Covering themselves.

Rev.6:15-17 “…and the kings of the earth and the great men, and the rulers of thousands and the rich and the mighty and every bondman and freeman hid themselves within the caves and within the rocks of the mountains; and they say unto the mountains and unto the rocks – fall upon us and hide us from the face of Him that sits upon the throne and from the anger of the lamb.  Because the great day of their anger is come, and who is able to stand?

Many of my few readers realize that my blog post titles are metaphoric or symbolic phrases which are then “interpreted” in the text of the post, for example in the previous post, “Traditional news at 5 o clock”, which was like an announcement given by a tv news reader for an upcoming program.  I then went on and explained the meaning of the title in the body of the post.

This post is no different.  I have also included more symbolism/metaphor with the Bible quote under the title.  I have also done this in many of my posts going back to the beginning when I started this blog in 2010.

There are important things to remember in this ongoing war we are in against the forces of darkness and their human instruments; one of which is the old adage which says, actions speak louder than words, and a second thing – perhaps more important -is, nothing is as it seems or as it appears to be by the visible eye.

Another lesson which must be learned in this war is that what the enemy says in his many varied ways through his spokesidiots on the televitz/talmudvision/internet, is a cloak to hide his own fear of coming judgment. 

In other words, he may say something through the mouth of someone like Tim Wise (I call him Tim Dumb), or that full- of- himself- menstrous cloth, kotex- for- a- mouth- spokesidiot, shehe Thom Hartmann, which seems to be an attack on us, but is actually a cloak or cover for his own fear of our eventual response and his or their demise/removal from the public scene.

They and the many others like them actually fear us, for we are of the truth and they are of the lie and know so in their own subconsciousness.  They who continuously lie are violating their own soul/psyche and said violation will eventually show itself as physical or mental sickness and disease in the person involved or in their progeny.

In some cases, these people are merely obeying the orders of other earthlings over them, for they hold the power of the purse strings behind the scenes.  The former have to be members of the conspiracy club or they would not be employed.  They must speak the lying propaganda as eventually our spokesmen will speak truth propaganda when we take over the media in the future.  (Notice, I said when, not if)  They may be willing spokesidiots, actually believing their lies are truth and don’t need to be told to toe the line, it matters not.

In the Bible passage above, rocks and mountains are indicative of mental calcification.  It speaks of groups and individuals whose minds have become hardened over their lifetimes by believing in lies and the lie.  It is a means or method of hiding behind something, due to fear.   Bondman and freeman”  speak of those average joes at the bottom of the totem pole who unresistingly go along with the lie that their higher ups at the beginning of the quote put forth.  Sort of like avid fox news watchers.  They think they are “freemen”, but are actually “bondmen”; ie slaves to the lying system, for if their views are challenged, they spout the lies they have been taught by foxnews, that America is the greatest, and etc.

When an individual allows himself to be a proponent and promoter of the lie, for one  example among many, is those who promote the murder of the unborn in the womb under the guise of convenience or a matter of choice, it leads to a hardening of the mind against truth, which in the Bible is spoken as “fortified cities and high towers” in Zephaniah 1:14-16. 

As I’ve pointed out numerous times here, “cities” in Biblical speak, indicate the “mind” of man.  Individuals build up mental fortifications and high towers to hide themselves from the truth.  They cannot be convinced through argumentation, reason or logic, therefore they have to be culled/removed through adversity – death, or death by violence, sickness, disease, so-called accidents which there are no such things, or the curse coming on their children and grandchildren to the 3rd or 4th generation, in similar ways.  This is where, “vengeance is mine says the Lord” comes in.

This scenario or “theatre of operations” is nationwide.  It’s a metaphorical national theatre.  Rural and or flyover country are not exempt for there are many there who have also bought the lie by either advocating it or going along with it without puting up any resistance.

The fenderhead governor of New York in another instance, pushes through a big gun control measure and a few scattered people gather in small towns and protest at city council meetings or town halls, but a pittance show up at the capitol and probably none at the governors mansion to show outrage. The idea that gun control makes things safer is such an obvious lie, as it’s just another means to doodle Americans out of their anger.

Hell, the beasts of the field can get 200 or so to show up at a mall and loot, vandalize and beat whitey’s via twitter, but whites can’t form up a few thousand to congregate and camp out on various state capitol steps with pitchforks and jury rigged hangman’s nooses to show the pols.  Show up and let em put the whole damn mass of you in jail and don’t say a word.

One of the enemies means of hiding/covering himself is his use of minor citizens meetings in small venues which are means of keeping the citizen at “arms length” so to speak, in order to deflect their anger at the lower levels or allow a “venting operation” at a lower level to prevent the people from going to the source.  This is the “doodling” the citizen out of his anger mentioned in the paragraph above.   A particularly manipulative nefarious act and characteristic of democracy in effect, while not overtly saying so of course, for to say so up front would be to reveal the evil behind it.  If the citizen rants against a pol at a town meeting, then his anger is abated and more than likely will go no further with it, particularly higher up on the totem pole.

Supposedly the “people’s representatives” will meet with the citizens in various smaller venues and then take the citizen’s complaints back to the head office in the state capitol or the district of corruption, but he does no such thing, because he’s been “got at” as the Brit’s say, the moment he wins his election and goes to take his place in his government office.

He said big things in his stump speeches, but the PTB let him know in no uncertain terms, that his high flown speeches won’t fly here where the real power is, and if you want to stay in office and enjoy the fruits of power and money you have to smile and keep your mouth shut as to what REALLY goes on here if you want to keep your job and your family healthy and long lasting.  Oh!  And make sure you kiss israhell’s behind.

Rand Paul is a recent example of this.  His phony filibuster was all just a bunch of show for the ignorant rubes back home and the repukelican CON artist shadow party that follows the demoncrapic radicalists into perdition as Dabney said many years ago.  The pols are like my ex #2, majoring in minors and making mountains out of molehills.  Making a big deal over Behghazi and what some govt officer says about what Obama thinks about drones being used to kill Americans and threatening various and sundry to hold meetings and hold their feet to the fire, while the cursed country is becoming a manure pile because of other policies which no one is allowed to talk about in the public square.  Mrs Lindsey Graham is another example of this stripe.  Hell…..they all are.  Most pols have mouths with four sides and they can talk out of two of them simultaneously.

Because the great day of their anger has come, and who is able to stand?”

We are in the great day of anger which is the so-called second coming of Christ.  As the first coming was in love and mercy, this second is in anger and judgment against his enemies who are our enemies.   The enemies think they’ve seen the “angry White male”….they aint seen nothing yet.  The more I announce it, the worse it will be…..and they will have no cover for their sin and rebellion, for cursed are they and their progeny to the 3rd and 4th generations of them that hate Me.  All they that hate Me, love death.




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One Response to Covering themselves.

  1. Ryu says:

    I do not believe in public demonstrations for exactly those reasons. Why dissipate one’s power? The underlings have no real power to do anything. They are just strawmen or fish in a barrel.

    I say to stay in the shadowns. WN gets stronger there. The enemy grows ridiculus as every KKK sighting or neonazi sighting sends them great terror. They have never seen white anger.

    The will to act is not yet upon the masses. They do not have the discipline to prepare and train in order to win at this time.

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