Endless posts chattering about the end of Potok and his crew.



Rev. 18:6-7 “Render you unto her as she also rendered, and double the double according to her works…-In the cup wherein she mixed, mix unto her double.  As much as she glorified herself and waxed wanton, so much give unto her torment and grief…”

Your wife has become the embodiment of hell on earth.  She’s a gossipmongering jezebelish whore, who goes from house (life to life), gossipping and telling lies about you, her husband.

She calls you an extremist religious fanatic, a racist and homophobic anti semitic naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews, a white supremacist and patriarchal woman oppressing hater, a red neck-knuckledragging uneducated southern hick, a terrorist and if not already a member, a future member of the KKK or a militia and the embodiment of all hatred.

It’s time to regain control of your wife which your blind and foolish fathers allowed to come into power over a 100 years ago.  It’s time to make her shut the hell up and go back into the silence of non knowingness where her true home is.  How do you do this?  You attack verbally, one woman at a time.  When she shuts up or goes out of business –stops opposing us and /or becomes our supporter – you start on another.  The fear of you will then be on the others when they see what you have done to #1, and because of that will be much weaker.

All the entities/institutions collectively are female.  The collective is made up of many members.  Each “member” is one woman at a time”.  Remember, your; ie, OUR power is greater than hers.  Our victory over her has already been (past tense) accomplished in the unseen realm.  We “play out” the victory in this realm by each of us acting according to our lights or understanding of what the situation is.   I realize this is difficult to understand by some of my non christian/ non religious brothers, but that’s ok.

The important thing is for all of us, wherever we are, all concentrate on the same woman, who is in this case known as the Southern Poverty Law Center.    

 The “cup wherein she mixes”  is the internet/public square or the metaphorical broadcast means used to propagate her lying accusations, or the earthly sphere in which she operates, legal system/media, etc.  In accordance with the portion by which she gives out her accusations, she is exalting herself, professing herself to be that which she is not – glorifying herself as an expert in identifying entities or groups of hatred while acting as a talking head/spokesidiot on televitz/talmudvision.

How do we do this?  First, we don’t do anything which triggers the jewlawer.  Don’t give him any leverage.  No bombs set off at their bunker in Alabama.  That just invites the -as MW says- the Famous But Incompetant-to the scene.  No shooter from a snipers nest or knock on the enemies door after dark.  Yes some may do that, and we can take advantage of that, but we don’t have to do as they who choose the violent way.  We go after her the same way she goes after us only with a double dose of what she puts out.  We go wherever she shows her face on the net or tv, etc.  She thought she saw hatred in us, but she aint seen nuttin yet.  We throw the truth back in her face and tell her what she really is.  We want her to be more fearful than she already is.

If they allow comments on their site, gang up on em like the bugsters advocate.  You don’t necessarily have to use the mantra as it is somewhat of a defensive posture, but if you are impressed to use it, have at it.  Their amen corner will chime in with the “supremacists have come out of the woodwork!” defense mechanism designed to derail you, but just ignore it and go on speaking truth.  It’s on our side, not theirs.  Don’t let the enemy mangina anti’s get you off track.

If comments are closed or you get banned, most of you are net savvy and know how to get around that at least for a limited time perhaps.  Flood a pile of letters to the networks on which she appears as an expert so that they will be fearful of having her on again to spout her  horse manure”expertise”.  Time is on our side as we’ve got all the time in the world.

In the impulsive sound bite world we live in , where most of the people born since 1950, or at least the 60’s and 70’s have no patience whatsoever and whose unspoken motto is “I want it yesterday!”, this scenario or operation I have explained will make no sense, for they are like the little school boy whom the teacher admonished because he couldn’t or wouldn’t sit still and whose reply to the teacher was, “I may be quiet on the outside, but I’m still squiggling on the inside!”

This kind of work is not for the faint of heart who will do it for a week or so or a few months or so and give it up as hopeless.  As I said over at Chechar’s the other day in response to a question of his, “many are called, but few are chosen”.  Many are called to this life of self sacrifice to a cause higher than ourselves.  Out of those called, only a few are chosen to actually be used by The Power that controls all, because they will not or cannot endure the trial of patience that is required.  One’s “chosenness” is revealed by one’s patient endurance to the end of the trial; which trial is this ongoing, but gradually running out of gas upside down world wherein evil is good and good is evil and the out of order feminine rules over all.

Rev. 3:8,10″I know your works…Lo! (pay attention!) I have set before you an open door as to which no one can shut it…that you have a little strength and have kept My word and have not denied My name….

Because you did keep My word of endurance, I also will keep you out of the hour of trial which is about to come on the whole habitable world, to try them that dwell upon the earth”.

We hold the truth of race  and it’s importance in all it’s ramifications,  as the affirmation of God’s law displayed among men.  To lose patience and not endure to the end of our life in the knowledge of race and all that it entails is to deny His Name.  Keeping His Word of endurance (endurance implies a continuous work against opposition without giving up), enables us to be free of the effects of the trial which affects those who have opposed us or went along with the opposers in their agenda.  We may be in the midst of the trial which is presently ongoing, but it has no effect on us/doesn’t touch us.  The “door” remains continually open as we move forward continually advocating/affirming God’s Law.  The door is the opening of continuous opportunity.  Our door stays open while the enemy’s is gradually closed.

When we overcome this first woman we set a precedent or create an archetype-a continuous never ending series of historical occurances of like character/nature on down through time from the time of the first enemy’s downfall or transformation onward.

The enemy will try to sidetrack you onto other things which may seem important at the time, but will eventually lead to spiritual impotency  and your being set aside as unworthy of the cause.

Everytime she appears somewhere, whether some talking head is just quoting what she said, or if one of her representatives shows it’s face in an interview, give her torment and grief.

When we look at our problem by looking at the humongous size of it, we become overwhelmed, but if we break it up into smaller segments it can be overcome, one segment at a time.

Eventually, the media will realize that something is afoot and try to prevent this work, but we ignore them and go on through the opened door.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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3 Responses to Endless posts chattering about the end of Potok and his crew.

  1. Ryu says:

    Good article Bradon. Yes, it is a long road. I have seen your method work. It takes about 3 years to see effects. The PUAs have done this and you can see this when they publicly mock them like Roissy and Roosh do.

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