The Ultimate Success of the Nation-State

However the “second” war must come first; the second war being, as most of my friends,  comrades/brothers know, is Civil War II.  We know we are already in the initial stages of it, but most of our “look- a- like” future brothers/comrades/friends are not yet awake to it’s reality.  They are still in the run- away- from- their circumstances condition, mainly because of their imbibing of the confession to the false feminine, phony doogoodism version of Christianity, which says God looooves  everybody, but Who most certainly doesn’t,  which holds sway over the minds of thousands if not millions in this country.

At the present time, this bunch thinks hate is, along with intolerance and discrimination, the unforgivable “sin against the Holy ghost”, because they are blind to the Creator’s timetables regarding His showing forth different attributes/aspects of His character in different stages or eras of time, which are shown or mirrored in this dimension by the character or nature of the people and their rulers.  They don’t understand their Bibles which they supposedly love and adhere to which says in a certain place where the writer says of God, “… the pure, You did show Yourself pure, but with the perverse You did show Yourself ready to contend”.  (Psalms 18:25-26)  As this is the Day (time period) of great opposition TO God, the Creator of Natural Law and Order, therefore this is also the Day of great opposition FROM God – the Creator’s Day of Vengeance.

Because phony Christianity is presently in opposition to God, He therefore is opposed to them and all they stand for….which is nothing but the out of order feminine agenda.  They have placed themselves in the condition of being objects of HATRED BY THE GOD THEY SUPPOSEDLY WORSHIP.   They are like the Israelites as recorded in the Old Testament.  So they, like rebellious children in antiquity, have to undergo chastisement.  This is why the homo’s and assorted other perverts, along with the approval of the government have got them on the run via lawsuits/rules and regulations of one sort or another, which attack them from every point of the compass in their life circumstances, schools, businesses, jobs, family life, etc.  It’s an opportunity for them to “die”; ie, lose the fear of death which 99% of men are in bondage to.

In the present era we live in, the Creator doesn’t give a rats ass for the mass blind multitudes.  The only ones he cares about are the “lost sheep of the house of Israel”, and no, as I have to keep repeating myself gazillions of times here, that ain’t jewry or the phony nation in the mid east I call Rothchildland, (for lack of a better or more cogent word) AKA the SINagogue of satan.

The lost sheep of the house of Isreal is/are the phony blind WHITE Christians I described above.  They don’t know their True Identity.   That’s why Jesus said they are/were “lost”.  They’ve been “lost” for centuries, but some are just now beginning to realize who they are.  The latter are deceived heretic’s according to the large mass of professing Christians, who like the jews they love, call others with the pejoratives they themselves are.

Christians moan and groan and say woe is me because of all the anti Christian flack they get through the media, government and culture via crimethink and crimethought, but are blind to the fact that the jew they love and adore and say who is God’s Chosen are the satanic intiatory instruments behind the cause of all their woes.  They complain about all the sex and violence and family hating trash on the televitz, but deny in a millisecond any jew perfidy/treachery behind it all.   They blame satan/the devil for all of this, but refuse to acknowledge that the spiritual uses earthly instruments; ie, INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS!!!  They refuse to name names except for every conservatives bugaboo…LIBERALS!!!!!  and …..DEMOCRATS!!!!!!  or RHINOS!!!! or Clinton or Obongo or Hillary or gun grabbing sinators, congressfems and grovelnors…..yep I spelled that correctly, they grovel/say yes massa before the fed criminal enterprise.

God, the Creator is the great discriminator.  He makes a difference between those He loves and those He hates.  Presently, those He loves are rebellious children and He is concentrating all His efforts in this Day in getting through to them:  “I, as many as I tenderly love, I CONVICT AND PUT UNDER DISCIPLINE, be zealous therefore and repent (change your mind)”  (Rev. 3:19) .

Civil War II is the opportunity for pseudo Christianity to undergo a mental transformation and begin to conform to what they profess.  They have a long ways to go, for most do not even know they are in a war as yet, or even that there IS a war..  Yes, they will admit perhaps they are in a “war against satan”, but they need to acknowledge the bigger picture which they are presently ignorant/blind to.  They have to get down to specifics.  They have to get over this horsehockey of “God hates the sin, but not the sinner”.  Puke….

The rest of the masses, will undergo the collateral damage which comes as a result of this dealing of the Creator’s with those whom He loves.  This works like a hurricane…except its a HIMicane.

I’ve described this in some of my first posts how God is “like” a hurricane which is many miles across and Whose center is complete calm.  Picture in your minds eye a satellite  view of a hurricane.  All the clouds circulating around the center are where all the storm and destruction occur because of the high winds.  Everything “outside the center” is consumed in the “wrath” or anger of God.  “Outside are the dogs (not literal dogs, but whose character is like that of feral dogs – they bite and devour one another like the blacks in their ghettos), and the sorcerers (they who manipulate and control others for gain, etc.), and the unchaste, and the murderers, and the idolaters and everyone loving and doing falsehood”.  Rev.22:15  This covers everybody not living in accordance with Natural Law.  They are rebellious resistant’s and what you resist, resists you.  If you live according to law even without “confessing Christ as Lord and Savior” you are preserved from the wrath to come, for you are a doer of the (natural)law, and hence are declared righteous.

