Demonstrating the vision with our thoughts.

Time to hit the fast forward button and send the enemy’s ambassadors packing.

Kosherdom….everything must have the jew imprimatur on it.

Imprimatur means sanction, approval or imprint.  For example, everything the catholic church publishes has to pass through the pope’s approval and must receive his stamp.  This doesn’t mean he actually read the book that catholic Joe Doaks has written, but it’s like the government which declares moonshine illegal because moonshiners refuse to pay the “kosher tax”, so to speak.  Therefore, without the pope’s imprimatur,  Joe Doakes book is “illegal” and subject to a sanction, similar to the muslim’s “fatwah”.

This is also why government stooges, operating under the principle of “good is evil and evil is good”, go after flea markets and little children’s lemonade stands.  The government  doesn’t like them because of an ostensibly “good” reason,  traffic and “safety/health” problems, but the real reason is government daddy isn’t getting his cut.  His “cut” is his approval stamp.  You must get a permit to buy or sell, even if it’s your own stuff which you have made.  This horseshit all started back just after the revolution with the Whiskey Rebellion and Shay’s Rebellion, which the then government put down by force of arms via George Washington and the bankers because they weren’t getting their cut.

Some of us have probably read about some Christians who hold meetings in their homes being harassed by local government stooges somewhere ostensibly because of the increased parking required for such meetings or other such excuses – fire risk/safety hazards, etc.  Of course the real reason is they didn’t pay the kosher tax; ie, jump through the permit getting hoops required by government, so they are shut down.  They must have a separate building set aside for such uses don’t cha know and pay all kinds of money in permit fees, rent and/or construction finances, thereby getting the average joe’s who attend such meetings into hock to the jew/ usury man/stooge, through interest on bank loans, etc.  Which all the blind sheeple think is the right thing to do of course, because they’ve been trained to think correctly in the indoctrination centers which their unseeing, fleeing from responsibility parents, have sent them to since at least 1950.

The explicit kosher stamp can be seen throughout commerce and business in the grocery/household goods market.  Check the items you buy in the grocery store sometime.  I recently noticed a kosher “stamp” on some laundry detergent at an Amway online site.

The more prevalent implicit kosher stamp, however can be seen throughout the culture, especially in movies as we are all aware of.  Of course we all know that jewlywood is a Zionist enterprise…but I repeat myself.

The jew, as kosher stamp,  must be included in all levels of the movie making business, not just in the corporate offices running things.  Even the actors as well as the technicians/flunkies behind the cameras who aren’t biological jews must agree with what goes on in order to get a job in the industry.

From the very beginning of the abomination, the female actors spread their legs/bent over to the big wheels in order to get noticed or employment.  Thousands upon thousands of daughters from families in flyover country prostituted themselves and brought reproach upon their families in this manner.  This is just one tiny sample of the implicit kosher stamp prevalent in the culture.

The desire for fame and notoriety of the masses, particularly the young,  through the influence of jewlywood and media has increased more and more since the abomination’s beginning, where at the present day it is almost impossible to avoid being touched by this mental disease.

Women, being more easily deceived because they think their feelings are the truth,  are particularly susceptible to this, especially in matriarchal families where the wife wears the pants and rules the roost, forever pushing daughters into beauty pageants when barely out of diapers and continually praising looks/beauty over more important intangible qualities.  Of course the feminized emasculated husbands -if there are any still in the home -go along with this.

I also noticed another area of what I call the implicit kosher stamp and that is on the internet on some WN/ethnonationalist sites.  However, first a little background…

In the unseen initiatory world which directs this realm of time and space/tangibility/visibility/senses, the mode of communication is by thought.  The beings in that dimension communicate by thought and not spoken words as we do in this lower realm.  In this realm we cannot read each other’s mind, but in the higher realm they can    read our minds down here.

In earthly expression there are three “modes” if you will.  First is intent/ tendency or motivation.  These are “before” thought and consciousness; ie,  in the sub conscious.  Thought is second.  Speech is third.  Intent/tendency/motivation “trigger” thought.  Thought exposes the character/nature of the individual when outwardly spoken.  Sometimes the character/nature is subtle and can only be observed by another highly perceptive individual, but sometimes it is more prominent/noticeable.

In some of the ancient writings, what I call intent/tendency was translated as heart, meaning center or middle.  The “heart” is the center of motivation; ie, intent/tendency.  Jesus said, “out of the heart proceeds all those things which defile a man”. 

The translators of the ancient writings, in many or most cases, particularly in the original KJV, tried to translate one Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic word into one English word, which in many cases doesn’t work.  In such cases it takes an English phrase to properly give the meaning of one word in the ancient tongues.

+                                        +                                       +

The IDEA which I, comrades, brothers, sisters, and friends are expressing on our blogs and websites is a VISIONThis vision is given by the Creator to us, His “under creators”.  Metaphorically speaking, the vision is a new man.  A collective man, not an individual.  As we write and take action in the world we are building this “man” who is actually idea or vision.

