It’ll be under Palestinian rule.

Rothchildland, that is….the home of the Synagogue of Satan.

May be a crack in the Christian Zionist/warvangelical dam with great portents for the future;  via Vox Day…..

A little history behind the Balfour declaration which led up to the founding of the phony nation in the Middle East; quite long and with many footnotes.  Stick it away for reference later, if you prefer.

Eventually the Balfour Declaration is going to be rescinded, whether by war or negotiation, it doesn’t matter, for the area now known as “Israel” will be under the control of the Palestinians.  As you can see in reading the above essay, some important politicians at the time expressed regret at being involved in it’s being brought forth, etc.

Observed from today’s perspective this looks impossible with the present day worldwide power of jewry/Zionism we see around us.  However, what seems impossible with man and his plans and machinations, is entirely possible to the ONE Who controls it all.  Much moving and shaking among the tribes, peoples and tongues has to occur before it comes to fruition.  For example, one “power” involved in the Middle East’s transformation from Zionism/jewry to Palestinian is the entity of Islam.

I have touched on this subject in several previous posts and will expand on it some more here.  I’ve talked about how Islam’s character is that of “masculinity” and is seen on the world stage as domineering male hood.  The Jewry’s power in the world is through money, by the use of manipulation and deception through setting up financial systems and stock market scams, playing on the greed of the so-called goy, using usury to keep the masses in debt and in hock to the credit card system, via temptation and the incessant commercialization of the culture through media, advertisements, which preach the never ending doctrines of buybuybuybuy/gottahavegottahavegottahave to the ignorant feminized, immasculated masses.

The power of jewry is that of the feminine.  Manipulation, provoking, prodding, feints, shit tests, temptations, etc.  She is the ancient Babylonish system manifested in the present day, which rules the world under her mental spiritual operator, the adversary – satan, the accuser.  She is the one responsible for all the blood shed on all the earth (Rev. 18:24)  However, Islam holds the trump card over her, which is the employment of a different kind of FORCE; a male direct force, rather than a female indirect manipulative one.

Jeremiah 25:9a “(God/Yahweh) says, Behold Me! sending and fetching all the families of the north, declares Yahweh, and Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon (or Assyria), MY SERVANT…”

God uses an “evil” entity to bring punishment/correction/judgment on a GREATER evil.  Islam is God’s “punisher/corrector, an entity which brings judgment” upon the greater sins and rebellion of the jew run feminine entity which presently rules all the so-called western countries.  As He used the Israelites to bring the same punishment upon the land called Canaan, He turned around and used the king of Assyria on the descendants of the same Israelites who had later degraded themselves in the same sins as those Canaanites.

Over the time span of the 20th century, through the guise of the governmental system they call “democracy” the tribes and peoples of the western nations, who are the white people  God had chosen to lead and teach all the other nations of the world,  have allowed the corruption of their women which began with their granting of them the right to vote, and thereby began on the road to their downfall with their “house” falling down around their ears in the present day, the ultimate destination of all such democracies.  The Proverb writer was correct when he wrote in antiquity, “A wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one plucks it down with her hands”.

So the rule of the authoritarian(Old Testament type) “god”, manifested through Islam, has been given to the corrupt and degraded by sin peoples of the western nations, because they have refused the ruler ship of the Loving God as represented in the Son He sent in antiquity.  Man must have a “god” and has chosen the “god of this world” instead of the Real One.

Islam is God’s “servant”, an authoritarian entity -a hard taskmaster/strong daddy – to bring His children back to their senses from their present insanity.

Islam uses the feminine trait of deception to gain his foot hold in the various countries in which he has infiltrated.  Setting up communities and mosques – his temporary power centers-until he can gain office positions in the present demoncrapic system, where he can then work toward setting up his Sha-ria legal system, hither and yon throughout the country.  They have already gained significant control in Britain – have their pols established in parliament and various constituencies.

Britain, being a much smaller country than the US, is able to be taken over in a much shorter period, as well as the other individual countries in Scandinavia and Europe.  Once they become ensconced  in certain local areas, those  areas become “no go” zones, where the native people aren’t allowed, as the area is Islamic self governed, with it’s own courts and legal systems.

