Some explanations.

Somewhat of a response to my friend RYU’s recent comment on my previous post, “Covering themselves”, in which his last paragraph he said, “The will to act is not yet upon the masses.  They do not have the discipline to prepare and train in order to win at this time”.  This statement is true.  They are moved by pressure of circumstances accompanied by the entrance of a New Idea in the air as a new weather, so to speak.

In the header to my blog on the right side is this statement:  “Revealing the relationship between the Spiritual and the natural; the unseen and seen”.

My job here is to straddle the two realms –the natural, visible, tangible realm/sphere of time and space and the goings on, on this ball of dirt we live on, and, more importantly, the unseen realm of Spiritual reality, the dimension which controls all activity in the former and is it’s life support system – by explaining how the two spheres relate to each other.

  The Spiritual/unseen sphere is the realm or entity of initiation, and the visible realm or sphere is response to initiation.  The spiritual sphere always initiates toward goodness, but, it’s action toward goodness, results in an opposing visible move/response in this sphere toward an increase in evil.  This is because of what I wrote in another older post of mine called “The Problem With Mirrors”.  When standing in front of a mirror, the image seen in the mirror is reversed or backwards from the actual thing reflected.  The actual right arm is seen in the mirror’s image as the left arm and etc.  The activity between the two spheres is the same.  The Spiritual sphere is substance or reality and the seen sphere is shadow or reflected image of the Spiritual, ie, a reverse image, or appearance. 

The visible sphere’s response to a movement toward goodness by the Spiritual sphere might be for example, a movement in the government toward gradual elimination of the 1st or 2nd amendment, due to a previously instigated man made crisis of some sort, itself a response to another move toward goodness by the Spiritual.  This may seem like a convoluted mess to the average reader, but I’m trying to explain in a step by step process, something which does not actually occur that way.  Words can only go so far.

I have described this phenomena as background in order to explain the following scenario, but first…most or many of my readers don’t bother going back in my archives wherein I have already explained this activity many times over, so I feel the necessity of repeating it here again for the benefit of those readers.  Now as to the scenario…

My job is to provoke and prod and make or bring into manifestation the Armed and Angry White Male who is the instrument of God in also stirring up the masses or larger amounts of White men, to do what appears to be evil against those who are actually the instruments of evil in this present DAY.

To expand:  The Armed and Angry White male APPEARS as an evil thing to our enemies, the multicult, marxist, demonic so-called elites and their mouthpieces in government, media and culture, BUT HE IS ACTUALLY A GOOD THING WHO IS DESTINED TO BRING DEATH AND DESTRUCTION TO THOSE WHO ARE REALLY EVIL, AND IS THEREFORE THE ULTIMATE MANIFESTATION OF THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST ON EARTH.

The first coming of the Christ on the earth was singular; ie, he was one man.  The second coming of the Christ is as MANY.  This is how God thwarts the expectations of Bible teachers, preachers, theologians of today.  They are the decendents of the scribes, pharisees and hypocrites whom Jesus expressed hatred for in His day.  Like the ones of antiquity expected a “messiah”- a single, powerful, great man, who would destroy the Roman oppressor and set up his kingdom in Jerusalem – today’s pharisees likewise are expecting a single, humongous, giant Jesus to appear in the sky and do the same thing.  Hogwash and deception on a broad worldwide scale.

My friend, RYU and many others are part of this MANY, perhaps not realizing or being conscious of it.  Many of the many are not even overtly religious and others are actually antagonistic toward anything that smacks of christianity, Jesus, etc.  This does not matter, for it’s as I said in one of my points in the previous post, actions speak louder than words.

As there are heavenly unseen “messengers”, which have come to be known as “angels”, likewise, there are earthly, visible messengers, doing God’s work, only without realizing it.  As the heavenly ones, having no consciousness of their selves, serve a cause greater than themselves, likewise there are many earthly messengers also serving in a cause greater than themselves. 

Some of my fellows have greater understanding of the world condition and others less.  The lesser may eventually come up to the greater’s status.   Each one is a specialist in his own particular way.  None of us can know everything.  I am a specialist in Spiritual matters, but I couldn’t tell calculus from a fingernail.  There are many things in the natural order that I know nothing about.  I can boil water, but I can’t cook.  I can read a package and follow someone else’s directions.  As the old saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  As someone else has said, many of us are standing on the shoulders of others who have gone before.  There is nothing wrong with this.

There are many who have gone before us whose shoulders we are standing on.  I think of Robert L.Dabney, Rousas J.Rushdoony, Lysander Spooner, William Pierce, Revilo Oliver, Ezra Pound, Eustace Mullins.  Many of the comrades are grateful for the research of Kevin MacDonald and are thereby standing on his shoulders, as well as Jared Taylor.  Also some of the great spokesmen and writers for the Confederacy of the 19th century along with aforementioned Dabney.  Brad Griffin (Hunter Wallace) has done a lot of digging in this area which is beneficial to some.  There are also some other good men in the 20th century whose writings some of us have taken to heart.  Greg Johnson over at CCP has a good list of them -Madison Grant, Stoddard, etc.

