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In the previous post in a comment to RYU, I mentioned two segments of Christianity, Christian Identity and Kinism/Kinists.

These two segments or groups within the larger mass of Christianity are the only racially aware people in Christianity except for those perhaps who keep their mouths shut and are too busy with daily lives to bother with discussions on the internet of politics and culture, et al.  I know there are many thousands of Christians in the homeschool/survivalist/”just want to be left alone” segment who don’t express any views vis-à-vis the race thing.  Many of them, I believe however, have bought the lie of racism being the- horror of horrors- “unforgivable sin”, so to speak.

Both of the above groups have some overlap in their views.  I would relate the kinists being less aware than the CI”s.  I think this may be due to their general belief that Adam and Eve were the first humans and that all existing humans have descended from them.  This is incorrect, for I see that the Identity people have got it right here in that their core teaching they have proved the existence of human-like beings on earth many thousands of years before Adam, for in just one example, regarding who it was whom Cain married.  He married into the descendants of a pre- Adamic race, not to one of his own sisters -daughters of Adam and Eve.

The mass of Christians hold to the teaching of Adam and Eve being the first from which all others are descended.  In this, they hold to the teachings of their elders – their traditions – and are no different than the people of Jesus’ day who followed the teaching of the Pharisees, whom Jesus denounced as holding beliefs according to their traditions which disregarded the True Word of God as written in Moses and the prophets -Old Testament.  The so-called jews today admit they don’t follow the Old Testament, but rather what they call the Torah, a massive compilation of lies, half truths, preoccupations with female bodily functions and rules concerning same, advocating sexual intercourse with young children, etc.  Too filthy to describe in detail.  The Torah came out of Babylon when the forebears of the Pharisees were living there as a result of being taken captive by Assyrians and taken there.  So the book is total Babylonish demonic BS from cover to cover.

CI believes, and I can see their point, that Eve’s deception included being seduced into sexual intercourse with the beast of the field; ie, nachash=naw-khawsh.  The word does not mean “serpent”, but magician/trickster or enchanter.  When Eve gave birth to Cain and then his brother Abel, in the original languages, it is implied that they were twins by one from the seed of satan through the beast of the field (two legged upright) and the other from the seed of Adam.  Of course this teaching or idea is ridiculed by half truth Christianity and it’s various spokesfems.

It is not my calling to be a “word digger” or one who looks into etymology.  There are specialists who have been called and chosen in that work as a benefit to others not so called.  I recently found one in my cyber travels in CI.  Apparently he is one of the main teachers whose writings and tapes are the founding principles for their beliefs.  His name is Bertrand Comparet (Compar-A).  He was born in 1901 and died in 1983.  A little background on him can be found here along with a list of some of his writings/teachings, etc.  He can also be found on jutube; not visually, but recordings of his talks.


A couple of his articles there in which he talks about Adam, Eve, Cain, Beast of the field, etc…..http://www.aryan-nation.org/comparet/adam_notfirst.htm   and   http://www.aryan-nation.org/comparet/man_and_beast.htm.

Some of his writings show his placement during the cold war with Russia, as he referred to her as an enemy because of it’s then being an expression of communism.  Of course many of us now know Russia and it’s WHITE people as being on our side politically and culturally under the ruler-ship of Putin.  (When I say ‘our’ I don’t mean Americans, but my White friends/comrades)  Another thing is in one of his essays he writes of his belief in the Old Testament dietary laws, such as the non eating of pork; etc, which I disagree with.  That doesn’t negate the majority of the truth which he writes on other subjects.  None of us know everything.

This gentleman also has some interesting stuff. http://www.anglo-saxonisrael.com/ I haven’t read it all.  He’s been involved in some back and forth word battles with some former comrades of his as well as a, what I will call Alex Linder clone, who calls himself Pastor Martin Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt.   The latter has Linder’s sewer mouth along with many other word twisting metaphors with which he describes his enemies; ie, everybody who isn’t him.  Sometimes he comments over at OD and stirs up everything.   Both he and Linder live in Missouri…My father called it Misery when we lived there in the late 40’s to early 50’s.  He said they should put a fence around it and call it out-of-bounds.  Maybe there’s something in the water in that state…

Here’s two links at that above site which attempt to explain what CI is…


In my estimation CI gives Christianity a more thorough knowledge as it is a part of Christianity, even though most Christians at present would consider it or them to be heretic and not true Christians.  It will take awhile going into the coming Great Tribulation (which we are already in the beginnings of) to disabuse the mass of Christians of that idea when the 2×4 of racial experience of that era will hit them “up side the head” and their eyes will be opened to the truth that not all those who walk on two legs are Adam’s descendants.  This won’t happen until the older generations presently alive die off and their children have rejected their parents commie definition lie of what Christianity is, that God loves EVERYBODY when He actually doesn’t.  He doesn’t like satan’s descendants.  “Jacob have I loved, but Esau (descendant of Cain) have I hated…..and…“and enmity will I put between you (satan) and the woman (Eve), and between YOUR SEED(satan’s) and her seed…”

Here’s some information on kinism:http://christiankinism.com/about/….http://tribaltheocrat.com/2013/05/kinism-faq-is-kinism-historical/http://spiritwaterblood.com/2004/09/what-is-kinism/…and here to list a few:   http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Kinism

Some in Kinism don’t think too highly of CI because of the latter’s messengers, such as the sewer mouthed example above.  Plus, they think CI is a hater of the other, but at it’s core is not.  It understands who and what is the “other” and realizes the enmity thing I quoted above.  There will ALWAYS be enimity between satan’s seed and the righteous seed, until the former is culled during the Great Tribulation and then the residue of them will WILLINGLY put themselves UNDER the leadership of the WHITE to war against him no more.

The culling is being done as I write this as I have described in other posts.  The goats of the left hand, all the God hating masses and those phony elite are being separated from the sheep of the right hand and bound into bundles like phony wheat -tares.  All the many groups the leftist commie multiculturalists identify themselves by and join, is this scenario described in the hated Bible, being carried out before their blind unseeing eyes.  It looks like a self separation, but God is actually doing it so that they, being tares growing among the good genuine wheat, are bound into bundles (groups/organizations) and burned in the fire of said Great Tribulation, separated from the genuine wheat so THEY won’t be harmed, for they are the true inheritors of the earth.



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  1. Ryu says:

    Good work, Brandon. Very thorough. I don’t follow these things as much as I should.

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