What an Aryan God.

The following quotation is taken from : The Triumph of Reason, The thinking Man’s Guide to Adolph Hitler, by Michael Walsh, published by Black House Publishers Ltd 78 York St., London, W1H 1DP.  Available on Amazon Kindle.

The book is quotations of Adolph Hitler from Mein Kampf, various speeches and other writings by him as well as newspaper interviews in both German and foreign press, etc.  Words of Hitler are written in italics between quotation marks, words of the author will be written as I am writing this paragraph and I may interject an explanation periodically explaining how what Hitler says applies to us today between parenthesis marks.

“…Race differs from race and, further, that each race in accordance with it’s fundamental demands, shows externally certain specific tendencies, and these tendencies can perhaps be more clearly traced in their relation to the concept of work.

The Aryan regards work as the foundation for the maintenance of the community of the people amongst it’s members.  The Jew regards work as the means to the exploitation of other peoples.

The Jew never works as a productive creator without the great aim of becoming master.  He works unproductively, using and enjoying other peoples work.  Thus we understand the iron sentence which (Theodor)Mommsen (19th century German philosopher/writer, etc.)once uttered: ‘The Jew is the fermentation of decomposition in peoples, that means the Jew destroys and must destroy because he completely lacks the conception of an activity which builds up the life of the community’.  And therefore it is beside the point if the individual Jew is ‘decent’ or not.  In himself he carries those characteristics.  And to us he is harmful.  Whether he harms us consciously or unconsciously, that is not our affair.  We have (to)consciously concern ourselves for the welfare of our own people”.  End of Hitler quotes.

The One we know or call “God” is the God ONLY of the Aryan peoples.  The Aryan peoples are the same as the True Israelite peoples.  As I’ve stated quite often on here, those who call themselves Israeli/Israel or jew or Zionist are nothing but the synagogue of Satan and have lied, cheated, and murdered their way into a place of power in the present day, using the power and mental strength of their father, the devil, AKA satan and the adversary.  Another comrade has recently written a good piece delineating some of the history of this bunch, particularly how it has infected Christianity in it’s present blind, ignorant manifestation through so-called Christian Zionism, here:

http://hipsterracist.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/the-synagogue-of-satan/ also this guy here seems to be putting out some good stuff re against Christian Zionism:


God rules ONLY through the True Aryan peoples.  We realize of course, at present it doesn’t APPEAR to be that way, as what appears is that satan through jewry is having his way and is having a party doing it.  It takes quite a while for what is REALLY REAL to come into manifestation/appearance.

Presently, there is an on going separation of the sheep from the goats which is called in the Bible, a breaking up of the nations (tribes/peoples/tongues) like a potters vessel, spoken of in Psalm 2 and Rev. 2..  During this process which, as I said, takes awhile – many years – the True Aryans/”Israelites” will begin to be manifested.

The manifestation shows itself in a revealing of truth coming through and from only one “tribe” or people, and that is US. In a sense we are a “tribe within a tribe”, for not all whites are Aryan; ie, WHITE.  All other nations/tribes won’t see it (the goats) as they fight against it to try to forestall it’s manifestation, which is very obvious to all of us who have eyes to see.  The type of “fighting against” is accusatory and name calling – a “demonizing” process using lying propaganda similar to that done against Germany beginning around 1933 when jewry declared war against her, and stirred up and deceived the allied powers to start an illegitimate war against racial brothers.

The same demonizing process has been ongoing since and is manifested today in the push for continuous war and destabilization of the nations/tribes/peoples/tongues, by the Synagogue – AKA NWO which is really Jew World Order – in various nations in Africa, Middle East, Russia, Ukraine, et. al.

The enemy reveals the source of his power by his actions.  He accuses and projects what he himself is…of satan.  Satan is his father.  The accuser of the brethren.

Has any of my readers – few be though they are -ever wondered why it has come to pass that the jew has become, in a sense, the world ruler?  He is a world ruler under his master of course -satan.  He rules through the power of money.

Many of us have described jewry as the Anti-Christ and he is.  At base however, he is an Anti – son, which or who, contains many anti sons.  Hear me now…..There is one anti-Christ, who consists of a collective many anti-Christ’s.  There is also one Christ who is the Son of God, but who has many brothers, AKA sons of God. 

The jew as an anti-son is a type of forerunner who prepares the way for the real, genuine,TRUE son or sons.  Many jews of course are not conscious of their being an “anti-Son, even though they may profess to be Christ haters.

The jew in his role as anti – son operates under the principle of selfishness –what’s good for the jew.  The True sons operate according to the principle of selflessness –what’s good for others; his brothers first and secondarily the rest of the world.  As to the latter, don’t get the idea that this indicates weakness of any kind, for there is firmness and strength which operates with the inner knowledge of what is really best for mankind.   It’s a new kind of hard masculinity, which is not swayed by emotional, feministic appeals for fairness, etc.  These men know that the appeal of fairness is just an excuse to hide one’s envy.

There is an exception however, for those who still prefer the jew run world will be allowed to remain with it along with all of it’s adverse consequences, which will be many and harsh in the coming months and years.  They loooove “freedom of choice” so much, they will be given what they want and even double the double.  The aborter’s will still abort, the perv’s and homo queerfags will continue to do what they do, the crooked pols/lawyers/judges will continue attempting their crookeding, but none of them will have a place to hide, as more and more of their works will be shouted from the housetops as their vile works are revealed to the world via all sorts of means.  (Rev 22:11)  This is part of the transformation from darkness to light that occurs with the revelation of the True Sons of God.

The Beast’s false prophet – what I call the MSM – won’t be able to cover for their asses any more, for every time they plug a hole in the dike which holds back the revealing of the flood of corruption, another hole will open and they haven’t enough fingers to plug them anymore.  They can shout “CONSPIRACY THEORIST!!!” all they want, but no one of any importance will believe them any longer, for they will know it’s been a conspiracy from the get go.  The 911 truthers, Obamo’s phony birth certificate-ers, The Rense’rs, the Ann Barnhardt’s, the David Icke’s, the chemtrail’ers, the anti- flouride’rs and vaccinators,  are merely a drop in the bucket compared to what secrets will be revealed in the coming years.

The anti-son specializes in hiding behind.  He uses front men/stooges/assets to do his dirty work.  Whether they are plied with drugs, are bought and paid for trained killers,  bribed and or blackmailed, or are genuine believers in the projects they are hired to perform.  This pattern or archetype was set when they convinced the Romans to crucify Jesus.  They maneuver and manipulate others in order to further their own ends and bring about “what’s good for the jew”.   Of course if anyone resists their machinations they pull the anti-Semitic card and point the finger and accuse, which as I said above shows the source of their master.

The True genuine son doesn’t hide behind others .  He doesn’t have a stable full of stooges and assets to do his work.  He’s out front.  In the open.  He doesn’t change his name into something Anglo Saxon or Irish or some such thing, for he already is.  He doesn’t have to for he’s not a Goldschmidt/Stein/Berg/Cohen or –ovitch something or other.

Even though presently satan  rules through his “son” the jew, God WILL RULE eventually -not if, but when -through His SONS, the Aryan WHITE man, the True Israel of God.  The process has already begun, but can only be seen by those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Our rule, like the jews, will also be a harsh rule, however, the difference will be in those who we are to be rulers over, for the tables will be turned and instead of us and ours being forced into silence by so-call pc, our enemy will be forced into it,  for SILENCE IS HIS AND THEIR NATURAL ABODE.




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  1. Ryu says:

    Hipster Racist is alright. He’s pretty good.

    Good article, Brandon. I learn something new with each one.

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