Scum white liberals.

“Democracy….the systematic installation of the wrong people in the wrong places; the plunder of the nations’ wealth by clever rascals;  the rule of the scum”….from “Defiance, the Prison Memoirs of Savitri Devi”.

Age after age, when justice is crushed, when evil rules supreme, I come; again I take birth (am reborn/born again), on earth to save the world”  The Bhagavad Gita. (The “I” is the Spirit of correction/judgment taking form in a New Idea or New Masculinity through the instrumentality of men; the answer to the corruption brought through the feminine).

“Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of castes; out of the confusion of castes, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the lack of understanding; and out of this, all evils”…..(or the modern paraphrase would be) “out of indiscriminate breeding proceeds the mixture of unequal races (always to the detriment of the superior race); from that mixture comes loss of racial memory – the ignorance of who one’s ancestors were, and of who one is one’s self – and from that, the lack of understanding of one’s rights and of one’s duties – of one’s natural place in the world – and the consequence: all evils, decay; death”.  The Bhagavad Gita quoted by Savitri Devi in Gold in the Furnace.

Lets get the caveat out of the way first shall we?

I’ve raked women and females in general over the coals quite a bit on here, but like in all generalizations, there are exceptions to the rule.  Of course the exceptions don’t make the rule.

When I write critically of women/females et al, and how their ways have been corrupted upon the earth in this evil age, I am expecting that some females who may read here, in fact be genuine ladies, and the negative things I say about others of their gender, even though what I say is true of the mass of females, is, or may not be true of specific women who hold our Idea, and they should be mature enough to realize I am not talking about or to them, for they are the exception, and should not therefore take offence at my words as they do not apply to them.

“The despotism of the petticoat”, said John Adams to his wife in response to her request of “remembering the ladies” in the new laws the men were considering in setting up the new government.

Neither the female, those of dark skin, or the jew, shall be allowed to vote in the coming National State which will be formed out of our New Idea.  As a matter of fact,  the idea of voting may not even exist in the New Government.  The means of it’s coming into manifestation will determine whether or not such a process will be necessary, as the less procedures – so called “rights”- left over from demonocracy, the better.  Voting is a process easily corrupted as witnessed in today’s “elections” of those belonging to the two hands with one mind behind them.  This “government by the people” horseshit is actually government by satan.  I know….many brothers and comrades don’t believe in any such being, but that’s their loss.

So-called democracy is the rule by the feminine principle which ultimately leads to a country ruled as such, always turns into a cesspit, a macro hell on earth.  All this happens through the voting and rule of law process, therefore legalized corruption, which the ancient writer described as “framing mischief by law”.  Democracy is a Spiritual disease like cancer and affects the mind.  It’s thought of as a positive good, but is actually evil.

The Spirit of corruption always votes itself in through the female, operating in both sexes, as that gender is more susceptible to deception than strong masculinity, and it comes in under the guise of some supposed good or “wrong which must be made right” through the vote or the granting of so-called rights to all and sundry.  A perfect example of this amongst millions of like ones is Miss Lindsey Graham, that the stupid people of SC keep voting into office.

The feminine spirit of corruption began to spread to biological males in the 1800’s, after it’s initial manifestation through scattered biological females in the 1700’s to early 1800’s.  See the timeline above and this:

The individual female is the instrument which triggered this cancer through the demand for the right to vote.  The Spiritual principle which applies here is : they who demand are never satisfied, for once their initial demand is met or granted, they move on to another demand or other demands, which must in turn be responded to which also shows itself clearly in the “relationship” of the “right and left”; ie, liberal/conservative, democrat/ republican factions.

The rebellious demanding female is always shit testing the male.  This not only occurs in individual male/female relationships, but is carried out in the world at large in politics/government, etc.  I wrote of this here:

Eventually, brothers and husbands of the rights demanding shrews begin to get on board with the spirit of feminine agenda along with office holders who are married to demanding hen pecking wives/sisters/female relatives as witnessed in the first and second links above.

By their submission to the female agenda, the biological males become internally upside down, where the feminine comes to rule within themselves and the masculine principle becomes “silent” or as the Spiritual principle / law says, present, but hidden; ie, unmanifested.   They’ve become emasculated and all choices/decisions made from that time forward are demon filtered; ie, made to submit to the appeal of emotions – present time oriented as opposed to future consequences of the choice/decision made oriented.  The males then become like the females, unconscious -therefore unaware – of consequences of behavior or choices/decisions made, for the “feelings” have taken control.

It’s not the fault of present brothers and comrades of the Idea, that this has come upon this generation, but it is the fault of those Grandpappy’s of  3,4,and 5+generations past who did involve themselves in approving this abomination in it’s infancy instead of putting their foot down in their own families and houses.

The unsubmissive woman is a nuclear explosion looking for a place to happen, for her power – if unrestrained by a wise father or husband with the power of NO!!- is the power of manipulation and influence, and with these two things working in conjunction with a weak feminized male, she is out of control and destroys not only her own house, but taken as a collective, the nation itself.  As the ancient writer said, “a wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one plucks it down with her hands“.  ( hands are metaphor/symbol for works).

There’s been an on-going back and forth controversy on some blogs and sites about the primary instrument in the corruption of our country and culture/government.  Some say it’s all the jews fault, and some say it’s whites and jews.

The corruption of women had already began before the jew got it’s foothold in the country in the mid to latter 1800’s to the turn of the 20th century.  The jew jumped into a process already in operation and just speeded it up with his legalistic jewlawyer expertise (jawyer?).

The corruption, in it’s origins had a religious element having come down through the early descendants of the Puritans; Congregationalists, Quakers, Unitarians, etc.  Abolitionism also came through these messianic maniacs.  Of course most of us know how the jews were heavily involved in the slave trade because of their propensity of always being on the lookout for money making enterprises.  This may go back into the 1600’s as far as this country is concerned.

So today’s “scum white liberals” are the direct descendants of their forebears of the 1700-1800’s, who are not only responsible for the degradation we see in the world around us today, but also responsible for making the incessant demands which brought the death of thousands of their white countrymen and destruction of their homelands in a senseless war supposedly over the cursed negro which the jew brought to these shores.  One of the things which galls the most is because of their location being in New England, they were able to avoid any of this destruction to their own property and lives, except for their sending their sons south to be killed in a war which they fomented and stirred up with their very own words and demands.

After that war they continued with their war against the south with their giving the negro the right to vote and power over the people of the south, which was a continuation of the same war by other means and we are still fighting it today because of these scum sons of satan’s never ending demands for more and more.

Well…they started this shit, but we and OUR descendants will finish it and them.

As a certain comrade says at the finish of his posts…Hail Victory!!


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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4 Responses to Scum white liberals.

  1. Ryu says:

    Good stuff, Brandon. I suspect we’ve got another generation to go.

  2. Rita Rabbit says:

    I have begun to wonder if the rebellion all started with the Jew promoted “protestation” of the Catholic church. I’m not saying I am sure about this but it’s something I have been giving a lot of consideration to.

    (From one of the exceptional ladies…hehe)

  3. As a southerner I appreciate your comments about the Negro and the Civil War. You should leave comments on the American Renaissance website to reach a wider audience.

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