So all those rebellious “outsiders” will be culled in or during Civil War II, which the Bible calls The Great Tribulation.   Thousands upon thousands of those in the outside – AKA outer darkness – will die in the coming cataclysm……and they are not to be pitied or felt sorrow for lest God withhold his hand.

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Longer Majority

A single movement….which appears as many different occurrences happening all across the country.

Changing from a negative to a positive/optimistic view, and gaining “converts” in the process while simultaneously spreading our Idea to minds yet unconquered in the future while building up and increasing our numbers into the Longer Majority status which we will have in that awakening/dawning day.  Longer Majority refers to the lengthy span of time in which our Idea will increase and prosper and become the prevailing Idea, where those of the present idea will be made to go “underground” or disappear or no longer be allowed to be manifested and/or relegated to their own “world” or “universe” for their place is in silence.

My friends, brothers and comrades are going to have to open their eyes to see these various happenings as they are: the process of change necessary in order to bring about the manifestation of the conditions which each of us are working toward in our own individual way, through writings, street actions, confrontations with the enemy’s minions in media, blogs and websites, educational efforts, protests, demonstrations, etc. and whatever certain comrades are impressed within themselves to become involved in or to carry out in their daily lives.  Some will emphasize one thing, others another and on and on.  Our unity is in Spirit not in “correct doctrine” or the necessity of emphasizing one point over another.

Stop worrying about genocide and what the enemy has done to us and to those that appear to be like us who have been killed or hospitalized by the enemy’s instruments, the black criminal class, AKA niggers, and what I call Beasts of the Field.

The naïve and gullible- feminized- and- trusting- brainwashed- by -multiculti- doctrines, cannot be convinced by education and argument so they must become victims of those they think are “humans like us”, so that their relatives who have not yet become victims will, by their observance of what has happened to their fellow white relatives/friends/associates, victims, undergo a mental transformation and join us.

That is, after all, the Spiritual intent behind the violent attacks, a provoking to mental transformation; an opportunity for such people to begin to think in a different way, thereby mentally joining us in our fight.  For them the trigger for joining us must be violent acts occurring to them and people they know.  It won’t happen any other way.  They may have to experience more than one violent act “nearby” for them to reach their tipping point.

The zeitgeist doctrine entrenched in such people’s mind does tend to make them double down further into their ignorant blindness, because this is what the feminine does.  For after all, it is difficult for such people to understand the principle/law oft repeated here, which says, “that which comes to you in the form of adversity, keeps coming to you until you learn the lesson it brings.”

+        +                          +                                  +                                     +

I recently discovered William Pierce’s Cosmotheism Trilogy, which I thought quite interesting, as I also have been writing in a similar vein, particularly in his first essay of the trilogy called The Path.  It’s written in a somewhat poetic/mystical manner, similar to the manner in which I write, in metaphor and symbolism.  For those interested, it can be found here:  Also, to give credit where credit is due, Kevin Alfred Strom over at National Alliance has a lot of Pierce’s writings.

Pierce expressed the importance of a “spiritual” foundation for our Idea, as I call it  –  White Nationalism, Ethnonationalism, etc.   He apparently believed in the necessity of a “religious” or spiritual foundation for our “movement, and without such a foundation, we would not be successful.  He talked about a Creator and his view of the visible universe as the manifestation of that Creator.  He referred to the universe and all it contained as The Whole, of which we are a part.   I won’t go into the ‘whole’ thing here as the reader can read it for himself.  I am merely paraphrasing some of what I read.  I don’t do detailed descriptions and exact quotations.

Most of us are not gifted with Spiritual understanding, as that gift is only given to few.  That’s ok.  Apparently he-Pierce-had that gift.  I could tell by the manner in which he wrote, for the Spiritual cannot be described unless you get into what I call indirect speech.  Of course when one does that he is considered by many others as a crazy man who speaks gibberish, not knowing or understanding the language he speaks….like that certain crazy man of antiquity who spoke in “parables”.

In his writings Pierce shows that he has done some reading and studying in the mystics of antiquity as I also have.  If you compare his writings on what I call earthly subjects; ie, crime, immigration, jews, etc., etc., with his writing of The Path, it looks like the writings of two different people.  The second and third essays in his trilogy appear “less spiritual” and more “down to earth”.

Pierce was correct about the necessary spiritual foundation for our thing.  There will be no success without it.  It is enough that only a few “get it”.  That’s ok.  There is only a few “mystical priests”; ie, those who can “see” into spiritual things.  They are “stand ins” for the majority, and act as legal representatives before the Creator’s Bar.

The Spiritual foundation which Pierce writes of then places the Creator’s stamp of approval on our Idea, thereby causing it’s ultimate success.  If you criticize and ridicule writings such as what Pierce wrote in this essay, you place yourself among the rest of those outsiders who accuse and ridicule us, therefore will have to undergo the mental transformation which comes through adversity.

The Creator is the Power or Will or as Pierce calls it, the Urge to Become.  We align ourselves with this Power/Will/Urge to Become through self control following Natural Law in our individual lives.

