Speaking deadly, that they might say yes or no.

The necessary destruction of all man- built systems.  See below asterisk.

The America we knew and loved is gone…” (a quote from a comment by Formyle of Ceres to a Matt Parrott post over at CC),  never existed in the first place.  The time period known as “the America we loved” was just the era when the enemy who was the mover of the real America had not fully reached his zenith as he has in the present day.  The America that was loved was merely the time period of the enemy’s not yet full and continuous manifestation, hence seemed to be a time looked back on with nostalgia.

In those times, the enemy and his power – under whose auspices and command through and by which the country was founded – was manifested in spurts – like seasons, sometimes lasting a few years, such as the verbal war which eventually led to the War of northern aggression and it’s aftermath, followed by the war by other means to strip the south of it’s livelihood by setting up the negro over that area and people, and again after the turn of the 20th century in the lead up to WW1 and the repeated machinations/oppressions/manipulations that Lincoln laid the ground work -or the archetype for – activated by Wilson following Lincoln’s precedent, by listening to his demonic inspired, sociopathic advisors; Colonel House, etc, set up the same scenario of dishonest Abe in passing laws/rules/regulations to stifle dissent, incarcerate those holding anti war views, persecuting and jailing concientous objectors and other opposition , and changing the media into a government tool, (which in it’s infancy was intended as a check or restraint on government power and malfeasance) along with shutting down opposition media -magazines and newspapers – by using the postal service as an enforcer against non approved written speech; the forerunners of today’s thought police – crimes and laws against blasphemy-which today is called political correctness.

The spurts I mentioned above are or were, times of crisis, during which the enemy, who is in control of all world governments -especially the so-called civilized ones; the others are basically left to their own devices, for as we know, the mass of the others have not the gift of governance – manifests his character/nature through his human instruments by his rod of iron* principle.

In the time of crisis, the leaders institute policies, rules, laws and regulations to condition the people to accepting the new crisis scenario and to weed opposers out through the various means of oppression and harsh controls of the rod of iron principle.  Included in this and more important is the use of propaganda through the governments new arm – the media.  It demonizes the opposition and exalts the state.

The crisis is the opportunity for the enemy to manifest his true character/nature.  Media propaganda causes the masses to believe that when the crisis is passed, things will return to normal, but they are deceived.  The periodic crisis syndrome is just a conditioning method to prepare the minds of the masses for the next one.  For example, in the present day, the price of gas has gone up to the mid to high $3-$4 a gallon where I live.  It goes up and down depending on where you live.  When I lived in Georgia not too long ago it was in the low $2 range.  Not long before that it was in the $1 – $2 range.  It goes up to a certain price; the people become accustomed to the higher price; they drop it a little to make the people think they are getting a bargain and then after awhile they raise it even higher.  Things never return to “normal”.  That’s the intent behind the idea of the system in which we live.

The enemy’s instruments, speaking through their spokesidiots in their media arm have become open and above board in their pronouncement of the coming of a “New World Order” – Rockefeller, the Bushes, the CFR and Trilateral-ites, the Georgetown univ. jesuits, etc. They’ve been doing this since at least the early 90’s when daddy Bush announced it.  They also use the phrase, “One World Government”.   “Order” and “Government” may be an aspect of what is coming, but in reality it’s a religion….and it’s not new.  It’s been around since Cain, and maybe even earlier than him…..

The White European countries and their peoples have been in an almost continuous crisis mode since the beginning of WW1.   The crisis continued after the war and affected some countries worse than others, particularly Germany.  The way she was demonized and propagandized against during and after the war put her in a literal sewer.

The “allied” countries, US, Britian, France, et al, laid the foundations for WW2 in their treatment of Germany in the treaty of Versailles.  WW2 was blowback for WW1.  At the end of WW2, the allies, following Lincoln’s archtype, did to Germany what the north did to the south only on a greater scale and involving more German victims than southern victims.  H/T to Chechar for the good job he has done by revealing this bit of hidden history over at his place through historical writings he has discovered – Hellstorm, etc.

The crisis continued through the twenty year period between the wars, in the so-called Great Depression which lasted up through the beginnings of WW2 in this country.  Jewstooge Roosevelt and the buddies he surrounded himself with -many jew commies -continued the philosophy expressed by a latter day jewboy of not letting a crisis go to waste, by increasing the expansion of government during his terms through the never ending crises of which his watch was.

The crises have continued apace and even speeded up, particularly as the jew, as a special instrument of the enemy, laid his maggots in the culture and government in the early 20th century.  The jew is the latter day destroyer who acts as a speeding things up mechanism, an accelerant, like fuel on an already burning fire .  The fire existed/came into being in antiquity, long before the jew came on the scene.

The destruction machine that we are presently living in has existed, as I said above, for centuries.   Because the machine is Spiritual, it has the ability to appear or take different forms down through history in the visible sphere of time and space that we live in.  It appears as many, but is actually one.  The same Spiritual machine in history has manifested as many different empires or entities/conquerors.  They may have spoken different languages or encompassed many different geographical areas or had many different cultural manifestations.  There has been only one mind behind them all.  There is only one machine.

