The Ultimate Success of the Nation-State

However the “second” war must come first; the second war being, as most of my friends,  comrades/brothers know, is Civil War II.  We know we are already in the initial stages of it, but most of our “look- a- like” future brothers/comrades/friends are not yet awake to it’s reality.  They are still in the run- away- from- their circumstances condition, mainly because of their imbibing of the confession to the false feminine, phony doogoodism version of Christianity, which says God looooves  everybody, but Who most certainly doesn’t,  which holds sway over the minds of thousands if not millions in this country.

At the present time, this bunch thinks hate is, along with intolerance and discrimination, the unforgivable “sin against the Holy ghost”, because they are blind to the Creator’s timetables regarding His showing forth different attributes/aspects of His character in different stages or eras of time, which are shown or mirrored in this dimension by the character or nature of the people and their rulers.  They don’t understand their Bibles which they supposedly love and adhere to which says in a certain place where the writer says of God, “… the pure, You did show Yourself pure, but with the perverse You did show Yourself ready to contend”.  (Psalms 18:25-26)  As this is the Day (time period) of great opposition TO God, the Creator of Natural Law and Order, therefore this is also the Day of great opposition FROM God – the Creator’s Day of Vengeance.

Because phony Christianity is presently in opposition to God, He therefore is opposed to them and all they stand for….which is nothing but the out of order feminine agenda.  They have placed themselves in the condition of being objects of HATRED BY THE GOD THEY SUPPOSEDLY WORSHIP.   They are like the Israelites as recorded in the Old Testament.  So they, like rebellious children in antiquity, have to undergo chastisement.  This is why the homo’s and assorted other perverts, along with the approval of the government have got them on the run via lawsuits/rules and regulations of one sort or another, which attack them from every point of the compass in their life circumstances, schools, businesses, jobs, family life, etc.  It’s an opportunity for them to “die”; ie, lose the fear of death which 99% of men are in bondage to.

In the present era we live in, the Creator doesn’t give a rats ass for the mass blind multitudes.  The only ones he cares about are the “lost sheep of the house of Israel”, and no, as I have to keep repeating myself gazillions of times here, that ain’t jewry or the phony nation in the mid east I call Rothchildland, (for lack of a better or more cogent word) AKA the SINagogue of satan.

The lost sheep of the house of Isreal is/are the phony blind WHITE Christians I described above.  They don’t know their True Identity.   That’s why Jesus said they are/were “lost”.  They’ve been “lost” for centuries, but some are just now beginning to realize who they are.  The latter are deceived heretic’s according to the large mass of professing Christians, who like the jews they love, call others with the pejoratives they themselves are.

Christians moan and groan and say woe is me because of all the anti Christian flack they get through the media, government and culture via crimethink and crimethought, but are blind to the fact that the jew they love and adore and say who is God’s Chosen are the satanic intiatory instruments behind the cause of all their woes.  They complain about all the sex and violence and family hating trash on the televitz, but deny in a millisecond any jew perfidy/treachery behind it all.   They blame satan/the devil for all of this, but refuse to acknowledge that the spiritual uses earthly instruments; ie, INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS!!!  They refuse to name names except for every conservatives bugaboo…LIBERALS!!!!!  and …..DEMOCRATS!!!!!!  or RHINOS!!!! or Clinton or Obongo or Hillary or gun grabbing sinators, congressfems and grovelnors…..yep I spelled that correctly, they grovel/say yes massa before the fed criminal enterprise.

God, the Creator is the great discriminator.  He makes a difference between those He loves and those He hates.  Presently, those He loves are rebellious children and He is concentrating all His efforts in this Day in getting through to them:  “I, as many as I tenderly love, I CONVICT AND PUT UNDER DISCIPLINE, be zealous therefore and repent (change your mind)”  (Rev. 3:19) .

Civil War II is the opportunity for pseudo Christianity to undergo a mental transformation and begin to conform to what they profess.  They have a long ways to go, for most do not even know they are in a war as yet, or even that there IS a war..  Yes, they will admit perhaps they are in a “war against satan”, but they need to acknowledge the bigger picture which they are presently ignorant/blind to.  They have to get down to specifics.  They have to get over this horsehockey of “God hates the sin, but not the sinner”.  Puke….

The rest of the masses, will undergo the collateral damage which comes as a result of this dealing of the Creator’s with those whom He loves.  This works like a hurricane…except its a HIMicane.

I’ve described this in some of my first posts how God is “like” a hurricane which is many miles across and Whose center is complete calm.  Picture in your minds eye a satellite  view of a hurricane.  All the clouds circulating around the center are where all the storm and destruction occur because of the high winds.  Everything “outside the center” is consumed in the “wrath” or anger of God.  “Outside are the dogs (not literal dogs, but whose character is like that of feral dogs – they bite and devour one another like the blacks in their ghettos), and the sorcerers (they who manipulate and control others for gain, etc.), and the unchaste, and the murderers, and the idolaters and everyone loving and doing falsehood”.  Rev.22:15  This covers everybody not living in accordance with Natural Law.  They are rebellious resistant’s and what you resist, resists you.  If you live according to law even without “confessing Christ as Lord and Savior” you are preserved from the wrath to come, for you are a doer of the (natural)law, and hence are declared righteous.

So all those rebellious “outsiders” will be culled in or during Civil War II, which the Bible calls The Great Tribulation.   Thousands upon thousands of those in the outside – AKA outer darkness – will die in the coming cataclysm……and they are not to be pitied or felt sorrow for lest God withhold his hand.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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3 Responses to The Ultimate Success of the Nation-State

  1. Ryu says:

    Nice! I will have to read this a few times to get everything.

  2. Ryu says:

    Good work, Brandon. I like the analogy of God as a hurricane. You’ve got something unique.

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