I know it is difficult for some to see anything positive or worthy of optimism in the present evil system we see with natural eyes around us.  By looking AT the situation you make it stronger.  By SEEING THROUGH IT TO THE ULTIMATE GOOD PURPOSE BEHIND IT, you not only overcome what seems to be too strong for us to conquer, but you, along with the many others of us doing the same thing, bring into manifestation the Idea we are working for. 

The mental bars put up against the idea that there may be a good purpose behind the evil perceived by the senses is very strong and difficult to overcome.  There is a saying or law which says, “You become like that which you intensely gaze upon or give a substantial amount of time to”.  The ancient writer wrote it as:  “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”. 

By saying within yourself “woe is us because of this or that evil” – White genocide/ Beast of the Field criminality / flood of dark skinned south of the borderites / cultural degeneration / government corruption and all things israhell, etc., – you show that you have faith in that evil…….Evil is only temporary, but Goodness is age lasting…….

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The Fall of the Great Patriot

…..“and in the thirteenth year they rebelled”.

A positive action.

The great patriot is the large mass of people who can be identified under different names such as:  Tea Party, Christians, evangelicals (warvangelicals) Christian fundamentalists, tax protestors of one sort or another, home schoolers, survival and back-to-nature- ists,  assorted flag waving/USA! USA! chanters, anti-abortion protestors, constitution and founders worshipping second amendment gun and self defense advocates, conservatives, fed up republicans, southern nationalists and other nationalists scattered across the fruited plain -north, south, east and west, secessionist advocates, anti-immigrants and the many others who are just sick and tired of being sick and tired of the never ending criminality and satanic hatred/ insanity manifested toward them through and by government and culture, and it’s satanic minions.

Of course there is much overlap and intermingling amongst these folks.  Some of them are many of these things and many of them are some of these things.

These folks are the main focus of hatred in the world by satan’s earthly human instrument rulers and their minions who I have already described a zillion times here.  Satan’s instruments always call others what they themselves are.  This is the mirror principle I have also explained many times.

These people (the hated) as a collective, mostly unknowingly, are representatives of Natural or Moral Law; ie, God.  Out of all the ungodly, satanic culture and government, they are the only ones still clinging to any kind of moral standard/right and wrong.  They are the collective “Lot” in this world; a remnant who according to the prophet Ezekiel, “sigh and cry/express grief over the abominations around them”.

This is not to say that some will not fall by the wayside as their individual circumstances become more straitened in the coming days and years.  Some will give up and go over to the enemy’s side because of more intense mental deception in those approaching days.  Females and emasculated shehe males will “lead the way” in this, as more of their family members/children “come out” as sodomite, queerfag “love and tolerance” demanders.

There have been many examples of this in the past as I’m sure my readers probably know of some personally.  Two come to mind:  the son of Francis Schaeffer, an evangelical American who founded a “fellowship” in Switzerland back in the 60’s, who is called Franky, went completely nutzy libot, against everything his father stood for, thereby fulfilling the Spiritual archetype/principle of killing his own father over and over again, preaching his mentally deranged cultural Marxism hither and yon.  Another is the recent turncoat we all know about, the son of Don Black, Derek, who is also killing his own father.  Everything they say is a “killing” of the father.

Most of this is caused by undue feelsorryism/ mother influence in the family, and when of age, going out into the culture to conforming centers (K-12) and jewniversities, where the sympathy is reinforced in the surroundings.   Misplaced sympathy – a psychological mental poison – then flows through the child expressing itself toward all who are undeserving of it; ie, the dark skinned hordes, favorite pets/minorities-women, sodomites, etc., which is what we have today in the multikulti abomination.  True sympathy or “love”, lets others go to suffer the consequences of his/her own behavior.

Misplaced sympathy is the out of order female tendency to “love everybody” – think about the mind numbing song “Jesus loves the little children of the world”.  One of many perversions of Jesus’ sayings, too numerous to list here.  Jesus didn’t come for “everybody”, but only the elect lost sheep of the House of Israel/sons of Adam….and no, the House of Israel is not the satanic jew nor his phony nation in the middle east, the present puppet master pulling this govt’s strings.

The satanic mental poison of misplaced sympathy turns the mind upside down, where good becomes evil, evil becomes good, light is darkness and darkness is light.  It makes the individual “see” things the opposite of what they really are.  You can argue with them until you are blue in the face, but they cannot be convinced by argument/reason or logic.  Paul described this bunch well in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.  They’ve been given to believe the lie in such a strong way, that they actually believe it’s true.   This is the bunch that’s in control at present.  The insane have taken over the asylum.

The Great Patriot’s “fall” is his losing of his former patriotism, a good thing…..his, “my country right or wrongism”;  his, “America is the greatest country in the worldism”;  “stand by our troopsism” (they are not “ours”, they are satan’s by way of izrahell’s, as well as most of the militarized police and definitely all the spook/FBI alphabet soup agencies, as well as all the jew run lobbying, jew- first, mossad front/enforcers, AIPAC, ADL, etc., etc. , ad infinitum.

The fall occurs gradually, incrementally over time and individually, in a questioning like inner process.  It’s an awakening, for after all he’s been “asleep” for quite awhile.  See Ezekiel’s vision of the dry bones recorded in chap 37, v1-14 for example.

