Measured citizenship team building

Rev. 2:9-10 “I know your tribulation and destitution, nevertheless you are rich, and the profane speech from among them who affirm that they themselves are Judahites (jews), and they are not but a synagogue of satan.  Do not fear the things you are about to suffer.  Lo!  The adversary is about to cast some of you into prison, that you may be tried, and may have tribulation ten days.  Become you faithful until death and I will give you the crown of life”.

In Revelation chapters 2 and 3 is a lengthy passage which the Spirit gave to the writer John, directed to 7 groups of people which some translators have mistakenly called “churches”, which were located in various places in the ancient world, Ephesus, Smyrna (the above passage), Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.  The mistranslated word “church” is ‘ekklesia’, which basically means, “called (out) ones”.  The called outness, refers to a mental attitude which the people in these groups should have toward the world system.  They are called out of it and stand against it, while still living in it.

As recorded, the Spirit says He has something against some of the people in these groups who have taken on some mental traits that are not in accordance with the Spirit’s will.  These are at Ephesus, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, and Laodicea.

Ephesus has “lost it’s first love”; Pergamum is holding the teaching of Balaam which causes the people to pass their teaching through a mental demon filter which I have explained in some earlier posts, as well as holding fast the teaching of Nicolaitanes which briefly is the false clergy/laity separation which has been carried down to the present day through harlot Roman Catholicism and spread it’s tendencies throughout the daughter harlots denominations in various forms-special clothing, modes of worship, buildings, ultimately bringing about the making of religion into a business;  Thyatira has Jezebel running the demonic show which shows up today in the anti Christ religious system- the woman’s movement ism’s-feminism, cultural Marxism, multiculturalism, so-called diversity, speech codes, thought police, etc.,-see Chap 2:20-23;  Sardis thinks it has a name that is alive, but is actually dead;  and lastly, Laodicea, the standardless, fence sitting, lukewarm, no zeal for truth bunch.

The seven assemblies are seven “teams” which are in the process of being built as I write.  The destiny of each team is to express an aspect of “The Will of God/the Creator on the Earth”.  They are each to emphasize a mental aspect of the Creator’s character/nature through their beliefs/worldviews.  As each individual team cannot express the “Whole”; taken together as a collective, they do.  Out of many is One.

Taken as the Whole, the Creator’s character/nature as it is to be manifested in this present day is ANGER/WRATH.  So each team will be an expresser of that anger/wrath in their own specific recognizable way.  Perhaps an emphasis on a particular system evil which it expresses the Creator’s hatred toward.  For example an emphasis on the sodomite agenda or the flood of muds into the country or the corruption that YKW has wrought and is behind most of the former.  Some will emphasize historical matters such as the REAL evils that occurred in the 20th century with the house of rothchild wars in the destruction of millions of our fellow whites and particularly telling the REAL truth about our Great Brother who has gone before us in the war against the Sin-agogue of satan.

Even though there is some corruption in the initial construction period of the teams, in most teams, there is always a few faithful ones who have freed themselves from the lie and the majority of the fellows which surrounds them.  The faithful ones are the core around which each team is built.

As this team building is an ongoing process being carried out as we presently live, it is important to understand the necessity of suffering in building the character for this war we are in.  “The adversary is about to cast some of you into prison that you may be tried and may have tribulation ten days”.   In some cases the casting into prison may be literal.  The ten days is not necessarily literal.  It’s just a short period of time.  Could be a few years.  Our Great Brother was sent to prison for 5 years, but only served 9 months.   Presently, our Greek Brother has been sent to prison on trumped up charges -as they all usually are.  As the system is “illegitimate” all it’s activity is likewise.  It persecutes and jails the righteous and good and promotes and covers for the evil.

In other cases the imprisonment may be more symbolic/metaphorical as when someone becomes “despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, because of the views he holds which others see and are fearful of him-particularly his former close relatives, friends and neighbors.  The latter turn in the team member to authorities.

This happened to me some years ago by the 2nd Jezebel I was hitched to at the time.  Wives are always fearful of their husbands anger and do all they can to placate it, but there ain’t no placation for righteous anger.  Suffice it to say, I was sent to a prison- like facility and pumped with drugs and given brain scans, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with me even though I was in there for a week.  It did take me awhile to finally get off the drugs they pumped me with, particularly Zoloft and some others I don’t recall now. Afterward, I spent 12 days in a regular hospital, broken in two 6 day stays, because of the jitters I had due to over proscribing.  Couldn’t sit still and couldn’t sleep because of jumping legs from the drugs.  On top of that I was left with a $12000 hospital bill which I paid $7700 of and told them my legal counsel said there would be no more money from me.  My legal counsel was the invisible One Who was with me.  Anyway….there are all types of prisons.

