I moved to the city.

Isaiah’s teaching is twofold: first, that the Government of a Nation being in all cases the Incarnation of the National Thought and Will (Incarnation=manifestation in time and space), it’s acts are mentally those of the People it represents, and therefore the Nation is guilty of it’s sins, and is consequently rewarded or punished for them by God.  The absolute truth of this doctrine is witnessed for by all human records.

The second line of his instruction is:–That the first duty of a Government consequently is to support, teach, and practice the Religion of the Nation, by public recognition and honor paid to it in the outward form of it’s worship, and by using it as the groundwork of the education of the people; and by putting a social stigma upon all deviation from it.  If this is not done, the Prophet – Statesman shows that from the tendency of men to follow the life of the Court and socially above them, the irreligion of the Monarch or President ( elite PTB) rapidly spreads to the lower strata of social life; while at the same time an opposite current is developed among the people, especially of the lower classes, who, in their earnest desire to preserve the faith of their fathers, separate themselves from the Constituted Authorities, and make the destruction of those Authorities the devouring passion of their lives, even if such destruction involves the ruin of their Nation; and in opposition to them the apostate or skeptically indifferent Governors (elite) become, step by step, savage persecutors, and call foreign allies to assist in suppressing the old National Faith which alone they find themselves unable to suppress.

Thus the Nation becomes divided into two parties, whose objects are, not the defence of their Country, but the extermination of each other, and in it’s distraction the land becomes the prey of it’s neighbors and rivals, with all the horrors of national degradation and personal slavery to follow.

To listen to these lessons and be taught by them is as important to ourselves as it was to the Hebrews of Isaiah’s time, and if we neglect them, or turn in scorn to ridicule them, the same fate will be ours as fell upon the Hebrews”.   Ferrar Fenton; An excerpt from the Introduction to the Study of the History of Israel and Judah, written in the 19th century, as part of a preface to his translation of the Bible from the original languages.

The above passage ties in generally with what John Bagot Glub wrote about the fate of empires here:  http://www.reactionaryjudaism.org/file/n15/fate.pdf.

Toward the end of my last post I mentioned the scenario which I have written about several other times in previous posts; ie, the separation of the sheep and goats and how the goats are “on the left hand and the sheep on the right”, which is seen in our present circumstances today as a seeming war between the two “hands” which shows itself in a dividing up of the country in the example of the quote above and the link.

In another passage on the same subject, Jesus talked about this scenario using His usual parabolic language as “tares” growing among “wheat”.  Tares being a weed like substance which appears similar to wheat, but is not genuine wheat.  He said at the end of the age -not the end of the world, but the end of this evil age; a span of time – there would be a time of “harvest” wherein the tares would be taken and bound into bundles and cast into the fire.  It’s not a literal fire, but a fire of affliction” which only affects or is experienced by those who are “tares” or “goats of the left hand”, who are given a spiritual mark on their forehead designating them as such to differentiate them from those of the right hand.

I mentioned how the “binding of the tares into bundles” is played out before our eyes as the appearance of leftist goats seemingly segregating themselves into groups of likeminded  believers in the lie.  However, I neglected to mention how cities are also a part of this gathering into groups.  Friends and comrades don’t see this as the “hand of God”, but it is.  The mental separation must be translated into physical separation.

The goats and all that are included in that category which I have already mentioned in other posts, just looooove to congregate in cities where they can anonymously barhop and fornicate, sit in chairs on sidewalks and drink mochalochachochas and pumalokachoombas and watch jezebels and harlots wearing gownless evening straps and underwear without outer coverings, selling and advertising themselves to strangers and then complaining when some male makes an offer for what they are advertising.

All of us should have noted by now how one large city in a state can control entire states by it’s city dwelling demoncrapic voters.  Chitcago/Chimpcago voters control all of Illinois.  JewYork City of course.  Ballamer and the DC suburbs control Maryland.  Lost Angles/Jewlywood and San Fagcisco and surrounding urban areas control Mexifornia.  Portland and the blind fools at the college town of Eugene negate the rural and small town votes of the sensible people in the rest of the state.