The satanic minded hordes-government, culture, academia, media, conforming/indoctrination centers (schools, colleges) and their followers/voters – are actually a minority masking as a majority.  How does this happen?  Through the false prophet jewmedia, who hold the loudspeaker for said minority making it seem like a majority because of it’s incessant ever present preaching, pushing, prodding, poking and shit testing.    They have rigged the voting system in their favor which also “makes them into a majority”.   They all listen to each other and reinforce their lying bull shit, which causes them to be amazed when someone comes along who has different views, they think he’s from a different planet or been hiding in a cave somewhere.  Like that ignoramus female movie critic, Pauline Kael, said years ago that she didn’t know how George Bush got elected because nobody she knew voted for him.  People like her- and the media is full of them- call people who live in rural areas and those who are the subject of this post, insular and inbred, but it is they themselves who are insular and inbred.

Next:  Longer Majority

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Our Heir’s Mind

The MIND of judgment.

Many WN’s and others in that club who call themselves by other descriptive names and titles – Nationalist, ethnonationalist, etc. – complain about the,-as they say, non existing – jewdeo Christian God- who had the Israelites commit genocide against other peoples as reported in the Old Testament and posit a parallel present day genocide against the White peoples with that genocide in antiquity, but they have no cause for the effect they supposedly see.  This is because in their blind no God-ism, they lack the Spiritual view of the “big picture” which sees – speaking metaphorically – from “above” and not from the earthly plane.  They see all kinds of effects, but have no comprehension of the cause which results in the effect.  In this, they are like the women fembots they critize.   Or, they may posit something they think they see as a cause through their Darwinist, evolutionary fog glasses, and their multifarious, intellectual evasive wordsmithing, as they were taught in jewniversity,  but their adherence to such is their blind-spot, for to go deeper they cannot do, for to do so is to approach the flame of morality, hence, the Christian “God”, and they musn’t do that, for after all….he doesn’t exist.  However…….

So-called genocide is the punishment or judgment for sin or violation of the moral law, which sin or violation if allowed to continue and build itself up over a span of time, worsens until a whole society or culture or nation becomes engulfed in it, hence, requiring or bringing upon itself said punishment/judgment which manifests itself in the visible earthly plane in genocide like effects or symptoms.

 I’ve written countless times in previous posts how the curse causeless does not come.   A negative sanction upon a person does not come without a cause, which cause is usually hidden from the eyes of the observer. A white woman jogging in a park waylaid by blacks and killed –the curse causeless does not come.  Blacks invade a home and kill the white occupants -ditto.  Thousands of women raped in their beds by black or white predators – ditto.  Serial killers piling up bodies of single women and/or prostitutes and others – ditto.  And on and on.  Women victims are usually caused by fathers or fathers-fathers.  They’ve raised their daughters to believe in the lie of feminism which teaches that women can be equal to or better than men.  Or the fathers have been under the ministry of a Jezebel in their own houses.

Men who can only see from the earthly plane, only see the surface of things, hence make no allowance for God’s vengeance on wicked/lawless conduct which brings the effect/symptom/act they see on the surface.   No cause=No God.  Men who have been steeped in the satanic, Talmudic Jew/Marxist fempire edjewmacation system with it’s reliance upon atheistic Marxist Darwin/no God-ism, and evolutionary claptrap/scientific humbug and all it’s demonic anti- God offshoots, will never be able to come to the truth about anything when they cannot even understand their own selves.   They can see the weather signs, but know not the signs of the times… “the Ever Living One visits the sins of the fathers upon the children to the 3rd and 4th generations of those that hate Him.” 

They see the predations of the black criminal element across the country against whites and as is normal, take the side of the victims, but have no understanding of True cause and effect.  They think that all victims are innocent, but they are not.  Many of the victims are children (perhaps adult children) of parents who have, by their own anti- God conduct caused consequences of their own anti- God-ness to come on their children.  Those who are Spiritual thief’s are stolen from.  Those who Spiritually kill are killed.  Whether in their own lives or in the lives of their children, grand children, great grand children, etc.

The masses and the multitudes of professing Christians are blind to this so they just keep going in their life of blindness like beasts that perish……”  If anyone has ears, let him hear!  If anyone carries into captivity, into captivity he goes.  If anyone with a sword does slay, he must with a sword be slain”.  He who makes a slave of others -and this can be done in a multitude of ways – shall be made a slave himself or his progeny.  If anyone with a sword does slay – not always a literal sword or hand held weapon;  in many cases could be the TONGUE.– he is likewise slain or his progeny.

Nature’s law – God’s law -ALWAYS rights itself no matter how men may try and thwart it, as especially they do in this age by the passing of laws/rules/policies and the enforcement against thought crimes and speech not according to the prevailing religious speech codes and sins laid down according to the precepts of satanically inspired jewish cultural Marxism.

These things are nothing more than the attempt to eliminate the consequences of behavior, but all it does is make the consequences more harsh, pervasive, and all encompassing, in this, God’s last age time of correction.

The “second coming” is not “coming”, for we are already in it and have been so since the initiating of the revelation of the Spirit of God after the ascension of the Christ 2000 years ago.  The Spirit of Christ/God sent to earth immediately after the ascension was “the second coming of Christ”.  He DID come again;  He IS presently continuously coming, and shall yet continue to come in the future.  We are presently living in His “second coming”. 

