All slept through the night…..

Even the determined people; ie, White Nationalists.

Isaiah 60:2″For lo! darkness covers the earth and deep gloom the peoples…”

Matthew 13:15″They shall surely hear and yet will not understand, and yet surely see, and yet not perceive. For the heart of this people has become dense, and with their ears heavily have they heard and their eyes have they closed…”

The curse is on White Nationalism because it’s hatred of a false religious entity called christianity has caused it to turn away from the True entity which is yet future, and has therefore put it in the realm called “outside (where ) are the dogs, and the sorcerers, and unchaste, and the murderers, and the idolators, and everyone loving and doing falsehood”. 

Their rejection of the false has exalted the false in their minds to where the false appears to be a reality; a condition of idolatry.  They think “christianity”as it appears in the world today, represents God, but it doesn’t, and because many of them – WN’s – are in rebellion against their own fathers causing them to hate them- just like queerfags have done – have gone over to false pagan gods – wodanism, nordic gods/heroes, etc, -to replace the “no God” void that exists in every unbelieving man.  Having rejected the true God, they have chosen another – themselves, or an inner image just like themselves -to replace the God “space” that exists in every man, whether they like it or believe in it or not.  Because of this, they have made a deliberate choice to live in the curse – the outside mentioned above.  They’ve put themselves under LAW….

“Knowing this….that to a righteous man law does not apply, BUT (it does apply) to the lawless and insubordinate, ungodly and sinful, irreligious and profane, smiters of fathers and smiters of mothers, murderers, fornicators, sodomites, man stealers, liars (and) false swearers.”

They hate the Bible quoters coming to their places and commenting, because their idolatry (their god) tells them all such people are of those who have caused much of our problems.  Their idolatry causes them to be blind to the difference between the false and the true, therefore equating or making equal, good and evil or reversing it in their minds and placing the curse (woe) on themselves as Isaiah said about those who make good – evil, and evil -good, who make light for darkness, etc.

They, because of their abiding in the curse, try to curse those whom God does not curse and when they do so, the curses they speak come back upon their own heads and produce negative consequences -physically and/or mentally -in their own bodies and life circumstances.  This is what happened between Lawrence Auster and I a few years ago.

I sent him a long email back in 2010 not long after I started this blog.  I explained to him some Spiritual realities and how they related to himself and his writings and the title of his blog, View from the Right.  He said what I wrote was dense and difficult to understand, which is the normal response I get from most people.  I explained his Spiritual position as that of an outward prophet, not getting into his connection with the sinagogue of satan – jewry – as I was not fully jew aware at the time.  I explained to him what that type of prophet was; I won’t get into that here.  Suffice it to say, that type required a warning which comes with it which is, the job requires sticking to subjects of which the calling encompassed.

In other words, not getting off into things he was not called to be teaching about.  I related to him the story of how the prophet John in Jesus’ time who rebuked the ruler for marrying someone he wasn’t supposed to which was followed by John being beheaded and the prophet William Branham whose ministry was from the 40’s through the early 60’s who got off into teaching on subjects which he was not called to and was warned by associates close to him whom he ignored and was subsequently killed by being nearly beheaded in an automobile collision in Arizona.

The end result of the few back and forth emails with Auster resulted in his cursing me and “casting me to outer darkness”, as he did to all his disagreers – such as the guy over at TANSTAAFL- which he, Auster, unknowingly was already in, and he subsequently was struck with cancer and eventually died a few months ago.  He died in his unknowing state, a condition of blindness.  Of course he’s now lauded and extolled by all his followers – a bunch of them are over at The Orthosphere, where they write a pseudo religious bunch of claptrap, tinctured with big words and high minded intellectualism.  Auster also had a sort of well known female follower in a catholic woman over at Thinking Housewife, who needs to shut up, put her apron on and get back in the kitchen.  The woman is not the spokesMAN for the family.

Alex Linder over at VNN is one of the more well known christian haters on the net.  Criticizes the jew while simultaneously sitting in the jews seat pronouncing invectives on “christards/xtians/jeboos”, etc.  I understand via the WN grapevine he has health problems also.  You can criticize the ignorant (christians) without being profane while still heaping vilifications on the lying, deliberately deceptive jewry.  The ignorance of the christian is one thing, but deliberate lying with intent to harm and deceive as jewry does is another.  Linder and others of his ilk don’t know the difference.  His actions put him outside along with all his other likeminded associates who have sewage pits for brains and a two legged form of hoof and mouth disease, shit-for-mouth syndrome,  in similar manner to the jews who believe Jesus is boiling in excrement in hell.  In this they take up the banner of profane satanic jewry in their so called march for ethno-nationalism.  They are cursed ones pronouncing curses on those who are not cursed, merely ignorant.  Like Lawrence Auster, they are cursing themselves.  Christians are ignorant because of their leaders and said leader predecessors who have been trained in jew inspired, satanic Schofieldism since at least 1920 in their bible school/college/universities.

