We have to drill….and….Got to stay home.


The system in which we live is one giant lie and conspiracy, but is broken down as many lies and many conspiracies, because one mind -a Spirit being -is behind it all.

As stated previously on here, when observed outwardly, the conspiracy appears to be an impossibility because so many are involved in it or are a part of it’s operation, therefore how can all these men who are instruments of it’s operating in the visible world be cooperating to such an extent for the conspiracy to be successful?  It’s got to be impossible, right?

As God Himself is the originator of the One and the Many truth/phenomenon/principle or law, why should it be thought impossible to observe it’s operations in the sphere of time and space that we live in?

One conspiracy in the Spiritual sphere/realm translates into many conspiracies in the seen/visible sphere dimension in which we live.   One “spiritual” lie; ie satanic lie, operated by one spiritual being, translates into many lies in this dimension, operated in and through many human demonically influenced instruments in this dimension.

The many lies, viewed as a collective -which can only be viewed as such by a Spiritual person who sees the big picture so-to-speak-operate as a system of pressure similar to gravity, designed to push those who are destined to contain the image of God into becoming in this realm what they already are in the unseen realm. 

Yes, God said in the beginning, “let us make man in our image;after our likeness”, but “the making” is a process which takes time in this dimension, while occurring instantaneously in the Spiritual sphere/dimension.  Adam is being made in this world as we speak.

The religiocracy’s  teaching that all men have or are “in the image of God” is false.  The White man is being pressured to become in the image of God in time/space by THE lie, manifested as many lies in this dimension.   The lie then, being evil, actually has a good purpose or end result, even though those operating the lie don’t know it.

We “fight against” the lie by standing still and knowing/recognizing the lie for what it is and most importantly informing others of what the lies are, thereby leading many others to righteousness/into the image of God…

.Daniel 12:3,10 “…and they who make (others)wise (the instructors), shall shine like the shining of the expanse, and they who bring many to righteousness, like the stars to age abiding and beyond.  Many will purify themselves and be made white and be refined, but the lawless will (continue to)act lawlessly, and none of the lawless shall understand -but they who make wise (the instructors) shall understand….”

The wise instructors are forerunners or those who make up what I have described in several other earlier posts as a head group; born before/earlier than the multitudinous/cannot be numbered group; analogous to a literal physical birth wherein the “head” is born first with the “body” following after.  The head group prepares the way for the body group and brings many of those of the body group into understanding and True knowledge..

Standing still, and acknowledging/knowing is a condition of the soul wherein one ceases to worry about what is coming on the earth, for instance the genocide of whites presently ongoing in previously white dominated countries.  It’s an inner condition of non emotional reaction to the present pervasive Lie.

Making life and circumstance plans based on what dingbat so-called science says about “global warming/climate change/peak oil”, etc, is a fools errand.  The lie always is preaching gloom and doom.  If we don’t hurry up and do something, we’ll all perish because of what a consensus of edumacated, high minded, framed-piece – of -paper – on-the-wall science spokesidiots say.  The lie is designed to get people to do something as a reaction to the lie, which, when they do, is proof that they have believed the lie.  The proof also shows in their repeating the lie to others.  Such have the “mark of the beast” on their foreheads and hands – metaphorical/symbolic of minds and works.

The lie says the earth is running out of this and that, therefore the government must institute policies/rules/regulations to limit more “freedom”, thereby creating false shortages/scarcities, higher prices, etc.  The scare tactic of running out of oil, known as “peak oil” is part and parcel of this line of bs.

The teaching that oil comes from long dead prehistoric fossils is horse hockey.  It is self generated deep within the earth because God made the earth that way.  If God made the earth so that it would eventually “run out of gas” so-to-speak, then there is no God as many atheists say.

They close down refineries and oil wells and refuse to dig or disallow digging in many areas at the behest of oil companies themselves in collusion with envirowhackos and government officials.  Which then keeps the country in hock to the middle easterners.

As the drive to power and money is behind all the lies, manipulating and conditioning the populace into receiving and believing in shortages and scarcities as things “that can’t be helped” and “we all just have to get used to if we want to survive”, “and besides, we have way too many people living on the planet, so it is necessary that many die, so that others may live”, etc.

The present on going ammo shortage is another aspect of the false shortage/scarcity lie.  In this case the government departments collude with ammo manufacturers by ordering   millions of rounds of different ammo sizes and stockpiling them in their various warehouses and blame the average Joe’s run on gun and ammo buying following threats to the 2nd amendment after the recent Sandy Hook shootings.  They blame the shortage on the gun buying public when it’s actually the government in collusion with business that causes it.  So the public has to put up with a rationing system set up by individual retail outlets, while the government has millions of rounds that the public should have been able to purchase.  This is of couse a satanic end run around the 2nd amendment.  They can’t get the congress and senate to do what they want, so they do it with fiat laws/rules and implementing actions to create the false shortages and blaming it on others, all the while accusing others who disbelieve their bs as conspiracy theorists, government haters, red necks, etc.

Eventually, circumstances will be altered in such a way in parts of the country where, as I’ve also said previously, certain states or regions/localities will have become more independent minded and separated from satan’s seat on the Potomac mentally, that they will take control of their own destiny as far as oil and drilling for it is concerned and will build their own drilling/refinery concerns or work in conjunction with privately owned businesses, contracting the work out to them.  This will be due mainly to the gradual weakening of the seat on the Potomac as it reaps what it has sown in this land and throughout the world as it goes into it’s contraction stage as opposed to it’s former expansion phase.   Oil businesses will begin to stay home and prosper as will the areas where they set up operations.  Think North Dakota as a present example.

The more they give themselves over to darkness inwardly, via the lie and believing in it, which is reflected outwardly in the world by the worship of all things negro and female, the weaker they become, because those two are not civilization builders when left to themselves, but are rather civilization destroyers.  They can only build when under a strong White masculine hand as his helper, under his control.  The more negrified and femaleized the country becomes, the weaker it is.  The country was given over to the African immediately after the War of Northern Aggression and then turned over to the woman in 1920 and she became the negro’s partner- in- crime and it’s been down an iced hill in a barrel ever since.  Through the negro came the idea of minority worship; through the female came sodomite worship.

I’m a conspiracy factist….

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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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2 Responses to We have to drill….and….Got to stay home.

  1. Ryu says:

    So you’re not a peak oiler. Yeah, it seems like they are always cooking up new emergencies. One might even say that they are in the business of finding problems, then offering solutions (for a price of course).

    • Brandon says:

      I would say, making/instigating problems. Like the jew that takes both sides…cause the problem and then advocate a solution for the problem they caused.

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