The climax of this second coming, which we are experiencing the initial stages as I write, is called “The Great Tribulation”.  This is the time of the “righting of all wrongs” and will occur over a span of many years.  Human deaths will be more wide spread and of greater magnitude and numbers.  Not all caused by the hand of man necessarily.  Sickness and disease will probably be the main cause.  We can already see the onslaught of mental derangement and various other mental afflictions among certain classes, particularly females, and sodomite queerfags.  As well as the millions of others locked into the big lie which is manifested in and through the various ism’s that I’ve written of previously.

The false prophet media of course tries to keep all this covered up, as they of course are in bed with the various and sundry medical reporting organizations.  After all, we don’t want the people getting fearful do we?  However, as time goes by, someone will know someone who knows someone else and the word will get around as more individuals become affected with one affliction or another and the hospitals are turning people away, because they won’t have any answers or pills to throw at the problem…..and all the anti-God-ers will refuse to learn and will double down in their unbelief……bringing a more harsh judgment upon their own heads.

“And because of this, God will send them an energy of error/strong delusion, for themselves to make the falsehood credible; so that in every way those who do not trust to the truth, but on the contrary, approve falsehood, may be condemned”.

The climax of the Great Tribulation is God’s “Day of Vengeance”

Next:  The Fall of the Great Patriot.

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I moved to the city.

Isaiah’s teaching is twofold: first, that the Government of a Nation being in all cases the Incarnation of the National Thought and Will (Incarnation=manifestation in time and space), it’s acts are mentally those of the People it represents, and therefore the Nation is guilty of it’s sins, and is consequently rewarded or punished for them by God.  The absolute truth of this doctrine is witnessed for by all human records.

The second line of his instruction is:–That the first duty of a Government consequently is to support, teach, and practice the Religion of the Nation, by public recognition and honor paid to it in the outward form of it’s worship, and by using it as the groundwork of the education of the people; and by putting a social stigma upon all deviation from it.  If this is not done, the Prophet – Statesman shows that from the tendency of men to follow the life of the Court and socially above them, the irreligion of the Monarch or President ( elite PTB) rapidly spreads to the lower strata of social life; while at the same time an opposite current is developed among the people, especially of the lower classes, who, in their earnest desire to preserve the faith of their fathers, separate themselves from the Constituted Authorities, and make the destruction of those Authorities the devouring passion of their lives, even if such destruction involves the ruin of their Nation; and in opposition to them the apostate or skeptically indifferent Governors (elite) become, step by step, savage persecutors, and call foreign allies to assist in suppressing the old National Faith which alone they find themselves unable to suppress.

Thus the Nation becomes divided into two parties, whose objects are, not the defence of their Country, but the extermination of each other, and in it’s distraction the land becomes the prey of it’s neighbors and rivals, with all the horrors of national degradation and personal slavery to follow.

To listen to these lessons and be taught by them is as important to ourselves as it was to the Hebrews of Isaiah’s time, and if we neglect them, or turn in scorn to ridicule them, the same fate will be ours as fell upon the Hebrews”.   Ferrar Fenton; An excerpt from the Introduction to the Study of the History of Israel and Judah, written in the 19th century, as part of a preface to his translation of the Bible from the original languages.

The above passage ties in generally with what John Bagot Glub wrote about the fate of empires here:

Toward the end of my last post I mentioned the scenario which I have written about several other times in previous posts; ie, the separation of the sheep and goats and how the goats are “on the left hand and the sheep on the right”, which is seen in our present circumstances today as a seeming war between the two “hands” which shows itself in a dividing up of the country in the example of the quote above and the link.

In another passage on the same subject, Jesus talked about this scenario using His usual parabolic language as “tares” growing among “wheat”.  Tares being a weed like substance which appears similar to wheat, but is not genuine wheat.  He said at the end of the age -not the end of the world, but the end of this evil age; a span of time – there would be a time of “harvest” wherein the tares would be taken and bound into bundles and cast into the fire.  It’s not a literal fire, but a fire of affliction” which only affects or is experienced by those who are “tares” or “goats of the left hand”, who are given a spiritual mark on their forehead designating them as such to differentiate them from those of the right hand.

I mentioned how the “binding of the tares into bundles” is played out before our eyes as the appearance of leftist goats seemingly segregating themselves into groups of likeminded  believers in the lie.  However, I neglected to mention how cities are also a part of this gathering into groups.  Friends and comrades don’t see this as the “hand of God”, but it is.  The mental separation must be translated into physical separation.

The goats and all that are included in that category which I have already mentioned in other posts, just looooove to congregate in cities where they can anonymously barhop and fornicate, sit in chairs on sidewalks and drink mochalochachochas and pumalokachoombas and watch jezebels and harlots wearing gownless evening straps and underwear without outer coverings, selling and advertising themselves to strangers and then complaining when some male makes an offer for what they are advertising.

All of us should have noted by now how one large city in a state can control entire states by it’s city dwelling demoncrapic voters.  Chitcago/Chimpcago voters control all of Illinois.  JewYork City of course.  Ballamer and the DC suburbs control Maryland.  Lost Angles/Jewlywood and San Fagcisco and surrounding urban areas control Mexifornia.  Portland and the blind fools at the college town of Eugene negate the rural and small town votes of the sensible people in the rest of the state.

