The Fall of the Great Patriot

…..“and in the thirteenth year they rebelled”.

A positive action.

The great patriot is the large mass of people who can be identified under different names such as:  Tea Party, Christians, evangelicals (warvangelicals) Christian fundamentalists, tax protestors of one sort or another, home schoolers, survival and back-to-nature- ists,  assorted flag waving/USA! USA! chanters, anti-abortion protestors, constitution and founders worshipping second amendment gun and self defense advocates, conservatives, fed up republicans, southern nationalists and other nationalists scattered across the fruited plain -north, south, east and west, secessionist advocates, anti-immigrants and the many others who are just sick and tired of being sick and tired of the never ending criminality and satanic hatred/ insanity manifested toward them through and by government and culture, and it’s satanic minions.

Of course there is much overlap and intermingling amongst these folks.  Some of them are many of these things and many of them are some of these things.

These folks are the main focus of hatred in the world by satan’s earthly human instrument rulers and their minions who I have already described a zillion times here.  Satan’s instruments always call others what they themselves are.  This is the mirror principle I have also explained many times.

These people (the hated) as a collective, mostly unknowingly, are representatives of Natural or Moral Law; ie, God.  Out of all the ungodly, satanic culture and government, they are the only ones still clinging to any kind of moral standard/right and wrong.  They are the collective “Lot” in this world; a remnant who according to the prophet Ezekiel, “sigh and cry/express grief over the abominations around them”.

This is not to say that some will not fall by the wayside as their individual circumstances become more straitened in the coming days and years.  Some will give up and go over to the enemy’s side because of more intense mental deception in those approaching days.  Females and emasculated shehe males will “lead the way” in this, as more of their family members/children “come out” as sodomite, queerfag “love and tolerance” demanders.

There have been many examples of this in the past as I’m sure my readers probably know of some personally.  Two come to mind:  the son of Francis Schaeffer, an evangelical American who founded a “fellowship” in Switzerland back in the 60’s, who is called Franky, went completely nutzy libot, against everything his father stood for, thereby fulfilling the Spiritual archetype/principle of killing his own father over and over again, preaching his mentally deranged cultural Marxism hither and yon.  Another is the recent turncoat we all know about, the son of Don Black, Derek, who is also killing his own father.  Everything they say is a “killing” of the father.

Most of this is caused by undue feelsorryism/ mother influence in the family, and when of age, going out into the culture to conforming centers (K-12) and jewniversities, where the sympathy is reinforced in the surroundings.   Misplaced sympathy – a psychological mental poison – then flows through the child expressing itself toward all who are undeserving of it; ie, the dark skinned hordes, favorite pets/minorities-women, sodomites, etc., which is what we have today in the multikulti abomination.  True sympathy or “love”, lets others go to suffer the consequences of his/her own behavior.

Misplaced sympathy is the out of order female tendency to “love everybody” – think about the mind numbing song “Jesus loves the little children of the world”.  One of many perversions of Jesus’ sayings, too numerous to list here.  Jesus didn’t come for “everybody”, but only the elect lost sheep of the House of Israel/sons of Adam….and no, the House of Israel is not the satanic jew nor his phony nation in the middle east, the present puppet master pulling this govt’s strings.

The satanic mental poison of misplaced sympathy turns the mind upside down, where good becomes evil, evil becomes good, light is darkness and darkness is light.  It makes the individual “see” things the opposite of what they really are.  You can argue with them until you are blue in the face, but they cannot be convinced by argument/reason or logic.  Paul described this bunch well in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.  They’ve been given to believe the lie in such a strong way, that they actually believe it’s true.   This is the bunch that’s in control at present.  The insane have taken over the asylum.

The Great Patriot’s “fall” is his losing of his former patriotism, a good thing…..his, “my country right or wrongism”;  his, “America is the greatest country in the worldism”;  “stand by our troopsism” (they are not “ours”, they are satan’s by way of izrahell’s, as well as most of the militarized police and definitely all the spook/FBI alphabet soup agencies, as well as all the jew run lobbying, jew- first, mossad front/enforcers, AIPAC, ADL, etc., etc. , ad infinitum.

The fall occurs gradually, incrementally over time and individually, in a questioning like inner process.  It’s an awakening, for after all he’s been “asleep” for quite awhile.  See Ezekiel’s vision of the dry bones recorded in chap 37, v1-14 for example.

The satanic minded hordes-government, culture, academia, media, conforming/indoctrination centers (schools, colleges) and their followers/voters – are actually a minority masking as a majority.  How does this happen?  Through the false prophet jewmedia, who hold the loudspeaker for said minority making it seem like a majority because of it’s incessant ever present preaching, pushing, prodding, poking and shit testing.    They have rigged the voting system in their favor which also “makes them into a majority”.   They all listen to each other and reinforce their lying bull shit, which causes them to be amazed when someone comes along who has different views, they think he’s from a different planet or been hiding in a cave somewhere.  Like that ignoramus female movie critic, Pauline Kael, said years ago that she didn’t know how George Bush got elected because nobody she knew voted for him.  People like her- and the media is full of them- call people who live in rural areas and those who are the subject of this post, insular and inbred, but it is they themselves who are insular and inbred.

Next:  Longer Majority


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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5 Responses to The Fall of the Great Patriot

  1. Superb, brother. Your point about the mirror principle is important, and I hope your readers will remember this principle as they interact with the media, their coworkers, etc.

    • Brandon says:

      Yes, remembering that is very important. My innerds get tied in knots when I hear of the Jared Taylors/Heimbachs allow themselves to be “interviewed”-read, made fools of-by the likes of those enemies Tim Wise, Tom Hartmann, et al, on the televitz. They are satanic instruments/mouthpieces and speak for his agenda. The former are always on defense instead of taking the offence.

      Thanks brother. Looking forward to your interview Aug 3.

      • I started laughing when I read “Looking forward to your interview Aug 3.” If you think Taylor and Heimbach and those fellows are bad, you’ll be puking your guts out when you hear my inane drivel. But I’m looking forward to chatting with Christian Gray. He’s a very good man.

  2. Ryu says:

    Good article Brandon. I have spent much time in the survivalist patriot community. I could not find many interested people. Most seem to be patriotic multicultural Zionist Christians, those who beg to sign up to fight in the newest wars.

    The media is actually the most important weapon the enemy has. They “own” the perceptions of most Americans. If the TV, radio, and magazines fell, things would change very quickly.

    • Brandon says:

      Yes. Sadly, many of the present generations will have to die off before you start to notice any changes in the surrounding zeitgeist. The SP’s who live in the boonsticks have very little experience with the dark criminal classes. The ones who are still urbanized and can’t afford to move to the country will be more likely to become more racially aware. They all are still attached to the language of cultural marxisim and would call us “racissnazi’swhowanttokillsixmillionjews”. People like us are actually those who bring words of their deliverance, but they know it not, and we have to keep speaking it anyway at every opportunity.

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