From the smaller areas -towns, etc., -they then branch out to the surrounding larger areas/suburbs by operating in large groups cowing and threatening with violence the native populace living in those surrounding areas/villages, berating whorishly dressed native females,  eventually establishing their own schools or, because of their belief in having large families, send their children to already established  local schools and taking them over and making them promote Islamic doctrines.  Very easily using the cultural Marxist favored minority policies of the native Babylonish jew system against itself.

The western nations foolish and blind whites have taken on the negro as their god and inculcated their noise (which they call music) rap, so they are given the screeching Islamic call to prayer five times a day from their mosques.  They raise their daughters to love and venerate and dress/undress according to jewlywood culture spread over the world in the jews wholly owned and operated media, which depicts pornography and the slutifying of women, so their daughters are taken by Paki grooming pimps and made into the whores their own fathers raised them to be, and the “parents” of said daughters wail and moan and groan about it when they brought it on themselves.

The Muslim in the smaller countries will gain greater control over the central government  working initially through local government bodies.  In this country it will be more difficult because of it’s size and the presence of an armed and vocally independent citizenry which may change somewhat as the baby boomers die off and their children and grand children take over.  We all know about “Dearbornistan” Michigan.  That is the archetype of their take over.

The point is, the more the Muslim gains governmental control, the less bowing and scraping and butt kissing to itz ra hell there will be.  The billions in foreign aid to that zionist hell hole will incrementally be eliminated, and hence the deterioration of their power in the world.

In Revelation it says Babylon is destroyed in “one day” and “one hour” (18:8-9).  This is not literal as a 24 hour or 60 minute period.   One day could be a thousand years and one hour could be a century.  There are millions of individuals who have the mind of Babylon which expresses a belief system favorable toward that jewhell system and all it stands for.  They must, individually, be disabused of this mental outlook or be killed off by various means.  It’s taken at least 100 years for the system to reach it’s near pinnacle in our day, it will take at least that long to get it going in the opposite direction.

The Muslims are going to have to inveigle themselves into the lower and higher education systems to really be successful.  Much of their success need not be carried out by outward violence, just the fear of it will be enough to cow the majority of the feminized mangina populace.  Particularly the queerfag sodomites who call themselves “gay”, and are not, but are the most miserable of beings.  Neat isn’t it how they took a word that means exactly the opposite of what they are, to call themselves.  Happy and joyful ….HAH!

One of the main reasons Britain is closer to being under complete dominion of Islam is it’s disarming of it’s own citizens years ago.   See here for a little history:                     

Jewry, as the power of the feminine, operates under the fear principle, hence manifests a “be nice and inviting/tolerant of all the others of the world” principle, for she believes if she does so she will then be “safe and secure”. (This is shown in her hatred of the White male, for she knows if he ever gains control, she and her works are finished). This causes her to invite in to her localities the very instruments of her own destruction.  The female is the embodiment of desire -an inward drawingness.  Her conduct and the way she adorns herself in the world shows this.  She is operating without male control and hence, is self destructive.  This is democracy and the power of evil which Islam is God’s instrument in helping to destroy; ie, make her return to silence which is her natural state.

There is much talk how the homo sodomite, queerfags have “come out of the closet” which is true, for the metaphorical closet is actually their natural habitat…it is, like the female, their place of silence…fulfilling the Spiritual principle of being present, but hidden.  The worldwide effect that Islam will bring will put them in their proper place.

Islam will also be working, perhaps not consciously, alongside of a New Masculine Christianity which will also arise in the coming years, to defeat Jezebel and her children.






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2 Responses to It’ll be under Palestinian rule.

  1. Ryu says:

    I agree. Jew-jitsu, using the Muzz against the Jews. Strange how they built their own destruction.

    • Brandon says:

      “Strange how they built their own destruction” Yes. Democracy, which is rule of the feminine, carries within itself the seeds of it’s own destruction and is the last stage “governmental” system in so-called civilized nations.

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