In many states the scenario is a work in progress, as some of the cities are yet to be conquered by the “leadership” of the negatively marked on the forehead, women, blacks/ Beasts of the Field, and other dark skinned ones and the queerfags, which ultimately lead to the “burning of the cities” of the tares/goats of the left hand.

A huge effort by TPTB has been and is even now in operation to bring more Beasts of the Field from Africa and other dark skinned nations so they can be used as weapons against blind city dwelling libbots and leftards.  However, I find it somewhat funny/ironic that the PTB’s intention is to bring these destroyers into the country to eliminate the hated Christians, but their plan will not work, but will backfire on them for the latter have not the mark of destruction on them.  So the ones actually destroyed will be clones/mental followers of the very ones initiating the destruction.

The reason for this is the eventual departure of Christians from cities as Lot departed from Sodom.  Circumstances in the cities will eventually reach such a climax of degradation that all those who genuinely name the name of Christ will be forced to leave the cities for the countryside.  Readers familiar with the Bible will remember how the queerfags surrounded Lot’s house and demanded that Lot let them in so that they could have their way with Lot’s  “visitors”-the human clothed spirit beings.  Future conditions will be the same.  Enemies will come knocking on the doors of Christians demanding the same.  Of course this will occur over a span of time as the cities worsen and individual Christians make a family decision to leave.  Sodom couldn’t be destroyed until Lot left.  It is likewise in this future scenario.   Cities can’t be fully destroyed until the Christians depart.

Many Christians, because of their attachment to the so-called circumstantial benefits of city living – employment/shopping, etc.- as was Lot, will try to just move to the inner suburbs, but that won’t work.  They are weak minded and weak in faith and don’t know the danger they are in, so they will have to be shown perhaps in a “two-by-four-upside-the-head manner in order for them to see and take the correct step.  Home invasions are a precursor of this.  Presently, mostly blacks are involved in this, but eventually the militant queerfags will take over. This is, after all, The Great Tribulation, of which all their lying pastors have told them they would be “raptured” out of before it’s occurrence.  They will eventually discover that what they see with their eyes will trump the lying doctrinal teachings they have imbibed from their lying leaders.

Another impetus for leaving the cities is the gradual frog- boiling- in- the- pot increase in taxes and annexations that city governments enact to empty the wallets of the productive class so they can hand it out to their Beast of the Field demoncrapic voters and keep them pacified.  Of course they use the money for so-called benefits such as bike paths and light rails which the criminal element eventually take over and chase the whites off who paid for them in the first place.  Also must pay for the stadiums and large venues so that round and oval thugball can have a place and the bread and circus’ can continue apace and keep the people pacified and entertained.

Cities are the future hells on earth….

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Diligence home spray.

In the previous post in a comment to RYU, I mentioned two segments of Christianity, Christian Identity and Kinism/Kinists.

These two segments or groups within the larger mass of Christianity are the only racially aware people in Christianity except for those perhaps who keep their mouths shut and are too busy with daily lives to bother with discussions on the internet of politics and culture, et al.  I know there are many thousands of Christians in the homeschool/survivalist/”just want to be left alone” segment who don’t express any views vis-à-vis the race thing.  Many of them, I believe however, have bought the lie of racism being the- horror of horrors- “unforgivable sin”, so to speak.

Both of the above groups have some overlap in their views.  I would relate the kinists being less aware than the CI”s.  I think this may be due to their general belief that Adam and Eve were the first humans and that all existing humans have descended from them.  This is incorrect, for I see that the Identity people have got it right here in that their core teaching they have proved the existence of human-like beings on earth many thousands of years before Adam, for in just one example, regarding who it was whom Cain married.  He married into the descendants of a pre- Adamic race, not to one of his own sisters -daughters of Adam and Eve.

The mass of Christians hold to the teaching of Adam and Eve being the first from which all others are descended.  In this, they hold to the teachings of their elders – their traditions – and are no different than the people of Jesus’ day who followed the teaching of the Pharisees, whom Jesus denounced as holding beliefs according to their traditions which disregarded the True Word of God as written in Moses and the prophets -Old Testament.  The so-called jews today admit they don’t follow the Old Testament, but rather what they call the Torah, a massive compilation of lies, half truths, preoccupations with female bodily functions and rules concerning same, advocating sexual intercourse with young children, etc.  Too filthy to describe in detail.  The Torah came out of Babylon when the forebears of the Pharisees were living there as a result of being taken captive by Assyrians and taken there.  So the book is total Babylonish demonic BS from cover to cover.

CI believes, and I can see their point, that Eve’s deception included being seduced into sexual intercourse with the beast of the field; ie, nachash=naw-khawsh.  The word does not mean “serpent”, but magician/trickster or enchanter.  When Eve gave birth to Cain and then his brother Abel, in the original languages, it is implied that they were twins by one from the seed of satan through the beast of the field (two legged upright) and the other from the seed of Adam.  Of course this teaching or idea is ridiculed by half truth Christianity and it’s various spokesfems.

