Longer Majority

A single movement….which appears as many different occurrences happening all across the country.

Changing from a negative to a positive/optimistic view, and gaining “converts” in the process while simultaneously spreading our Idea to minds yet unconquered in the future while building up and increasing our numbers into the Longer Majority status which we will have in that awakening/dawning day.  Longer Majority refers to the lengthy span of time in which our Idea will increase and prosper and become the prevailing Idea, where those of the present idea will be made to go “underground” or disappear or no longer be allowed to be manifested and/or relegated to their own “world” or “universe” for their place is in silence.

My friends, brothers and comrades are going to have to open their eyes to see these various happenings as they are: the process of change necessary in order to bring about the manifestation of the conditions which each of us are working toward in our own individual way, through writings, street actions, confrontations with the enemy’s minions in media, blogs and websites, educational efforts, protests, demonstrations, etc. and whatever certain comrades are impressed within themselves to become involved in or to carry out in their daily lives.  Some will emphasize one thing, others another and on and on.  Our unity is in Spirit not in “correct doctrine” or the necessity of emphasizing one point over another.

Stop worrying about genocide and what the enemy has done to us and to those that appear to be like us who have been killed or hospitalized by the enemy’s instruments, the black criminal class, AKA niggers, and what I call Beasts of the Field.

The naïve and gullible- feminized- and- trusting- brainwashed- by -multiculti- doctrines, cannot be convinced by education and argument so they must become victims of those they think are “humans like us”, so that their relatives who have not yet become victims will, by their observance of what has happened to their fellow white relatives/friends/associates, victims, undergo a mental transformation and join us.

That is, after all, the Spiritual intent behind the violent attacks, a provoking to mental transformation; an opportunity for such people to begin to think in a different way, thereby mentally joining us in our fight.  For them the trigger for joining us must be violent acts occurring to them and people they know.  It won’t happen any other way.  They may have to experience more than one violent act “nearby” for them to reach their tipping point.

The zeitgeist doctrine entrenched in such people’s mind does tend to make them double down further into their ignorant blindness, because this is what the feminine does.  For after all, it is difficult for such people to understand the principle/law oft repeated here, which says, “that which comes to you in the form of adversity, keeps coming to you until you learn the lesson it brings.”

+        +                          +                                  +                                     +

I recently discovered William Pierce’s Cosmotheism Trilogy, which I thought quite interesting, as I also have been writing in a similar vein, particularly in his first essay of the trilogy called The Path.  It’s written in a somewhat poetic/mystical manner, similar to the manner in which I write, in metaphor and symbolism.  For those interested, it can be found here:  http://archive.org/details/CosmotheismTrilogyByWilliamLutherPierce  Also, to give credit where credit is due, Kevin Alfred Strom over at National Alliance has a lot of Pierce’s writings.

Pierce expressed the importance of a “spiritual” foundation for our Idea, as I call it  –  White Nationalism, Ethnonationalism, etc.   He apparently believed in the necessity of a “religious” or spiritual foundation for our “movement, and without such a foundation, we would not be successful.  He talked about a Creator and his view of the visible universe as the manifestation of that Creator.  He referred to the universe and all it contained as The Whole, of which we are a part.   I won’t go into the ‘whole’ thing here as the reader can read it for himself.  I am merely paraphrasing some of what I read.  I don’t do detailed descriptions and exact quotations.

Most of us are not gifted with Spiritual understanding, as that gift is only given to few.  That’s ok.  Apparently he-Pierce-had that gift.  I could tell by the manner in which he wrote, for the Spiritual cannot be described unless you get into what I call indirect speech.  Of course when one does that he is considered by many others as a crazy man who speaks gibberish, not knowing or understanding the language he speaks….like that certain crazy man of antiquity who spoke in “parables”.

In his writings Pierce shows that he has done some reading and studying in the mystics of antiquity as I also have.  If you compare his writings on what I call earthly subjects; ie, crime, immigration, jews, etc., etc., with his writing of The Path, it looks like the writings of two different people.  The second and third essays in his trilogy appear “less spiritual” and more “down to earth”.

Pierce was correct about the necessary spiritual foundation for our thing.  There will be no success without it.  It is enough that only a few “get it”.  That’s ok.  There is only a few “mystical priests”; ie, those who can “see” into spiritual things.  They are “stand ins” for the majority, and act as legal representatives before the Creator’s Bar.

The Spiritual foundation which Pierce writes of then places the Creator’s stamp of approval on our Idea, thereby causing it’s ultimate success.  If you criticize and ridicule writings such as what Pierce wrote in this essay, you place yourself among the rest of those outsiders who accuse and ridicule us, therefore will have to undergo the mental transformation which comes through adversity.

The Creator is the Power or Will or as Pierce calls it, the Urge to Become.  We align ourselves with this Power/Will/Urge to Become through self control following Natural Law in our individual lives.

I know it is difficult for some to see anything positive or worthy of optimism in the present evil system we see with natural eyes around us.  By looking AT the situation you make it stronger.  By SEEING THROUGH IT TO THE ULTIMATE GOOD PURPOSE BEHIND IT, you not only overcome what seems to be too strong for us to conquer, but you, along with the many others of us doing the same thing, bring into manifestation the Idea we are working for. 

The mental bars put up against the idea that there may be a good purpose behind the evil perceived by the senses is very strong and difficult to overcome.  There is a saying or law which says, “You become like that which you intensely gaze upon or give a substantial amount of time to”.  The ancient writer wrote it as:  “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”. 

By saying within yourself “woe is us because of this or that evil” – White genocide/ Beast of the Field criminality / flood of dark skinned south of the borderites / cultural degeneration / government corruption and all things israhell, etc., – you show that you have faith in that evil…….Evil is only temporary, but Goodness is age lasting…….


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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2 Responses to Longer Majority

  1. Ryu says:

    Good work, Brandon. I have not read Pierce’s cosmology, but I’ll certainly take a look.

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