Christianity is designed as a female entity and as such it is a follower not a leader.  Some leaders may and do eventually come out of it to the male/righteous warrior aspect.  This is the many are called/few chosen thing I’ve written about in earlier posts.  However, these are certain individuals scattered across the country and are few and far between.   The latter are “chosen” from among the “called”.

Most christians will remain babies their whole life.  They cannot be of any use in the war we are engaged in.  They are following the wrong people who hold a false doctrine on the jew, thereby keeping the mass of their fellows in babyhood.  Eventually, this scenario will change, but not for many years yet.

The middle ages have been described in history books as the “dark ages”, but the darkness of those years cannot compare to the darkness of the age in which we presently live.  The darkness of course is mental/Spiritual.  Most of the WN’s I’ve described think they can see it all, but see nothing, because they are Spiritually blind.  What is worse, they reject and pronounce curses on those who aren’t so blind.  If they could admit they were in the “I don’t know state” they would be “not far from the kingdom of God”.

The people who lived in the supposed dark age had it better than the mass of those in the present dark age in that most of them were “God fearing ” simple people, despite the oppressive, religious catholicism that ruled during that age.  Contrary to that, the people of this age actually fight against the Light, for they love the dark hedonistic blind condition they live in. They think it’s freedom, but it’s actually slavery in a disguised form.

Many WN’s are active in the pua (pick up artist) world (AKA fornicators), seducing silly women and bragging about it on their blogs/sites.  They like the degenerate lifestyle no different than the queerfags they criticize.  Some other WN’s are closer to seeing better for they cry against the degenerate age as it’s manifested in various forms of lifestyles, arts and music, etc.  You know who you are.  You are not far from the kingdom of God despite your non understanding of Spiritual things.

A brother of mine over at Yonderfield has also written of things along these lines at his place.  He has a gift for words that is different from mine, but we are saying the same thing….



About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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5 Responses to All slept through the night…..

  1. Ryu says:

    I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve got to read this again before I comment properly. Like Thordaddy, your writing seems to have some mystical quality that is beyond me.

    • Ryu says:

      It’s hard. It would take something big to change the current form of Christianity into something useful to whites. Right now they are essentially being used as fodder for wars, to support feminsim and LGAZQT. I have little idea what they actually stand for, other than mentions of Jesus and the bible.

      The number of “true” Christians seems to be small. Even smaller than the proportions of WNs to the total white population. I could only name a few in the WNosphere.

      • Brandon says:

        At present, the “true” version of christianity, or christians, if you will, tend to be among the “kinists” or “Christian identity” who are racially aware as catholicism and the gazillions of denominations are not, as you and I know about the christian zionist “I stand with israel” bunch. Yes the number is comparatively small compared to the large number of warvangelicals, et al. Perhaps a warrior like “new” version of “christianity” will come out of the K’s and CI’s. They are closer to being more WN than the others that’s for sure.

        Like I said, the current form is female and is a follower and is as the mass of “called” out of which “few are chosen.

        The future will tell….

  2. This is a truly excellent essay, brother.

    When I look at our people, whether they are racially aware or unaware or pagan or judeoxtian or whatever, I feel like I’m at one of those big, awful family reunions. You know, the ones where you wander from table to table, saying hello to folks you know and relatives you kinda know and kinfolk you have heard of but never met, and all their staring spouses and ill-mannered children. You notice the snotty wealthy ones who are merely tolerating these plebeian fools to whom they somehow are unfortunately related. You see the overeager churchy fellow on a mission to convert everyone to his version of Jesus. You listen to stupefyingly inane conversations between the younger ones, holding forth with such deep wisdom based on their vast experiences in the world for, what, nineteen years? You encounter the friendly-but-shallow relatives, the ones who never offend, who just want to be liked, the ones who are essentially useless. The see the aged ones, those who are full of wisdom and years and perspective, but who are ignored because, well, they’re old. And you also notice the very small number of the ones who sit on the sidelines, watching with perceptive eyes and almost complete stillness. They are interesting and engaging if approached, but they are also perceptive enough to know that most of what they have to say would not be welcomed here at this big, splashy picnic. One has to wait for quieter moments to hear what they really have to say.

    Thank you again for sharing your gifts, brother.

    • Brandon says:

      Excellent anaology Wheels! I’ve been there and done that….or not done that, as I’m always the one on the sidelines watching and listening .

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