In many states the scenario is a work in progress, as some of the cities are yet to be conquered by the “leadership” of the negatively marked on the forehead, women, blacks/ Beasts of the Field, and other dark skinned ones and the queerfags, which ultimately lead to the “burning of the cities” of the tares/goats of the left hand.

A huge effort by TPTB has been and is even now in operation to bring more Beasts of the Field from Africa and other dark skinned nations so they can be used as weapons against blind city dwelling libbots and leftards.  However, I find it somewhat funny/ironic that the PTB’s intention is to bring these destroyers into the country to eliminate the hated Christians, but their plan will not work, but will backfire on them for the latter have not the mark of destruction on them.  So the ones actually destroyed will be clones/mental followers of the very ones initiating the destruction.

The reason for this is the eventual departure of Christians from cities as Lot departed from Sodom.  Circumstances in the cities will eventually reach such a climax of degradation that all those who genuinely name the name of Christ will be forced to leave the cities for the countryside.  Readers familiar with the Bible will remember how the queerfags surrounded Lot’s house and demanded that Lot let them in so that they could have their way with Lot’s  “visitors”-the human clothed spirit beings.  Future conditions will be the same.  Enemies will come knocking on the doors of Christians demanding the same.  Of course this will occur over a span of time as the cities worsen and individual Christians make a family decision to leave.  Sodom couldn’t be destroyed until Lot left.  It is likewise in this future scenario.   Cities can’t be fully destroyed until the Christians depart.

Many Christians, because of their attachment to the so-called circumstantial benefits of city living – employment/shopping, etc.- as was Lot, will try to just move to the inner suburbs, but that won’t work.  They are weak minded and weak in faith and don’t know the danger they are in, so they will have to be shown perhaps in a “two-by-four-upside-the-head manner in order for them to see and take the correct step.  Home invasions are a precursor of this.  Presently, mostly blacks are involved in this, but eventually the militant queerfags will take over. This is, after all, The Great Tribulation, of which all their lying pastors have told them they would be “raptured” out of before it’s occurrence.  They will eventually discover that what they see with their eyes will trump the lying doctrinal teachings they have imbibed from their lying leaders.

Another impetus for leaving the cities is the gradual frog- boiling- in- the- pot increase in taxes and annexations that city governments enact to empty the wallets of the productive class so they can hand it out to their Beast of the Field demoncrapic voters and keep them pacified.  Of course they use the money for so-called benefits such as bike paths and light rails which the criminal element eventually take over and chase the whites off who paid for them in the first place.  Also must pay for the stadiums and large venues so that round and oval thugball can have a place and the bread and circus’ can continue apace and keep the people pacified and entertained.

Cities are the future hells on earth….


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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4 Responses to I moved to the city.

  1. Ryu says:

    The job situation is hard today. If one wants to make a reasonable amount of money, going to the big city is necessary. Most small towns mainly have retail and resturant jobs for about $10/hour.

    Firepower believes that liberals will concentrate wealth and influence in large cities, then by control of the media and police, segregate the population. The shootings in Chicago do not afflict the elite there. Manhattan has been virtually cleansed of its poor.

    • Brandon says:

      You’re speaking of the present day. I’m speaking of the future. Liberals already have concentration of wealth and influence in large cities, which is/are a house of cards. Yes, they control the media and police NOW. FP has some knowledge, but no wisdom. “The shootings in Chitcago do not affect the elite there”…NOW. “Manhattan has been virtually cleansed of it’s poor”. God hating jew uppercrust are in charge there. Been so for years. Only the wealthy can afford to live there. Anyone with common sense wouldn’t want to live there. Modern day Sodom. The “elite” PTB think they are immune to the predations of their pets that they use against the peons. They are not.

  2. Another fine essay, my brother. It reminded me of what my pal Ol’ Remus always says: stay away from crowds. I hope that more and more of our people can see the truth in what you’ve written. If we won’t be wise, we will be rueful.

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