It is not my calling to be a “word digger” or one who looks into etymology.  There are specialists who have been called and chosen in that work as a benefit to others not so called.  I recently found one in my cyber travels in CI.  Apparently he is one of the main teachers whose writings and tapes are the founding principles for their beliefs.  His name is Bertrand Comparet (Compar-A).  He was born in 1901 and died in 1983.  A little background on him can be found here along with a list of some of his writings/teachings, etc.  He can also be found on jutube; not visually, but recordings of his talks.

A couple of his articles there in which he talks about Adam, Eve, Cain, Beast of the field, etc…..   and

Some of his writings show his placement during the cold war with Russia, as he referred to her as an enemy because of it’s then being an expression of communism.  Of course many of us now know Russia and it’s WHITE people as being on our side politically and culturally under the ruler-ship of Putin.  (When I say ‘our’ I don’t mean Americans, but my White friends/comrades)  Another thing is in one of his essays he writes of his belief in the Old Testament dietary laws, such as the non eating of pork; etc, which I disagree with.  That doesn’t negate the majority of the truth which he writes on other subjects.  None of us know everything.

This gentleman also has some interesting stuff. I haven’t read it all.  He’s been involved in some back and forth word battles with some former comrades of his as well as a, what I will call Alex Linder clone, who calls himself Pastor Martin Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt.   The latter has Linder’s sewer mouth along with many other word twisting metaphors with which he describes his enemies; ie, everybody who isn’t him.  Sometimes he comments over at OD and stirs up everything.   Both he and Linder live in Missouri…My father called it Misery when we lived there in the late 40’s to early 50’s.  He said they should put a fence around it and call it out-of-bounds.  Maybe there’s something in the water in that state…

Here’s two links at that above site which attempt to explain what CI is…….

In my estimation CI gives Christianity a more thorough knowledge as it is a part of Christianity, even though most Christians at present would consider it or them to be heretic and not true Christians.  It will take awhile going into the coming Great Tribulation (which we are already in the beginnings of) to disabuse the mass of Christians of that idea when the 2×4 of racial experience of that era will hit them “up side the head” and their eyes will be opened to the truth that not all those who walk on two legs are Adam’s descendants.  This won’t happen until the older generations presently alive die off and their children have rejected their parents commie definition lie of what Christianity is, that God loves EVERYBODY when He actually doesn’t.  He doesn’t like satan’s descendants.  “Jacob have I loved, but Esau (descendant of Cain) have I hated…..and…“and enmity will I put between you (satan) and the woman (Eve), and between YOUR SEED(satan’s) and her seed…”

Here’s some information on kinism:….…and here to list a few:

Some in Kinism don’t think too highly of CI because of the latter’s messengers, such as the sewer mouthed example above.  Plus, they think CI is a hater of the other, but at it’s core is not.  It understands who and what is the “other” and realizes the enmity thing I quoted above.  There will ALWAYS be enimity between satan’s seed and the righteous seed, until the former is culled during the Great Tribulation and then the residue of them will WILLINGLY put themselves UNDER the leadership of the WHITE to war against him no more.

The culling is being done as I write this as I have described in other posts.  The goats of the left hand, all the God hating masses and those phony elite are being separated from the sheep of the right hand and bound into bundles like phony wheat -tares.  All the many groups the leftist commie multiculturalists identify themselves by and join, is this scenario described in the hated Bible, being carried out before their blind unseeing eyes.  It looks like a self separation, but God is actually doing it so that they, being tares growing among the good genuine wheat, are bound into bundles (groups/organizations) and burned in the fire of said Great Tribulation, separated from the genuine wheat so THEY won’t be harmed, for they are the true inheritors of the earth.


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All slept through the night…..

Even the determined people; ie, White Nationalists.

Isaiah 60:2″For lo! darkness covers the earth and deep gloom the peoples…”

Matthew 13:15″They shall surely hear and yet will not understand, and yet surely see, and yet not perceive. For the heart of this people has become dense, and with their ears heavily have they heard and their eyes have they closed…”

The curse is on White Nationalism because it’s hatred of a false religious entity called christianity has caused it to turn away from the True entity which is yet future, and has therefore put it in the realm called “outside (where ) are the dogs, and the sorcerers, and unchaste, and the murderers, and the idolators, and everyone loving and doing falsehood”. 

Their rejection of the false has exalted the false in their minds to where the false appears to be a reality; a condition of idolatry.  They think “christianity”as it appears in the world today, represents God, but it doesn’t, and because many of them – WN’s – are in rebellion against their own fathers causing them to hate them- just like queerfags have done – have gone over to false pagan gods – wodanism, nordic gods/heroes, etc, -to replace the “no God” void that exists in every unbelieving man.  Having rejected the true God, they have chosen another – themselves, or an inner image just like themselves -to replace the God “space” that exists in every man, whether they like it or believe in it or not.  Because of this, they have made a deliberate choice to live in the curse – the outside mentioned above.  They’ve put themselves under LAW….

“Knowing this….that to a righteous man law does not apply, BUT (it does apply) to the lawless and insubordinate, ungodly and sinful, irreligious and profane, smiters of fathers and smiters of mothers, murderers, fornicators, sodomites, man stealers, liars (and) false swearers.”

