Our Heir’s Mind

The MIND of judgment.

Many WN’s and others in that club who call themselves by other descriptive names and titles – Nationalist, ethnonationalist, etc. – complain about the,-as they say, non existing – jewdeo Christian God- who had the Israelites commit genocide against other peoples as reported in the Old Testament and posit a parallel present day genocide against the White peoples with that genocide in antiquity, but they have no cause for the effect they supposedly see.  This is because in their blind no God-ism, they lack the Spiritual view of the “big picture” which sees – speaking metaphorically – from “above” and not from the earthly plane.  They see all kinds of effects, but have no comprehension of the cause which results in the effect.  In this, they are like the women fembots they critize.   Or, they may posit something they think they see as a cause through their Darwinist, evolutionary fog glasses, and their multifarious, intellectual evasive wordsmithing, as they were taught in jewniversity,  but their adherence to such is their blind-spot, for to go deeper they cannot do, for to do so is to approach the flame of morality, hence, the Christian “God”, and they musn’t do that, for after all….he doesn’t exist.  However…….

So-called genocide is the punishment or judgment for sin or violation of the moral law, which sin or violation if allowed to continue and build itself up over a span of time, worsens until a whole society or culture or nation becomes engulfed in it, hence, requiring or bringing upon itself said punishment/judgment which manifests itself in the visible earthly plane in genocide like effects or symptoms.

 I’ve written countless times in previous posts how the curse causeless does not come.   A negative sanction upon a person does not come without a cause, which cause is usually hidden from the eyes of the observer. A white woman jogging in a park waylaid by blacks and killed –the curse causeless does not come.  Blacks invade a home and kill the white occupants -ditto.  Thousands of women raped in their beds by black or white predators – ditto.  Serial killers piling up bodies of single women and/or prostitutes and others – ditto.  And on and on.  Women victims are usually caused by fathers or fathers-fathers.  They’ve raised their daughters to believe in the lie of feminism which teaches that women can be equal to or better than men.  Or the fathers have been under the ministry of a Jezebel in their own houses.

Men who can only see from the earthly plane, only see the surface of things, hence make no allowance for God’s vengeance on wicked/lawless conduct which brings the effect/symptom/act they see on the surface.   No cause=No God.  Men who have been steeped in the satanic, Talmudic Jew/Marxist fempire edjewmacation system with it’s reliance upon atheistic Marxist Darwin/no God-ism, and evolutionary claptrap/scientific humbug and all it’s demonic anti- God offshoots, will never be able to come to the truth about anything when they cannot even understand their own selves.   They can see the weather signs, but know not the signs of the times…..as “the Ever Living One visits the sins of the fathers upon the children to the 3rd and 4th generations of those that hate Him.” 

They see the predations of the black criminal element across the country against whites and as is normal, take the side of the victims, but have no understanding of True cause and effect.  They think that all victims are innocent, but they are not.  Many of the victims are children (perhaps adult children) of parents who have, by their own anti- God conduct caused consequences of their own anti- God-ness to come on their children.  Those who are Spiritual thief’s are stolen from.  Those who Spiritually kill are killed.  Whether in their own lives or in the lives of their children, grand children, great grand children, etc.

The masses and the multitudes of professing Christians are blind to this so they just keep going in their life of blindness like beasts that perish……”  If anyone has ears, let him hear!  If anyone carries into captivity, into captivity he goes.  If anyone with a sword does slay, he must with a sword be slain”.  He who makes a slave of others -and this can be done in a multitude of ways – shall be made a slave himself or his progeny.  If anyone with a sword does slay – not always a literal sword or hand held weapon;  in many cases could be the TONGUE.– he is likewise slain or his progeny.

Nature’s law – God’s law -ALWAYS rights itself no matter how men may try and thwart it, as especially they do in this age by the passing of laws/rules/policies and the enforcement against thought crimes and speech not according to the prevailing religious speech codes and sins laid down according to the precepts of satanically inspired jewish cultural Marxism.

These things are nothing more than the attempt to eliminate the consequences of behavior, but all it does is make the consequences more harsh, pervasive, and all encompassing, in this, God’s last age time of correction.

The “second coming” is not “coming”, for we are already in it and have been so since the initiating of the revelation of the Spirit of God after the ascension of the Christ 2000 years ago.  The Spirit of Christ/God sent to earth immediately after the ascension was “the second coming of Christ”.  He DID come again;  He IS presently continuously coming, and shall yet continue to come in the future.  We are presently living in His “second coming”. 

The climax of this second coming, which we are experiencing the initial stages as I write, is called “The Great Tribulation”.  This is the time of the “righting of all wrongs” and will occur over a span of many years.  Human deaths will be more wide spread and of greater magnitude and numbers.  Not all caused by the hand of man necessarily.  Sickness and disease will probably be the main cause.  We can already see the onslaught of mental derangement and various other mental afflictions among certain classes, particularly females, and sodomite queerfags.  As well as the millions of others locked into the big lie which is manifested in and through the various ism’s that I’ve written of previously.

The false prophet media of course tries to keep all this covered up, as they of course are in bed with the various and sundry medical reporting organizations.  After all, we don’t want the people getting fearful do we?  However, as time goes by, someone will know someone who knows someone else and the word will get around as more individuals become affected with one affliction or another and the hospitals are turning people away, because they won’t have any answers or pills to throw at the problem…..and all the anti-God-ers will refuse to learn and will double down in their unbelief……bringing a more harsh judgment upon their own heads.

“And because of this, God will send them an energy of error/strong delusion, for themselves to make the falsehood credible; so that in every way those who do not trust to the truth, but on the contrary, approve falsehood, may be condemned”.

The climax of the Great Tribulation is God’s “Day of Vengeance”

Next:  The Fall of the Great Patriot.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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3 Responses to Our Heir’s Mind

  1. Ryu says:

    Hey you wrote something! I will read this several time then get back.

  2. Ryu says:

    Great work, Brandon. I also believe that the causeless curse does not come.

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