Being cast into prison is a rite of passage for some of us who are on this IDEA ROAD.  It’s a necessary check off mark on our measurement status sheet which qualifies us for True leadership.  What qualifies us is when it happens, WE KEEP OUR MOUTH SHUT AND DON’T COMPLAIN OF THE INJUSTICE OF BEING THROWN INTO GAOL.  Let others do that for you.  Being unjustly accused is part and parcel of our calling and being silent under it is victory over it.

Once you’ve had your imprisonment check off box marked, you receive a Crown of Life, which is invisible to the earthly eye of course, but it means you have immortality.  You can’t be killed.  What you represent, which is an aspect of the Whole Idea, can never be extinguished.  They may be able to kill your body, but what you stand/stood for will go on living.

This is why the example of our Great Brother of the 20th century is continuously preached and shouted from the house tops -(TV antenna/cables/satellite dishes anyone?)via the History channel and internet and books.  Whether negatively or positively doesn’t matter.  The whole world is fascinated with Brother Adolph.

Yes, I know some brothers, comrades and friends say we should get past the “Nazi” thing, and I agree as far as the use of that word is concerned.  We shouldn’t use it for ourselves or call any of ourselves by that word.  Let the world use it against us, it doesn’t matter.  We know what the word REALLY means.  Ignore it.  Water off a ducks back.  But as far as the National Socialism thing, if it’s your mental tendency to go that way, more power to you.  After all we are embodiments of the IDEA our Great Brother brought forth; hence, in a sense, and if you have ears to receive it,  He has risen from the dead in us.  The enemy’s negativity in all his Hitler hatred is actually like the weatherman “calling” or forecasting the weather.  Native country folks and southerners particularly always say that the weatherman is “calling for such and such”.

So our enemy, without realizing it, is actually calling for the resurrection of the Hitler Idea into the present age, for that idea is the answer and solution to the problem of the rebellious Jezebel feminine Spirit that presently holds sway in the minds of the elite and their stooge/masses in all the so-called western nations.  The feminine, being the embodiment of blind emotional ignorance, needs her MAN to tell her to shut up, even though she doesn’t like it when he does.  She subconsciously knows she needs it.

Eventually, as the country devolves into even more lawlessness….more than is presently manifested that is, there will begin the restoration of justice hangings, for taking care of those which the present “just-us” system will be financially unable or unwilling to prosecute. Because of it’s habitual covering for the criminal class as can be seen in the initial stages of, through the system’s media, who refuse to identify the race of that criminal class in their publications when they commit violent crimes against whites, it will eventually lead to a more pervasive and obvious/in-your-face escape from justice by the criminal class through the rigged jury system where blacks and other dark skinned ones on juries vote not guilty on their fellow criminals, allowing them to escape free of “whiteys” justice system.  This vacuum of justice will be filled by the justice hangings.  This will bring the fear of God on all such who will attempt to escape such divine justice by fleeing to areas in the country still under the control of their masters.  Of course they will also seek relief through the corrupt court system, but in more “truly enlightened “ areas of the country, a lot of those judges will have already been dealt with and been replaced with Brothers of the Idea.

Also eventually, there will rise up among us a group of tech savvy young men who will be expert in tracking down said culprits through various means.  These will be teams of home investigators.  This team or teams will be expert in tracking down members of the upper criminal class and digging them out of their metaphorical holes and from behind and within their concrete bunkers.  None of this will be advertised beforehand as a warning, except perhaps what I am doing here.  It will be a countrywide night assessment.

As all of the comrades know, there are many websites and blogs where this different emphasis thing can be seen as expressed through the minds of the various writers.  Some emphasize one thing more than others.  At present there is a lot of infighting which will gradually disappear with “adulthood”.  Here’s a young fella who gets it:   Here’s another with a different emphasis :   The infighting is natural part of growth.  “He doesn’t talk about the jews enough”;  “He’s a Hitler worshipping neo Nazi”;  “All they talk about over there is illegal immigrants”;  “He’s a fat slob who treated some friends bad years ago”;  “He’s too high minded to be any earthly good”.  “All they want to do is sit in their mommies basement in pajamas and pretend to be internet tough guys in the comment/forum boards”… infinitum.  All this will gradually change as the times get more serious.

The feminine Spirit has reached it’s ultimate destination of a western nation wide insanity and is crying out for deliverance from her own self and her Deliverer is Adolph in the form of MANY Adolph’s.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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5 Responses to Measured citizenship team building

  1. Ryu says:

    Another great post. After prison, I suppose one loses his fear, being in an area where the enemy has total control. It is very common for dissidents to be declared insane and drugged up. I’ll be reading this a few more times.

  2. Brother, your posts are invaluable. It’s indescribably refreshing to read the writings of a man, as opposed to the writings of a successfully-indoctrinated male. Thank you again for maintaining this blog, and for your wisdom and friendship.

  3. This team building idea based on the bible is new. Did God reveal it to you?

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