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Scum white liberals.

“Democracy….the systematic installation of the wrong people in the wrong places; the plunder of the nations’ wealth by clever rascals;  the rule of the scum”….from “Defiance, the Prison Memoirs of Savitri Devi”. “Age after age, when justice is crushed, when evil rules … Continue reading

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You can’t go with child advocacy.

The fempire, among many other things, is the embodiment of pretend/phony child advocacy writ large.  Every time one of their lying spokesidiots opens it’s mouth it says the reasons for what it does is for the “children” and “future generations”. They profess … Continue reading

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Worthy of Vomiting

I’ve touched on this subject in various previous posts, but will repeat it here with more detail not included previously, because the time is ripe. Rev. 3:15-16 “I know your works – that neither cold are you nor hot; I … Continue reading

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