at the top of the earthly conspiratorial edifice – Rothchilds, Rockefellers, et al, who then direct others lower on the totem pole in carrying it out.   This is done of course in subtle ways, mostly through their house organs, the think tanks and speeches before certain influential organizations /groups.

There is a hierarchy among conspirators and the lower realms are held in line by the upper via black mail -threats of revealing skeletons in closets -death threats over families and loved ones, bribes and special favors such as inclusions in power sharing arrangements to encourage staying in line and keeping one’s mouth shut.   The system is run and sustained by money and power.

The rest stay in line because they are in complete agreement with the agenda for it feeds their ego, and need no threats or bribes and blackmail.  This group probably contains the largest number of conspirators.  At the top of the hierarchy are the satan worshippers.  They get their marching orders directly from him, for he is the original conspirator and the father of it.  Albert Pike was one of these…


A new religion or tradition must be formed, which even now is in it’s infancy and contrary to the present system we are immersed in, will be formed from the bottom up.  There is more to this system of abomination then jewry.  Yes they are the prime mover of most of the ism’s that have come into manifestation here since the mid 1800’s along with their ownership of the govt, culture through Hollywood, academia and ownership of the media.

However, this country started out with an elite predisposed to a satanic outward religious traditionalism via their secretive organizations such as the aforementioned Freemasonry, and the city they built in the country’s early stages to house their government was laid out in the satanic ancient symbolism of Mystery Babylon, and shows this symbolism in the way the buildings and streets were laid out to form a visible display of Washington DC as satan’s seat.

The country was deliberately set in the way it has gone from the beginning, by the founders through conspiratorial acts.  The founders are worshipped as deities by the masses, especially those of a conservative religious bent.  They must be disabused of this.  It will take generations…

Update:  I am adding this link to a post from Gary North about Murray Rothbard’s writings on “conspiracy theories”, which I got from “John” over at MW.  He explains what I have written about here in more detail and with a better vocabulary than mine.  My thanks to John, whoever you are….



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4 Responses to “Traditional news at five o’clock”

  1. “Their doctrinal teachings also show their relationship to their mommy, in that they are designed to keep the pewsitters in ignorance while still supporting the system with their hard earned dollars.”
    Once again, you’ve put a name to a particular evil. Good stuff, brother. How I wish we lived closer to each other…the marathon conversations we’d have!

  2. Ryu says:

    Yes, the founding fathers certainly are worshipped by conservatives. To liberals, they serve the purpose as demons of white privilege. The whole “America” myth has to be destroyed and remolded.

  3. Ryu says:

    Ha ha. I think Kate likes you, Brandon. Your comments have intrigued her.

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