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It’ll be under Palestinian rule.

Rothchildland, that is….the home of the Synagogue of Satan. May be a crack in the Christian Zionist/warvangelical dam with great portents for the future;  via Vox Day….. A little history behind the Balfour declaration which led up to the … Continue reading

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What an Aryan God.

The following quotation is taken from : The Triumph of Reason, The thinking Man’s Guide to Adolph Hitler, by Michael Walsh, published by Black House Publishers Ltd 78 York St., London, W1H 1DP.  Available on Amazon Kindle. The book is … Continue reading

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Crooked Politicians Should be Dealt With Crookedly

They should be hung from lampposts in the public square or the parents of the children involved should be given the privilege of being part of the firing squad/s that execute these sons and daughters of satan.….and here: reading

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Scum white liberals.

“Democracy….the systematic installation of the wrong people in the wrong places; the plunder of the nations’ wealth by clever rascals;  the rule of the scum”….from “Defiance, the Prison Memoirs of Savitri Devi”. “Age after age, when justice is crushed, when evil rules … Continue reading

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Finding His Wife Severed…..

…or…. I kill my children. Rev.3:1″I know your works – that a name you have that you are living, and are dead”.   Rev.2:23 “…and her (Jezebel’s) children will I slay with death”.   We’ve discussed Christianity quite a bit on … Continue reading

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Demonstrating the vision with our thoughts.

Time to hit the fast forward button and send the enemy’s ambassadors packing. Kosherdom….everything must have the jew imprimatur on it. Imprimatur means sanction, approval or imprint.  For example, everything the catholic church publishes has to pass through the pope’s approval … Continue reading

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Measured citizenship team building

Rev. 2:9-10 “I know your tribulation and destitution, nevertheless you are rich, and the profane speech from among them who affirm that they themselves are Judahites (jews), and they are not but a synagogue of satan.  Do not fear the … Continue reading

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