Many people, especially professing christians, think this country was founded as a christian country, but they are mistaken.  Yes, there were many christian/religious people who came here fleeing persecutions of one sort or another from their native European countries, and of course there are millions of professing christians in the country today, but they have little, to no effect on the ungodly culture surrounding them, because of their blind ignorance due to their negative conditioning in their churches and educational system.

However, the  leaders/founders of the country, engaged in writing foundational documents and pushing for rebellion against the British; ie, Washington, Jefferson, John Adams, etc., were not.  Most were masonic deists.  Freemasonry is a pretend mystery religion of goodness based on secretive practices that even their junior members lower on the lodge totem pole are not aware of.  The higher the level or degree one obtains in this mystery religion, the more he learns of it’s nefarious intents.  These things are kept hidden from the mass of lower ranked members who only consider the organization as a means of smoothing their way in the world; a “who you know, not what you know” thing, which helps them in obtaining jobs, etc.

The secret societies -freemasons, illuminati, rosicrucians, etc – are the keepers of the flame of the spiritual machine which came into existence before recorded history.  The spiritual machine reveals itself in this visible realm via signs and symbols that only the “enlightened” can recognize. When I say enlightened, I am referring to their beliefs/doctrines; enlightened from THEIR perspective.  The truth is, it’s actually endarkenment.  Their so-called enlightened ones are the high degreed ones – 33rd degree, etc.  The higher one rises in the mystery religion the more the organization reveals it’s true source of power, whom they call Lucifer, the “light bringer”; the “architect of the universe”.  He is of course, known by other names -the god of this world, satan, adversary, etc.

The layout and building of sodom on the Potomac was formed according to freemasonic signs and symbols.  All of it’s monuments and major governmental buildings -capitol, whitehouse, etc., were built according to masonic principles, laying the cornerstones, building’s placement, etc.  Take this for what you will….


The reader might say within himself,  “What does all this matter, with all the problems we have with White genocide, economic collapses, cultural corruption, governmental crime, meddling in other countries affairs, jew/black stuff, etc, etc, etc.”  Who cares about some secretive organization’s signs and symbols; we’ve got bigger fish to fry!”

I’ve done my share of discussing those things on here since Mar 2010, intermingled with spiritual things here and there in 137 posts.  However, it is important for me to emphasize over and over again, that we are in a Spiritual war; a single war manifested in this visible world as a war on many fronts.  We have one enemy who manifests through many different forms and what appears to be many different ideas, however, all the seemingly different ideas -“isms”- are one idea and that idea is hatred of the supreme being called God. 

I know many comrades/friends don’t believe in any such Being or Entity at present, and are fighting against the 2000 year old teaching that presents itself as representing said supreme being in this world – christianity.  This doesn’t matter, for as time goes by it will become more obvious to many that we are in a Spiritual religious war between forces of light and darkness.

The reason for this is because the dark entity which presently rules this visible world through his above written adepts of Luciferian, ancient Mystery Religion, will begin to demand that all bow the knee to him, for he will be enabled to perform signs and wonders which will deceive even many more than now are.

There is coming a day of choosing…and even now is in it’s babyhood…when all will be pressured into making a choice between the True Light and the darkness; the latter which appears as light and can do marvelous things.  By the time the immediacy of the choice becomes more important or perilous, it will probably be too late.  For the conditioning that has been done over many years will be too strong on the many living at that future time for them to be able to make the right choice because….

“….the love of truth they did not welcome that they might be saved (be delivered by making the right choice) , and for this cause, God sends them an inworking of error(a strong delusion that will cause them to believe the lie – it will appear to be the reasonable/sensible/logical thing to do) to the end they should believe the falsehood, in order that all should be judged (negative sanctions) who would not believe the truth, but were well pleased with the unrighteousness (of their choice)”.  (2 Thessalonians 2:10b-12)

* Psalms 2:9 “You shall shepherd them with a sceptre (rod) of iron…..as a potter’s vessel, shall you dash them in pieces”.   (See also Rev. 2:26)

There have been many men throughout this country’s history who have been instruments in conditioning the populace in a downward direction from their positions in education and media.  Education:  Horace Mann (1796-1859)…passed the baton on to…John Dewey (1859-1952)..took up the baton from Mann at his death and helped complete the destruction during his lifetime along with many little helpers.  Media:  Edward Bernays (1891-1995) .. Nephew of Sigmund Fraud; the founder of the present system of propaganda we live in which ultimately led to the mass consumerism that exists today, along with all it’s offshoots.  They were called “reformers”, but were actually DEformers…


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2 Responses to Speaking deadly, that they might say yes or no.

  1. Ryu says:

    The rod of iron – I like that. I have to admit; alot of that spiritual conflict is not visible to me, not in the way that you can do.

  2. Alexandros Megas says:

    Good blog, I liked the Edward Bernays mention in the end, we suffer a total domination under their hands.

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