As for myself, Rushdoony above in my very early travels on this spiritual road, then later, George Fox,  Jean Guyon (known as Madam Guyon), and foremost, Jacob Boehme, the shepherd/ shoe cobbler from Goerlitz Germany, of around 1575-1624.  The first appealed to the head, therefore, I’ve forgotten everything of his that I read, while retaining his “spiritual attitude”so to speak, but the latter three appealed to the internal man, the man of experience – the “heart”-not the emotions, therefore their writings have been with me ever since I discovered them, not that I can literally quote them at length, but the same Spirit that was in them is in me also.

Through them I discovered many others of the same bent who lived from the 1200’s -Meister (Master) Eckhart-on up into the 19th century George Mueller and others in the latter part of that century.  It is through them I learned to be silent and listen to the inner voice of the Spirit within me, Who is the ever present teacher in all men -“the Light that shines out of darkenss” – if they could but learn to be silent and listen to Him.  Not all or even many can do so, particularly in this present world with all it’s distractions and sound bite, hurryup, cacophony carrying on.

As many of us are aware, the masses aren’t leaders, but followers.  There will be many of us numerically, enough to ultimately sway the ignorant masses who will follow the Spiritual wind changing over into our Idea, as it will be ultimately translated by the many of us in the days ahead.  We are presently in Shopenhauer’s “first stage of truth”, or in the overlap between the first and second, where it’s fought against, reviled and ridiculed.  The second and third will follow in their appropriate time.  It’s not if, but when.

We are the strong shouldered on whom following generations of those who have our Spirit will also stand on.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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8 Responses to Some explanations.

  1. Ryu says:

    I was still a conservative in 2010, when you began this blog. Here is your archived post:

    What are these “men alone” you speak of?
    “These “men alone” are destined to be “Daniel’s” or “eunuchs”, and have a special place in God’s purposes in this last age. More on this later….”

    First they laugh, then they fight, then you win. We’re probably right between stages 1 and 2. It’s like the movement of a glacier; it moves slowly. Extremists pull hard and move the whole block of ice a small distance. Moderates don’t pull much and have no effect.

    Good work. You are unique in the WN-o-sphere. I don’t believe anyone else can do what you do here.

    • Brandon says:

      The men alone/Daniel’s/eunuchs: Single men who have either gone through the female similar to myself; been forced to leave the female behind by circumstances, such as some of those of the MRM, which by the way is one of the “benefits” of feminism -driving many males into forsaking anything having to do with women -getting them alone so that they can be used in our present war, free from earthly attachments dragging them down and being a hindrance to the higher cause; described in Rev. 14:1-5…”these are they who with women were not defiled, for they are virgin (in God’s eyes), these are they who follow the Lamb wherever he is going (led by spirit not words on a page), these were redeemed from mankind as a firstfruit unto God and the Lamb (firstborn…to have their eyes opened to the greater truth unlike those of the mass of christianity who think they are born, but are merely “conceived” and still in a “womb”) and in their mouth was found no falsehood – faultless they are!” (in God’s eyes-other men will think they are evil haters). They are fanatical extremists. Daniel was a prophet who started his work while yet a youth in captivity in Babylon becoming a servant in the king’s household.

      “Extremists pull hard and move the whole block of ice a small distance. Moderates(I call em lukewarm fence sitters) don’t pull much and have no effect”. Very Good! It’s better to be cold or hot than in between.

      Thanks much, mate.

  2. I second what Ryu wrote. No one else can do what you do on this blog. Keep fighting, and keep looking to our Father’s purposes. Let the church crowd flock to the mortgaged buildings or the LifeWay bookstores. You understand the real battle.

  3. Ryu says:

    It is alright if you don’t know calculus. It’s not what important in life. Scientists are part of the intellectual classes which always work for the regime in power.

    The number of scientists truly leading to progress is very small. The fields of anthropology, biology, sociology, psychology are all controlled by PC Marxism. Most engineers are putting their talents toward building trinkets like cell phones.

    In many ways, we are backward today. They understood more about eugenics in the 1920s than today. Tex Arcane writes alot on this.

      • Ryu says:

        That’s him. He’s a bit different than other WNs. He uses the anthrolpolgy designations of homo sapien, neanderthal, denisovan, and so on. He uses KWA or kwanistan for US.

        He’s one of the strongest WNs alive. Usually writes on many different topics and seems beyond news and jews for the most part. Relatively unknown by most guys on our side of the WN-o-sphere.

      • Brandon says:

        Looks like he’s an Aussie. I don’t quite understand his neantherdal/cromagnon/homo sapien thingie. He seems to denigrate “edumakashun” when he himself seems to be quite so. Anyway, thanks for the link. I’ll check him out some more.

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