They hate the Bible quoters coming to their places and commenting, because their idolatry (their god) tells them all such people are of those who have caused much of our problems.  Their idolatry causes them to be blind to the difference between the false and the true, therefore equating or making equal, good and evil or reversing it in their minds and placing the curse (woe) on themselves as Isaiah said about those who make good – evil, and evil -good, who make light for darkness, etc.

They, because of their abiding in the curse, try to curse those whom God does not curse and when they do so, the curses they speak come back upon their own heads and produce negative consequences -physically and/or mentally -in their own bodies and life circumstances.  This is what happened between Lawrence Auster and I a few years ago.

I sent him a long email back in 2010 not long after I started this blog.  I explained to him some Spiritual realities and how they related to himself and his writings and the title of his blog, View from the Right.  He said what I wrote was dense and difficult to understand, which is the normal response I get from most people.  I explained his Spiritual position as that of an outward prophet, not getting into his connection with the sinagogue of satan – jewry – as I was not fully jew aware at the time.  I explained to him what that type of prophet was; I won’t get into that here.  Suffice it to say, that type required a warning which comes with it which is, the job requires sticking to subjects of which the calling encompassed.

In other words, not getting off into things he was not called to be teaching about.  I related to him the story of how the prophet John in Jesus’ time who rebuked the ruler for marrying someone he wasn’t supposed to which was followed by John being beheaded and the prophet William Branham whose ministry was from the 40’s through the early 60’s who got off into teaching on subjects which he was not called to and was warned by associates close to him whom he ignored and was subsequently killed by being nearly beheaded in an automobile collision in Arizona.

The end result of the few back and forth emails with Auster resulted in his cursing me and “casting me to outer darkness”, as he did to all his disagreers – such as the guy over at TANSTAAFL- which he, Auster, unknowingly was already in, and he subsequently was struck with cancer and eventually died a few months ago.  He died in his unknowing state, a condition of blindness.  Of course he’s now lauded and extolled by all his followers – a bunch of them are over at The Orthosphere, where they write a pseudo religious bunch of claptrap, tinctured with big words and high minded intellectualism.  Auster also had a sort of well known female follower in a catholic woman over at Thinking Housewife, who needs to shut up, put her apron on and get back in the kitchen.  The woman is not the spokesMAN for the family.

Alex Linder over at VNN is one of the more well known christian haters on the net.  Criticizes the jew while simultaneously sitting in the jews seat pronouncing invectives on “christards/xtians/jeboos”, etc.  I understand via the WN grapevine he has health problems also.  You can criticize the ignorant (christians) without being profane while still heaping vilifications on the lying, deliberately deceptive jewry.  The ignorance of the christian is one thing, but deliberate lying with intent to harm and deceive as jewry does is another.  Linder and others of his ilk don’t know the difference.  His actions put him outside along with all his other likeminded associates who have sewage pits for brains and a two legged form of hoof and mouth disease, shit-for-mouth syndrome,  in similar manner to the jews who believe Jesus is boiling in excrement in hell.  In this they take up the banner of profane satanic jewry in their so called march for ethno-nationalism.  They are cursed ones pronouncing curses on those who are not cursed, merely ignorant.  Like Lawrence Auster, they are cursing themselves.  Christians are ignorant because of their leaders and said leader predecessors who have been trained in jew inspired, satanic Schofieldism since at least 1920 in their bible school/college/universities.

Christianity is designed as a female entity and as such it is a follower not a leader.  Some leaders may and do eventually come out of it to the male/righteous warrior aspect.  This is the many are called/few chosen thing I’ve written about in earlier posts.  However, these are certain individuals scattered across the country and are few and far between.   The latter are “chosen” from among the “called”.

Most christians will remain babies their whole life.  They cannot be of any use in the war we are engaged in.  They are following the wrong people who hold a false doctrine on the jew, thereby keeping the mass of their fellows in babyhood.  Eventually, this scenario will change, but not for many years yet.

The middle ages have been described in history books as the “dark ages”, but the darkness of those years cannot compare to the darkness of the age in which we presently live.  The darkness of course is mental/Spiritual.  Most of the WN’s I’ve described think they can see it all, but see nothing, because they are Spiritually blind.  What is worse, they reject and pronounce curses on those who aren’t so blind.  If they could admit they were in the “I don’t know state” they would be “not far from the kingdom of God”.

The people who lived in the supposed dark age had it better than the mass of those in the present dark age in that most of them were “God fearing ” simple people, despite the oppressive, religious catholicism that ruled during that age.  Contrary to that, the people of this age actually fight against the Light, for they love the dark hedonistic blind condition they live in. They think it’s freedom, but it’s actually slavery in a disguised form.

Many WN’s are active in the pua (pick up artist) world (AKA fornicators), seducing silly women and bragging about it on their blogs/sites.  They like the degenerate lifestyle no different than the queerfags they criticize.  Some other WN’s are closer to seeing better for they cry against the degenerate age as it’s manifested in various forms of lifestyles, arts and music, etc.  You know who you are.  You are not far from the kingdom of God despite your non understanding of Spiritual things.

A brother of mine over at Yonderfield has also written of things along these lines at his place.  He has a gift for words that is different from mine, but we are saying the same thing….


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