The man is created mostly by the tried and true method of trial and error.  Mistakes are made during the construction process.  As we all know, there is opposition to our creative process.  At present, most of this opposition is in the form of words and accusations/name calling.  The author of all opposition is the adversary who is a liar and has been so since the beginning of time.  As we are the instruments of creation, the adversary’s workers are instruments of destruction.  Enemy’s/adversary’s job is mainly to tie us up with misdirection and distractions.  He does this by attempting to engage us in conversations in our comment boards with invective and ridicule.  Some of us respond in kind or try to convert them to our way of thinking.  It ain’t gonna work.  Fairness and/or niceness to the enemy is stupid.

I check this place out from time to time :

They have some good writings over there, which I totally agree with, but they’ve given some of the comment boards over to the enemy, who then proceeds to chase the comrades and friends away, all for the sake of, “enjoying and thriving on the active controversy and debate”, as the administrator responded to me in an email.   Some comrades have spoken up and demanded they ban the three or four satanic mental pukes, but so far, no dice.

As our writings are thought, expressed; to allow the enemy to “join in”, is to allow him to control our thoughts.  We get sidetracked in responding to his mental vomit/excrement/shit stirring.  Which as I said, is his intent.  Vox Day has a couple of posts with imbedded links which apply to this situation, as he’s finally had it up to you -know- where with these idiots…..

Also this is one of his links…..

To engage in this warfare is to take it TO the enemy, but disallow him coming to us.  If he bans us at his place, fine.  We don’t give a rat’s ass what he has to say, cause we already know how he thinks.  Fairness..schmairness.  Our minds are to be holy places.  Outsiders aren’t allowed in holy places.  They want to know what we are thinking and saying, so they will come and read and eventually have heart attacks or high blood pressure and more extreme mental problems as a result…..or may undergo a mental change and be converted to our side.  To allow the enemy into our discourse is to place the kosher stamp at the header to our blog/site.

The objective is to build the MAN while simultaneously isolating and forcing the enemy into SILENCE.  The condition of silence is the enemy’s natural abode, which I have pointed out a zillion times on this blog as…present, but hidden.   The latter must start on our end first.  When we do this, our man building/creation process is speeded up, because we are obeying the principle or law which governs this activity…aligning ourselves according to the WILL of the POWER.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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6 Responses to Demonstrating the vision with our thoughts.

  1. Yes, yes, and yee-haw YES.

    This was a great line you wrote, brother: “Our minds are to be holy places.Outsiders aren’t allowed in holy places.” So true, brother. I have long wished our people would stop wasting time at various dank places on the internet, trying to “debate” and “argue” with those who clearly hate us and our Christ.

    Years ago, I watched the biopic “Malcolm X” with magic neezher Denzel Washington. A particular scene struck me, a scene in which a young White woman approaches MX and basically apologizes for being white and for all the collective sins of her people, and then she asks her black messiah what she can do to help his cause. He looks at her as if she’s a urine specimen and says, “Nothing.” He then turns his back on her and walks away, leaving her stunned and staring.

    Yes, it’s Hymiewood, and yes, it’s a movie, but even a blind hog can root up the occasional acorn: the scene contains an important truth. The outsider’s help is neither requested nor accepted if offered unsolicited.

    By the way, the “outsiders aren’t allowed in holy places” line reminded me of a Sunday School class I taught about a year before I left churchianity. I was teaching through the book of Acts, and when we reached the part about the Ethiopian eunuch, I asked the class their thoughts on the narrative. They regurgitated the party line about this being an example of early multicultural outreach, etc. One of the other elders was all enthusiastic about this “first black convert recorded in the New Testament.” I let them ramble for a while and then led them on a trip down memory lane about what God’s law says regarding who can and cannot enter the sanctuary, and what happens to an outsider if he tries to enter, etc. I then asked them to imagine taking a photo of a Washington, DC school today and comparing it with a photo of the same students 75 years ago. “If I mentioned ‘a DC classroom,’ the mental image would depend on the age of the listener, right? Because the DC of today does not in any way resemble the racial or cultural makeup of the DC of 75 years ago. Do we have liberty to assume that someone called an Ethiopian 2000 years ago was black? Do we have the liberty to assume that the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were anything other than the white-skinned individuals their own artwork portrayed? Do we have the liberty to assume that a Nigerian who lives in Denmark and is called a ‘Dane’ should be thought of as having Nordic features? And can we assume that the OT laws were set aside for this allegedly black Ethiopian eunuch, whom we are told was returning from attending worship? Were outsiders allowed into the holy places with the people of Israel?”

    Wide eyes and nods and “Hmmmmmm”s from the class.

    A month later, a different elder was teaching on this same section of Acts, and he spouted the “Isn’t it great to see God bringing a black man to Christ through Philip’s ministry?” line, and the same people who had nodded at my teaching were enthusiastically nodding at what this gent said. I turned to my wife and whispered, “Lots of itching ears in here.”

    Thank you for the post, brother.

  2. Ryu says:

    Good writing, Brandon. Once again I’m going to have to reread this to get it all.

  3. Rita Rabbit says:

    It is unfortunate that young WNs have to make the same mistakes that the oldsters have already made. I mean no respect to the young men of Trady Youth but if they are truly traditional they will seek counsel from wise elders of the movement.

    Matt H. in particular has gone through many of the same phases I did in his awakening. He has just done so much more publicly than I did so he has to deal with a lot of criticism. Still he pushes forward bravely.

    May God be with him.

  4. This blog is hilarious. Why don’t you post more often?

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